I SPEAK – Suicide Prevention Poem

I speak out for the 15 year old girl who killed herself last week When everything seemed so bleak from bullying
And no one would listen when she’d speak about bullying
Because so often no one listens when we speak, so often they turn the other cheek I speak for every kid who has been bullied
for their race Disability
Size Shape
Sexual identity Religion
Birth place I speak out for any kid who feels invisible
Who feels silenced You will not be silenced And we will not be compliant
To bullying, hate, rape, racism This is not a debate It only takes one voice to save a life
Don’t ignore your students, friends, children, peers
Listen to what they have to say Don’t just hear what you want to hear
Silence doesn’t make things go away Let’s end this epidemic
By erasing the stigma, the shame There is no shame in needing help
There is no shame in being in pain you are not alone in feeling this way Be that person that makes them feel heard
be that person that makes them wanna stay in this world
Hold their hand and listen to their words For every life is so precious
And no fear is absurd It’s suicide prevention week
And as Clay says in 13 Reasons Why It has to get better
The way we treat each other The way we look out for one another
It has to get better And so I hope that you
Stand you and speak for anything you see that is unjust
for yourself and for anyone you meet for their life is equal to yours
And no kid deserves to feel so hopeless no life is worthless
it has to get better the way we treat each other
it has to

28 thoughts on “I SPEAK – Suicide Prevention Poem


  2. When she quoted clay i was like yass did u watch season 2 yet

  3. This is amazing, the way you speak and your poems, simply incredible!

  4. My bff that was bullied bullies me she hurts me …I didn't think she was like that……

  5. This hit me so hard because yesterday I saved my friends life. He was about to kill himself and then I texted him not knowing and I told him how much I cared about him and I saved his life. This hit me so hard.

  6. I really love tour videos. I wonder if I will ever become like you, and I hope so…

  7. This helps a lot because I’m on the verge of that…and it helps to know someone cares

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