I Survived The War But We Lost My Sister

Hi my name is Zara. My Dad is from
England and my Mom’s from Iraq and I was born in England. When I was about 7 years
old, my Mum was like, “Hey maybe we should go to Iraq, I’ve not seen my family in so
long. So, maybe we should pay them a visit. And maybe we could stay there for a
while.” My Dad was like, ” no are you out of your your mind?” “Like that’s where the war is going on.” My
Mom was like, “Yeah, well that’s where I was born that’s where I was raised.” So my
Dad finally agrees and me, my Mom my Dad and my sisters and brothers went
there. Everything was fine until I was about nine years old. I remember it was
about 4 a.m. and then I was woken up to the sound of screams and crying. And I
was like “what what’s going on? This isn’t right.” So I decided to look out my window and I see fire. I see a building on fire. I
rushed to my Mom’s room and I grabbed her by the hand I rushed back to my room
and I show her the fire. She screamed and she woke everyone up and she was having
a panic attack. Soon enough we realized that our city
has been attacked. About a few weeks later, we were running
low and supplies because we’d been in the house the whole time trying to avoid
the war. And then my Dad was like, “okay we are low on food we can’t live like this
we are gonna die in here if we don’t get anymore.” My dad and my sister go out and
they go and get food. It was about four days since they’d went out to get some
food. And my Mum and I and my brothers started panicking. Drew was just like
“something has happened they are not okay!” I just lost all my hope and I was like,
“well there’s nothing to do now let’s just pray to God and see what happens.” But then a miracle happened. My Dad came
back from the house and without my sister. He was just crying and he was
really injured… …without my sister…
I’ve realized why God has taken it up and I realized that she’ll be by my side
no matter what. Soon after that we move back to England
and now I’m 13 years old and I live a happy life.
Life is good and just know if you’re going through warring thing it will get

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  1. with children to war in Iraq? why not next time go to the minefield ?!

  2. Its the moms fault cuz if she duiding forst there family to that country
    Then everyting would be fine!

  3. The poor mum would feel so guilty along with the father. its not their fault. My heart goes out to them.

  4. For those of you who THINK it’s the Moms fault, then you’re clueless. Wanna know why? BECAUSE EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES, you should have learned that ever since elementary.

  5. 2:45
    Zara: “life is good”
    Me: bruh,your sister died due to your mother not caring about the war in Iraq

  6. When you said God has taken her up that means that your sister had gotten murdered by some mean stranger

  7. I kmow how she feels and the feeling of losing your sister my sister died from alexander and the age of 17 and she was my best friend and an angle and now i understand why god took her to watch over me and i missed her so much that i had thoughts about ending my life and cutting myself and i went to therapy and i have kinda stopped since then but i am still fighting deppresion sorry for your loss and for your familys

  8. Don’t say it the mom fault say it the ppl who think war is the best way to have wjat you want

  9. Really the mom is not thinking theres a war and she wanted to leave UK but she know theres a war and the mom is not thinking becuse its not safe why not blame her self

  10. I am from Sirya and there is a war my grandpa died and my uncle

  11. Just my opinion and I don't want any hate but…. I think it was a bit irresponsible that number 1 they not only put themselves in danger by going there but also put there children in danger. 2 I think they shouldn't have taken the older sister to go with the dad…. Only adults should go it's too dangerous. Not trying to offend anyone just my opinion

  12. Just bc the mom wanted to see her family and they did that is just putting her family in danger like it’s kinda the moms fault

  13. hold up, your mum wanted to go back Iraq EVEN THOUGH THERE’S A WAR GOING ON!? IS SHE OUT OF HER MIND!!?

  14. OMG this is so sad is this real cause I HOPE TO GOD it’s not it’s so sad and I hope this never happens to anyone again 😭😭😭

  15. Omg that is so sad that is a terrible way to die i am so sorry if that girl sees this i am so sorry Rest In Peace
    -HeyItsEevee 2019

  16. It’s very talked. The same thing you can do is being disconnected from your door 🚪 was your birthday and I cannot

  17. Blame your mother , if she knew that the war is in Iraq then she should of stayed in the uk

  18. Guys don’t blame the mother for her daughters death because it’s already bad for her to live thinking it was her fault her daughters dead

  19. “Everything was fine until i was 9 years old”
    Everyone in the comments: HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!?!??
    Me: They probably went there in her birthday
    Me: Oh my god

  20. My dad is from England and my mom is from Iraq. My family has tons of crazy stories about when my sister was in fifth grade and they were writing letters to soldiers and she wrote a letter about how they should stop and they aren’t hero’s. And one time in kroger there was a poster and it said, “write things to send to the soldiers!” And my mom wrote, “your not hero’s, heros aren’t made of this. Think about the poor Iraqi children you are dropping bombs on” and the next time she went it was whited out

  21. not to sound rude or disrespecful but HOW DUMB IS THE MOTHER NO SANE PERSON WILL GO TO A COUNTRY IF THERE IS A WAR GOING ON AND DONT GIVE SOME BULLSHIT LIKE "bUt sHe HaSnt SeEn HeR fAMILY iN A LONG time" or "shE HASnt bEEn There iN a LONG time" YOU COULD HAVE SEEN THEM A DIFFERENT TIME (i know i will get alot of dislikes and treats and stuff like that)

  22. Thats your moms fault your going to a place with war no way even i was born there and raised there absolutely no way

  23. Lol the mom just asked for it omg. Though still sorry for your lost and I can’t imagine what this family is going through 😓😢

  24. This is a tuff story! Stop commenting what they should and shouldn’t have done! Can’t you see that this must be hard for this girl? THIS IS A REAL STORY!!!

  25. 0:39, since when was there “Daphnie Island” between Arabian Peninsula and India?

  26. The mom was an absolute ASS. THEY KNEW THERE WAS A WAR GOING ON. OH. MY. GOD.

  27. God did help but only brought the dad because he
    Couldn’t bring the sister sorry,

  28. The mother is so immature, just because she was born there it doesn't mean she all of her family. It's her own fault the mother should've been the one whom gotten the food, it was her fault and she should be ashamed.

  29. After some years I figured out this war was the United States that Declared war due to 9/11

  30. PRAY TO GOD me:puts hand in face Also me:Dont put trust in someone that doesnt exist!!!

  31. no hate just realised Non’a that woulda happened if the mom just didn’t request in the middle of the war lol

  32. Why on earth would the mom want to go during a WAR to see her family!? Like lady! A WAR

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