I Wanted to Save My Mother | Terry Crews | Goalcast

– My earliest memory is my father hitting my mother in the
face as hard as he could and I remember seeing her on the floor and then looking at
him, this giant of a man who I thought, my god,
he says he loves her. What is he going to do to me? And all I could think was
how I want to protect her, how to protect her, and how long it was, and I said I got to be strong and I got to get strength
so that I can protect her and every time he came
home we were scared. We didn’t know, I literally wet the bed ’til I was 14 years old because I didn’t know
what was gonna happen. I would wake up to glass breaking, sounds, people screaming
and it was a nightmare. We lived a nightmare for years and I remember my mother
coming into our room and saying we’re leaving, pack our stuff, we’re out of here, and we
would grab everything we had, we would put it in garbage
bags and we’d tie it up and we’d wait to go. Then she’d come back in
and she’d say we can’t go. We can’t leave, where am I gonna go? And I just remember feeling
like, let’s go anywhere. I don’t care, we could be on the street. But she couldn’t do it. And he went on, terrorizing
us, terrorizing us forever. And it was like, what could we do? You have to understand that
people in this situation feel entirely hopeless, hopeless. We were hopeless. So many days, I thought,
I’ll never be like that. I’ll never do that but then
I picked up a lot of other damaging things that
come from that trauma, a lot of other things
that had been assimilated into my life here as a
man, I felt like, hey, it’s my way or the highway. I remember times with my daughter Azriel and I would yell at her as if
she was a thirty year old man. I constantly apologize,
constantly call them and say I’m sorry, I’m sorry, daddy didn’t get it. Daddy missed it, and that woke me up. It woke me up, it was this
catalyst that changed my life forever, because here I
was, a very successful man, very successful but
what we have to realize is that success is the
warmest place to hide. Does not matter what you
look like, it doesn’t matter. Anyone anywhere can be victimized and no man, woman or
child should ever put up with being treated as less
than a human being ever. How did we get that far off? When people are looking the other way. When the whole thing is geared
where you can’t ask for help or you are gonna lose your job. Or if you bring it up, how in the world are you gonna afford an attorney in order to fight this case? You need three things
in order to come forward with a lot of your damage and
things that happened to you. You need distance
emotionally, you need distance financially and you need
distance physically. Coming out with your story is probably one of the hardest things
ever and this is one thing I love about what Saving Horizon provides, is a safe haven, is a place to go, the services that you
need, and I’m telling you, this is more valuable. This is more valuable. I’m promoting movies, TV
shows, the whole thing, but I wanna talk about this. I wanna talk about this,
because it’s fixable. Understand, this is something
that we can be deeper with. This is the deal, we have to speak up. You can see it but you have to show people you are changing the world.

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  2. I related to this 🙁 then I got old enough to defend her when I turned 16 I knocked out my mom's boyfriend for hitting her and I didn't stop hitting him until my little sisters walked in the room which was there father. Now she's with someone who treats her right so I'm happy

  3. My earliest memory is kicking my stepdad while he was on top of my mom hitting her…i feel you terry!

  4. One of the things that make you a man , Is having the Guts to show your emotions


  6. Remember, it's okay to cry.

    You only cry when you've been tough for too long.

  7. … :(…this when is something when i woke up my ..asshole abusive step father who abused and try to break stuff infront of my step brother but my mother didn't do anything about it i'm the only one that had to do what i can to protect him but …after woke up from being shore i hear my step father yelling at him..saying "that i don't raise you since you where born! i'm your father" how can he be my step brothers father even he sounded just like my abusive father…anyway…that video..made me smile and believing in what is right and wrong

  8. If your someone who is going through this I just want to say BE STRONG AND YOU WILL MAKE IT!

  9. My father did the same till we all stopped talking to him and now we are the lucky ones and he is the loser just keep up and you will make it true stay strong I know it’s hard to understand but as I went true this situation I can say it out loud nothing is a coincidence everything is meant to be♥️

  10. Wow, those who can relate like myself, childhood can broke you or make a BETTER YOU. I PERSONALLY THANK YOU FOR BEING THIS TO SURFACE. Yes sir GOD WILL USE THAT DARKNESS IN SOMEONE LIGHT. PASS IT ON

  11. I have the same story you can only cry for help if you believe there is help to cry for

  12. Terry is just something else. He's so nice and warm and just I don't know there's no words

  13. Men are strong but not inhumane we all have or downfalls but later in life we all have are ups and downs and this is just what our world has turned into and this is how some people live – me

  14. Mine wasn't that bad. But i did learn… Hiding from my dad as a child when he came home from work was best idea.
    Many years later. He has changed and i enjoy spending time with him making up for lost time. But have never told him i love him.. Even to this day.

  15. Some blacks parents hit their children inside public transportation even

  16. to feel that street is safer than your own house, your own family……. i am speechless…

  17. Combine this and xxxtentacion s quote for everyone and u get something legendary

  18. I didn't go through this till I was an adult. I was beaten by my boyfriend (at the time) for over a year. The only friend I had was actually my boss. Because, when you are in these situations it is hard to have friends. I showed up to work with a black eye, and she gave me a key to her house. I don't know how I will ever be able to thank her. Now, I am very happily living with a man. I know that he had it a lot worse than I did. He and his mother and sister went through the worst of the worst. This man in high school picked me out of a trash can, so I guess he has always been my best friend. My giant football star cried when he found out he wasn't there to take care of me when I was getting beaten. Now, we are a team, and we work together. Just sharing my story.

  19. I can feel ur pain… Different faces different countries but the problem is the same….

  20. i lived with my mom all my life and she had this boyfriend that would hit her and my brother and take my brothers pills but my earliest memory was my mom driving him in the front seat me in the back and him hitting the steering wheel and grabbing it. another was my mom pregnant with my 2 youngest sister and him hitting her in the stomach and pushing her outside never forget that i hid in my room everysingle day i flinched when his hand went up Terry is such a great man now❤

  21. I have the exact same story I dont want to say much but now I have PTSD when my mom meets a new boyfriend

  22. Everyone thinks celebrities are happy and rich but everyone has a hurtful/painful past

  23. I know that life, that fear, that heartache…and now I thrive. Thank God.

  24. ohh Terry i love you from first moment i saw you…thanks a lot für sharing us your story..

  25. I never had a father. I mean I did but I never knew him like my friends did. The boys at my boxing gym would be like 'WHOAH YOUR DAD IS SO AWESOME, HE'S ALWAYS ENCOURAGING YOU EVEN AFTER A LOSS!' Then when we were in the car it was dead silent. He'd then look at me and say 'I WILL NOT TOLERATE LOSERS IN THIS HOUSE! YOU'RE DEAD WRONG IF YOU THINK YOU CAN LIVE HERE AND LOSE' It got to a point where I didn't even have a father figure. The closest thing I had to a father was my coach.

  26. Who where the 1K people that disliked this video I need to talk to them

  27. This could be more touching without the music, someone has the interview without it?

  28. I don’t have this situation at home but I still want to get strong to help other people in need I want to be like terry he is such an amazing role model and an amazing person:’)

  29. How do you dislike the amount of disrespect you have as a human is just sad

  30. Stop with the fking music. The words are supposed to be strong on their own. Stop trying to support them because it loses so much meaning

  31. His dad sounds like my child’s father my kids dislike so much the way he treats me . But financial situation holds me back .

  32. I know this is NOT any where close to this but my dad use to be a achol addict constantly drinking he would yell at us that’s it. But the worst thing is when he was at party’s get drunk do stupid stuff and scream at my mom/grandma and almost hitting them and breaking glasses we we’re scared. He quitted his action such as stopped drinking he said this before but he never stopped so I stopped believing in him but he didn’t drank for 5 months and I’m proud of him (:

  33. It took so much strength to share his story. It broke my heart but the man he became because of it is nothing shirt of amazing. We all have stories and demons we fight. Be kind…you never know what it took for someone to wake up and get out of bed today.

  34. So much respect for such a strong man, we love you Terry Crews. 🙏🏼

  35. I wish I was in the position to bring those who can inspire people to new heights.
    When I turn on the TV I instantly turn it off 🙁
    Mr Crews Sir, have you ever considered being one of the many voices to be for this Nation and humanity
    From Ellen DeGeneres to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and countless more who all have life shattering pasts lifting themselves out of the ashes like the mighty phoenix

    The World is my Country
    Everyone is my Brother and Sister
    My religion is peace
    I hold myself accountable to Jesus Christ

  36. I went through the same thing growing up..😞😭

    Anyone else who can relate? 💔


  37. I wonder where his farther is now or what he is thinking after this man became successful 🥺😭

  38. More than your dad your mom was at fault . She didn’t protect you all and herself and let you go through this.

  39. I'm so glad Terry is successful today and making people laugh all the time

  40. All big tough guys are usually filled with the most pain and hurt they become tough because of they’re horrible upbringing and violence they were subjected to as children terry is an inspiration and a true man

  41. I too was abused in a similiar manner and I too couldn't escape, I still can't escape my prison inside my head after 25+ years. I still see every single square inch of the house and I can still almost smell the same smell, I had to go to three different schools before I found the perfect school for Children who has been traumatized by certain events, I had a deposition to make and the people who knew the people who abused me came over and tried to come in to hear the details for themselves, I mean they were great people, but I didn't feel comfortable with them being there so the school had them leave the premises, this school helped me out so much, and it wasn't like a regular school where they have twenty something kids, this school had 12 kids per class and we went on outings every Wednesday if you were good enough. I absolutely love that school

  42. This background music needs to be taken down a few notches. I shouldn’t be straining to hear the speaker or be forced to turn my volume up because it’s difficult to hear him speaking at certain points. It’s called ‘background’ music for a reason.. 😒

  43. I've always liked Terry Crews but this made me love him. Much respect to him for overcoming so much and trying to help others.

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