Ia There A Poet In Asher?

so it's our friend Asher you've been reading about him and me that sure had a kind of poetic streaking so we got a mr. book by Jason Reynolds which is a book by a young very young poet popper I'm actually getting a bunch of them for the class and as I said as I hoped he really related to the poems I did some reading aloud why don't you read one of the poems that you like yeah this letter is being written from a place of raw honesty and love but not at all a place of expertise on how to make their dreams come true yeah it's like kind of continues I don't know nothing about that I haven't gone through it at all and come out on the other side the Blue Ribbon they've been a victors sash or dollar bills or even unshakable happiness that's great thank you what do you like about them um it shows how people can interpret their dreams and whether they see whatever they come through you can either see what you come through as a opportunity or you can just cry about it but Jimmy it's kind of useless to like go through something but then not use it for your own inspiration oh thank you that was very nice that was very nice thank you thank you for the book pleasure

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