I Will Not Stand By- POWERFUL Slam Poetry! [Non-Graphic Version] | Gary Yourofsky

The videos I’ve seen
Heinous and malicious Images of carnage
Evil and wicked Abattoirs of horror
Slashed throats and severed bodies Dismembered heads and hooves
Mass killings so ungodly The fur electrocutions
Anal and genital Gassings and neck-breakings
The scenes are unfathomable Baby seals being clubbed
For their skins we shall beat them Foxes in steel traps
A leg chewed off for freedom Is it elegant and glamorous
A death sentence for their beauty Or repugnant and loathsome
That’s injustice and iniquity A cow ovariectomy
Without anesthetic A pig being scorched
Burn research is pathetic Toxicity tests in a rabbit’s eyes
A circus elephant is beaten In chains he cries
A mouse convulsing from a lethal injection A live cat embalmed and used for dissection
Our compassion, unfocused In a skewed direction
Medical research need not vivisection A baboon dazed in a head injury lab
Researchers remorseless Three of them laugh
It’s the humans, the humans Most horrifying of all
Blinded by their actions Deafened to the calls
The reprehensible acts Which I will never forget
The sinful atrocities on God’s pets It’s not inconvenient
To care is magnanimous To save a life is honorable
To issue death is blasphemous I cannot and will not stand by without choice
I’ll decipher their cries and be their voice

74 thoughts on “I Will Not Stand By- POWERFUL Slam Poetry! [Non-Graphic Version] | Gary Yourofsky

  1. I Will Not Stand By- POWERFUL Slam Poetry! [Non-Graphic Version] | Gary Yourofsky
    This is the non-graphic version of Gary Yourofsky’s incredibly powerful slam poem.  For those who want to share the poem but not the graphic imagery, I created this non-visual version. This poem was written by Gary Yourofsky in 1996 and is finally reaching the public in video form.  Gary calls for us to face the reality of our actions both as a collective society and as individuals.  We are the oppressors, the abusers, the murderers.  We are the villains in this scenario.  And we cannot and will not stand by.
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  2. what is that audio in the background? its really distracting and annoying :/

  3. Powerful. Beautiful. Necessary. Thank you @Gary Yourofsky @Bite Size Vegan xo

  4. I saw the graphic one too, but they are both incredible. Gary words are so powerful. I am going to be doing an artistic research project next quarter in woodblock printmaking inspired by the work of vegan activist and artist Sue Coe, who grew up near slaughter houses and drew images of what happened inside of those facilities. At the end of the quarter I am going to be giving a 20 minute artist lecture on my work and I hope my words can be just as powerful and informative on veganism and animal cruelty/enslavement. Emily, I know your an artist and I have seen your website with your installation work, books, etc. Do you have any advice for me going into next quarter? Any advice for preparing for my presentation, any big points I should cover? Would love your advice, thanks so much for all your work! <3

  5. +Zoe Colln would love to watch your presentation. If you can get some one to record it. And upload it to your YouTube.

  6. I loved it. Absolutely fantastic! This gives me fuel for the rest of my weekend (circus protests) 

  7. Complete and absolute magnificence! Words cannot adequately convey how grateful I am to yourself, Gary, and countless other wonderful Vegans out there doing so indescribably much for our brothers and sisters in fur, feathers, and scales :). I am always in awe when I get to see such brilliance as this. I have learned to take great pride in being a part of the community of TRUE compassionate human beings that continuously fight for Animal freedom and work their damnest to achieve complete abolition of the seemingly endless iniquities we as humans inflict upon these innocent beings. I couldn't help but tear up here because, well for many reasons, but mostly these words of Gary's are filled with such truth, such power, and they shout what we as Vegans feel in our hearts and make known what we all wish the world would hear. This IS truth, justice, morality and HUMANITY personified. 

  8. So powerful. Sad but true. We need more people like you, Gary and Emily!

  9. no mention of tigers, wolves, lions or sharks? typical vegan not caring about predators.

  10. go gary go gary… incase you keep tally vegan 1 1/2 years 47 2 x 1 year 10 and 7 my mum 74 3mths my dads only trying it so I'm not counting him yet kind regards lisa

  11. ojala todos los seres, incluido nosotros dejemos de sufrir, pero parece una cadena dificil de romper, tarde o temprano terminará.

  12. Yes man! #veganfuture. I once thought you were a radical but now I'm not sure if you are radical enough. When we wake up we understand our duty to the cosmos. It's no small thing. Let us act intelligently in the convention of our pears…

  13. Honestly I hate when vegans evoke the terms of rape and pedifelia to make a point. But I do believe that the moment of artificial incrimination for an animal destined to be comodified and killed, is an act of violence.

  14. I can't believe you guys like him I hate him he shall burn in hells fire😈

  15. I also mean those comments for all of the slaughter workers or people who enjoy and love slaughter people

  16. I will become a slaughter to kill all of the slaughter people😈😈😈😈💢

  17. I tried to watch the graphic version but it made me want to cry. How could you treat an innocent animal like that??

  18. great idea, but no music, no passion in the vocals, clearly much less effort was invested into it than the "deceleration of misrepresentation" track, please make animal rights rap songs/ album, i will surely crowdfund it if you put a patreon / indiegogo / kickstarter page

  19. Hahaha that was AWESOME – you're talented and mean business 💪💪💪❤❤❤

  20. Never thought Gary Yourofsky would do a poem! This is amazing. He is a hero, a legand and he is revalutionary!

  21. Thank you Gary , I've seen some of these things you are talking about. I was in a top notch Vet Tech school. The things I saw and was a part of horrify me to this day. I will spend the rest of my life trying to help all animals. I no longer work in the vet tech field, but I am a vegan and rescue and care for those in need. I feel for all the folks in animal medicine that may have to witness these things. I went in just hoping to help animals, but there are things done in the name of science that made me sick.

  22. Gary is da bomb! He is the man! Thank you for everything my friend!

  23. I don’t think we humans are blinded by our actions … we just choose to be in denial or just don’t care. We’re more consumed with instant gratification: what tastes good, what fashion trend looks good, etc. Furthermore, we are the most dangerous creatures on earth: enough to destroy earth and all living creatures we such much ironically depend on to live

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