IB Language & Literature and the Boom writers in Argentina

one of the most important things that we're covering the semester is the boom era and the boom writers and the boom writers were these literary figures who just exploded through Latin America and through Europe during the 1960s and 70s their literary voices spoke of all the revolutions that were occurring and end of the unstable political climate that was I'm happening during the 60s and 70s in Latin America the tgs students are actually looking at an exhibition of photography by seda faccio who is an Argentine photographer so the students are running around right now trying to take photos of their photos of the most important historical figures that we're going to be studying all semester students have been reading two novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez as well as breaking into groups to research the others each group is studying a different boom writer they wanted to use media platform to kind of share the information that they found so we're doing that by creating facebook pages in honor of the boom writers which is fascinating because there are actually people that are liking their pages and kind of participating in you know the social networking and are becoming involved in the students research he was fairly while traveling had a good global aspect which helped them with his writing your voice your hair silent and starving i prowled through the streets bread does not nourish me Don disrupts me all day I had for the liquid measures of your steps and she was very much a free and wayward spirit and in that time that wasn't really acceptable and her husband can really deal with it it was an arranged marriage you are unveiled as the coming of the dawn and no embarrassment you suffer not only how the students created Facebook pages but developed silent films for the web that illustrate their understanding of the tax they had to synthesize the content and concepts in an artistic way and the results were fascinating so by researching their boom writers by use using social media as a platform to engage a wider audience and also by using this place based experience to get to know their boom writers the students are really able to see just how influence people were and still are by the latin-american boom writers especially here in Latin America you

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  1. I like the video and what they´re doing to study the literature of the time, although we, at school, many years ago, didn´t have that name "boom writers" to deal with, at least I don´t remember it.

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