i wrote a song… one day // tate mcrae

What’s up guys it’s Tate here and today, I’m doing something really exciting for me If you guys do not know I’m a singer and I love to write songs I’ve really found that it’s something that I truly love to do so yeah this song that I’m about to sing for you guys is Something I whipped up last night in like an hour. I don’t know I don’t know what head space I was in but it was just something I just needed to get something out of me and um I Just whipped this out. I don’t really know Where it came from? because It’s about love and I’m currently not in. Love I Like I’ve had crushes in my life I’m just focused on my passions and my dancing and singing and acting so I’m not boy crazy right now. This is my piano I got it when I was six and It’s like look at this I put those on and can’t get them off because I tried to write down notes and now they’re just faded and ugly and green like my Piano skills are definitely not the greatest. I took like a year of piano lessons when I was younger, but like I Cannot play I just do whatever sounds good to the ear, so thank you so much for tuning in Keep watching if you want to see the full video she stares at her ceiling once again with a hundred Thoughts Maybe he knows who I am actually probably not she walks down the hall with her head down low scared to meet his eyes even when she hears his voice shes swarmed with butterflies its impossible to get you off my mind I think about a hundred thoughts and you are ninety-nine I’ve understood that you will never be mine and thats fine I’m just breaking inside He always walks the crowded halls and is blinded by this light a girl who keeps her head down low and never shows her eyes He’s trying to talk to her, but there’s no easy way Cause every time he raises his voice she runs away oh its impossible to get you off my mind i think about a hundred thoughts and you are 99 Is fine I’m just playin inside and why Maybe she Started over And one Should look into his eyes and instead of breaking To get you off my mind I Think about a hundred thousand you are 99 Maybe there’s a chance that you will be my pull right now I’m just broken inside Take 779

100 thoughts on “i wrote a song… one day // tate mcrae

  1. ITS ON SPOTIFY AND ITUNES :)) also check out my instagram @tatemcrae to hear NEW songs!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. You have good singing and good song and I like them a lot I think you should 100% be a singer! 😆😆😃😃 🎤🎵🎶🎵🎤🎶🎤🎶🎼🎼🎹🎹🎹

  3. 28m views wow!! i've been subscribed to you for quite some time a rewatching this is mid boggling thinking about how far you've come :)) love you so much girly <3

  4. Guys I watched this ages ago! (2years ago) lol I’m a child rn so I was rly young back then. I kept singing this! Probably the wrong lyrics tho. Lol don’t judge I was rly young 2 years ago. I even tried to write my own song but with the same music. you are really Inspiring. 🙂 I have a connection to this song and Idk why! 💓🥺💓🙂

  5. This is marriente from miraculous except the part …. U guys know if fans or watch

  6. This is just pure talent I just hope one day maybe I can do what she’s doing😅

  7. you have a beautiful voice than me I love your voice I wish I had the same voice

  8. The song starts 1:26 seconds
    Btw that song stuck on my head ♪♪( ´θ`)ノ

  9. I'm new here on this channel but i was scrolling threw your channel and i found amazing videos you are one of a kind, your singing voice is incredible i swear your better than every singer that i know Billie eilish, Ariana Granda and Salina Gomez your better than all of them and this video actually got me and my new boyfriend together thank you ❤

  10. Me singing : classic songs that Are sad
    She: singing her song and geting famous in tv
    I think i have a new favorite singer , girl remember you Are the most beautiful person
    Ive ever saw in my life whit a angel voice that the world could listen everyday all over and over
    Hope youl be a famos singer <3 bai bai <3

  11. Wow I'm just 😲 first I thought your just a bloody show of but I realised your talent is not 100% it is 9000000000000%.9000000000% and your voice is inspiring

  12. You are a really good singer and you should like go on America’s got talent or something they would problay hit the gold buzzer and I have your songs around and never knew they were by but I would listen to them cause your songs are so good

  13. My best favourite song of my life 😇😇😇😇😇I feel very pleasant after listening to the songg

  14. Aw I love your videos so so much!! You are incredible!! I’m a new channel just starting out and would LOVE for some of you guys to subscribe ! You won’t be disappointed ! ❤️

  15. should i tellmy crush i like him no need to like just reply! Ill do it on the first day of school, and thats in two weeks!

  16. My friend (that's a girl) has a friend that's a boy….
    He's very popular all the girls go after him…
    (I don't lol🤣)
    But….. she likes him….
    And he told me he likes her….
    But… they don't want to tell each other bc it might
    Ruin their friendship
    If this comment blows up..
    I will tell them to express their feelings to each other

    Edit: I ain't thirsty for likes I just want to show them how many ppl want them to do it..also I ain't saying the names cause some ppl my recognise them so yeah have a good day/night….❤️❤️❤️

  17. The 10k dislikes thought it was a download button! 😄😄😇😇😇

    Ps: your a queen sis keep doing what your doing you amazing!!

  18. Guys!!
    My friend listen to this song and she was inspired to tell her crush
    She likes him….
    So she told and….
    He said….
    I LiKe yOu ToO…..
    And they started to get close like real close…
    Now she is going to ask him if he want to be her prom date..

    Edit: she was going to tell but guess what?! He was… kissing another girl… which was her best friend
    She's in a lot of pain.. he doesn't know she saw..
    If this blows up she will tell him she saw them..

  19. Tate I have a little message for you…keep doing what you do. You have inspired me do much and now I have my own piano too. I want to say, thank you for making a hole new beginning. I'm a fan of you and ur music and also I just……LOVE YOUR FHUCKING VOICE. Your tone is just amazing and your pitches of ur voice just blew me away so much! Bye! LOVE Katie

  20. this song is describing my feelings. i have a friend, i love him, but he have a gf and it’s breaking me

  21. my crush is dating my ex bestfriend and it kills everyday bc he’s in one of my classes

  22. i love your music singing is such a big pation of mine this song literaly discribed most of what happened today thank you<3 p.s its my dream to be a famous singer like you love you 🙂

  23. K this song hits rly hard 100 likes and I 'll tell them 😬 plz no one like this

  24. This voice is what I wish I had it's so beautiful! And I'm getting in to song writing and stuff but I'm too shy about it 😛


  26. i’m so obsessed with your original music! just so beautiful & you’re so talented 🖤

  27. 😯😯 she doesent sing pretty but she sings sooooOOOO PRETTY and she should be on got talent

  28. does anybody else have a certain person in mind while watching this??


  29. Me watching this again in 2019.. All other songs: 10000% autotune tate: I don't need that sh-

  30. “Take 779 (laughs)”
    Me: holy stromboli

    Also me: how much storage does your phone have?

  31. It’s impossible to get this song out of my head!!! ❤️ 😮 this is amazing tho

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