I wrote a poem with Albanta San Roman

This is the story of a spring night This is the story of our parents, our grandparents and now it’s our turn Everything always starts with 2 strangers that suddenly stop being that Although sometimes, to go to the begging we have to go to the ending Endings that “rains” like that spring night, and blinks like the traffic lights following the rythm your lashes Endings with full stops, happy endings, but always endings with you Sometimes the fear beats us, but there’s endings that are beggings Beginnings with princes, and princes without values Beginnings that are precipices to jump… to take plunge Windows in the middle of the chest, open, savages, skin-deep This letter started with a night of spring, full of flowers, arrhythmical and with no sense, like everything around us When spring knocks on your door, you have to let it go Let it make a nest in your hair and get lost in my sheets sheets where you don’t mess your hair up anymore, or ask for goodbyes Although I as a value was just asking for an ending with you

39 thoughts on “I wrote a poem with Albanta San Roman

  1. my two favourite youtubers doing a poem video omaigaah :3 os quiero * . *

  2. ¡Wow! ya me gustabais,
    cuando solos soñabais,
    pero juntos vuestros destellos,
    son aún más bellos.

  3. chicos me vais a dar un infarto un día de estos… flipante, me ha encantado.

  4. Súper feliz de poder hacer estas cosas. Súper súper feliz de poder hacerlas contigo. Te quiero.
    P.D: ¡Quiero repetir ya, fue lo más! ♥️

  5. Mirad voy a shippearos muy fuertes porque #Colbanta tiene que ser más real que mi vida. No podeis ser más arte ni más bonicos 🙇🌸💘

  6. Me encantáis cuando os juntais y hacéis videos así 🙂

  7. oh my God, this is so much better than PIELES.
    or maybe is that im just Happy about that salmorejeision.

  8. this is so beautiful!! am I allowed to edit your captions a little as I think auto correct got you in a few places?

  9. "…pero siempre finales contigo." que bello! what a great collab, coque!

  10. Me pregunto si habrá cosas más bellas que este tipo de vídeos en todo YouTube… y si son vuestros pues ganan mil puntos.

  11. wowow so so beautiful!!! Can you post it in English? I want to print it out and hang it up on my wall!

  12. I don't speak Spanish, I maybe know a few words, I have no idea what the song is about (because I didn't use the subtitles because I didn't realize they were available right away 😛 ) but it was beautiful 🙂 at least, it sounded beautiful.

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