100 thoughts on “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word

  1. Teaching one subject teaches conformity it teaches you to line up and fit the cookie cutter mold society wants you to fill yet one size does not fit all I would rather have a jack of all trades master of none than be lead to a place of configurability because conformity kills individuality

  2. I agree partially with what this guy says. Exams in terms of content are more often than not useless in terms of use in the real world, whether you feel that knowing a basic set of information benefits you and society as a whole is what you feel personally. But what exams do show is dedication and work ethic, I understand that coming from a good environment, school etc obviously does help, but the ability to stick with something over a long time is a pretty good measure of work ethic which is obviously something employers look for.

  3. Rediscovered this after watching it when I was like 10

    And now I think of it its the reason I started writing poetry.

    Such vivid content 👏

  4. I totally agree with this song. 100% but, I can see that even if you may never need to use or know History, but, there is nothing wrong with knowing. If you refuse the knowledge that your offered, I think its a bit of a stupid stuborn mistake. Personally I stink secondry school teens should be taught how to "adult". Things like taxes… You get thrust into the adult world and need to rely on your parents to teach them. The school system is flawed basiclly

  5. I’m going to be judged so badly if I get bad exam results 🙁 not everyone is perfect and people need to understand that! I will not give up if I get bad grades. I’m not letting an exam result take over my life.

  6. Listening to this as I prepare for the LSAT. Been a fan since I heard “Why I hate school but love education” years ago…

  7. Very very dope I totally recommend this piece to parents especially you just said the truth totally. I'd like to discus with you more privately. Thanks

  8. I am so scared….I don't want to fail tomorrow…..I don't understand all these subjects….I want to do music… please I am scared…. please

  9. My grades are shitty i don't even know hw to tell my parents that i failed math . I cant even sleep properly or do something. god help me

  10. This reminds me of that episode on zack and Cody when one of them took the test and was gonna be a garbage man

  11. An my major problem is that so many kids grow up through school and learn next to nothing but ways to get a j.o.b. and sign up for college. They don;t know how to interpret media, how to process felings how to develop healthy long-term habits nor how to make healthy funtional connections with the people around them They go through 18 years of their lives stressing out about simple tasks portrayed as all-determining and all-important instead of being inspired and given a medium through which to interpret and accomplish those tasks.

    Many school systems are innovative and actually take into account the psycology of effective learning and success while many schools in forgotten area pour out generations of unmotivated pessemistic attitudes while the few who happen to work well in the system ask why everyone's so down.

  12. what an awesome video, is there anything that can't be done spoken word. You make me look like an amateur

  13. what an awesome video, is there anything that can't be done spoken word. You make me look like an amateur

  14. Very well said. If only those who place themselves in charge of education, the degree system, and hiring would listen.

  15. But whatever you say the wayward are always going to have to MAKE THEIR OWN WORLD. Its ok dropping word bombs but the rich and The examiners drop all the real bombs

  16. Wow, people are getting more stupid everyday. And instead of working harder to succeed, they try to normalize being a stupid loser. Pathetic.

  17. I think this is really good. If it makes u feel better I've just started a campaign called Take The Stress Out of Studying for all these demands: u can find it here: www.tsos.blog

  18. In the U.S. there is such a thing as Opt Out of State testing. I recommend joining one in your state, I found mine through Facebook. Unfortunately I don't know the law's in the United Kingdom regarding testing. The problem with testing is it's a way to collect data that can later be used against you.

  19. https://youtu.be/Z3py2JpTseE
    Feel free to check out my new spoken word piece on education. feedback welcome!

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amRwL9XrqDE

    hey this is my spoken word poetry , feel free to share some feedback .

  21. imams that preach against greed but all fat, that statement has no significance being fat does not mean ur greedy in any way, it could simply mean they eat too much but they share all their food?

  22. I got 4/10 today in latvian and 6/10 in biology and 6/10 in geography I DONT CARE i will keep to live and i wont give up just because of bad grades im not gonna let my grades decide my future

  23. damn this is dope man , but am from Africa not uk or us man gotta face the reality , memorizing for my tomorrow's test right now lol

  24. The results of an exam, will show you if you’re Trusted enough and smart enough to do what u wanna do. You use what you learn in you’re life. Tax ENGINEER MATH! HISTORY AND SCIENTIST FOR SCIENCE ENGLISH AND OTHER LANGUAGES FOR COMMUNICATING MORE WITH OTHERS KNOWLEDGE TEACHING WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IS FALSE! IS WILL DECIDE YOU’RE FATE BECAUSE WE ALL WISE OU GUYS ARENT.

  25. test resulsts are all bullshit no one can learn the exact same way everyone has different ability some people more practical, listening or watchin and socity is lookin for experince not results

  26. Absolutley hit the nail on the head awesome man more people need to see this

  27. I watch this when ever i have to take a exam…its coming up on finals in less than a month ….and im extremely nervous..but I WILL not let a exam result decide my fate …my Bio teacher needs to here this

  28. This video is the reason you guys will see me big on YouTube one day bery soon i promise it , if it wernt for this video i wouldn't share my passion with the world and I will be an example that school does not equal success

  29. I am in my last year of college, I owe it to my parents to pass and get the diplomat, but when I am done then I am done for good. Never gonna enter a classroom in my life again.

  30. Honestly, this is why university is always better than high school. In university, you can study 1 subject, the one that you enjoyed. You dont have to study a dozen subjects and never use 90% of them.

  31. Sorry mah dudes, but it’s not in your control, so like go study or something and stop acting like your mature.

  32. I had a job interview two days ago. I found out today, I did not get the job. It bother me so much that I failed the interview. That I lost the chance at a job that fulfills my drive. I came home after being so frustrated. I listened to this, which I have heard dozens of times. And I realize that it doesn’t matter. I was judged by one person in a 60 minute period. Why am I letting his opinion of my knowledge get me down. Now I feel like I can do anything once again.

  33. True, test results don't determine you as a person, but I'm getting a vibe that these people don't like school. If that's the case, then I got news for you. You better start liking it soon.

    Also, just because someone is fat doesn't mean they are financially well-off. Those who like school know why.

  34. I have been showing the two-related spoken word presentations on education that you have put up on youtube Suli – Hope you don't mind. I have been working/training people who are `out of work' and needing to find ways of progressing their lives – I have shown these to 15 year olds and 50 year olds. NEVER has a sowing left watchers unaffected. I will continue to insert these two items in any trainings I do, have been doing it over past four years, and will in any future training ventures. I have been wanting for some time, to write to say that I find these invaluable and inspiring tools that help change esteem in the here and now. Thank you for producing these messages. Thank you for allowing us to use them. Please write some new material focusing on other important things. Read The One Straw Revolution…

  35. For those who are making the leap that IQ and memory are the same. Its not. Nor is Suli saying that schools are really judging weather we are smart or dumb. He's talking about how we've generalized the way we teach students and that doesn't work for everyone. We can't all regurgitate information on command. Schools dont grade you on intelligence, they grade you on the latter and that we need to change that.

    When we actually measure an IQ we are looking at logic and reasoning ability of a person witch memory has no impact on.

    Memory is the ability to recall information you already know where as logic and reasoning is the ability to understand something you don't know. Such as looking at a pattern and figuring out the sequence. An oversimplified question that is on IQ tests is 1) What comes next in the sequence. 2, 4, 6, x. We know it's 8, not because we remember that it is, it's that we look at the problem and understand the the numbers are increasing by 2. Same as if we look at the problem 2, 4, 16, x. Here we see that the number are increasing by a factor of 2 (2*2), (4*4), (16*16), (256*256)

    Another type of question is spatial reasoning such as showing the 2d blueprints for something and asking the test taker to select the 3D object that the 2D blueprints design. Memory doesn't help with any of that unless you've already taken the test and are trying to cheat. IQ test don't ask you to solve huge math problems the you have to have years of schooling to understand. It's a timed test designed to calculate your ability to preform base functions

  36. i was always told if the real world will chew me up and spit me out if i don't succeed in school, but here's the thing, the "real world" chewed me up and spat me out, not because i "failed" in school it chewed me up and spat me out because school did not prepare me, the real world doesn't fucking scare me, the fact that i can't do taxes scares me, the fact that i don't know my human rights scares me. it wouldn't have made a difference if i got an A+ for my work on Pythagorus theorem, or my essay.

  37. lol its even more sad if u black… cuz they basically add points to your score cuz of affirmative action.

  38. That's motivational sir,….
    Here is my poem inspired by you sir..

  39. "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"
    -Albert Einstein

  40. school doesn't just test memory, high level math and physics courses require more critical thinking and creativity than memorization.

  41. Inspiring. It's an error using examination as the yardstick for determining if a person has a future or not

  42. Mate if you set your future in the likes of twitter and Instagram you deserve to crash and burn! Look deeper bud!

  43. He's so right I left school at 15 and I've ran many successful companies. Education should not end with school constantly be on the quest for knowledge. 👍🏾

  44. I've been telling my teen boys, 16 and 18 yrs old, that college isn't a necessity. I make a six figure income in the tech industry with a high school diploma. They tell me it was different for me coming up. Neither have a job as of this entry, but have dreams of having a nice home and car, and believe college is going to help them do that, SMH. Our children aren't being taught to "go get it". They're being taught to study and pass tests and that will determine their secular worth.

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  46. And then you get the qualifications to be told your overqualified to get the job, but all you need is a job to pay your bills until you find the path you want to walk

  47. I want to be a dancer but my homework is not allowing me to have time for that , my family has noticed an impact on my behaviour because it's been getting to me i set my expectations too high and regret it don't make the same mistake I did and the worst thing to do is to take it personally dont let a sheet of paper shape u into being a person u r not

  48. Great stuff! Guys please check out my poetry id reallyyy appreciate it! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNb6wfYx6M6sm75lifN_rMDzZ9rFNt3KP

  49. I like the general message of this text.
    The educational system is too single tracked. People are different, they have different strengths. They mature at different ages.
    Having said that, objective truth is real. Objective tests are valuable, even if time limitation is not so important.
    And also I found a specific point that stood out as a fallacy. "society … tells you, that abortion is wrong, but then looks down on teenage parents". That is assuming that unsafe sex between teenagers is a given, and can't be looked down on by adults. Not sure why that is OK, but facing the consequence is not.

  50. Yo as someone who failed all their fucking GCSEs, I just finished a college course. I went to college with no qualifications, I worked in a classroom without a sheet f paper saying “yes this person regurgitated information on a test then completely forgot it” I work in a cafe without those pieces of paper. Grades don’t matter, what matters is experience.

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