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the first thing you need to do to do this assignment is get into iBooks Author if you're on a Mac and you do command-spacebar the spotlight comes up and you can type it in the first thing you'll see is this a window where you can choose what type of template you want you want to choose it with either having landscape or portrait in mind however you want your book to look I like the craft template and it comes with some stock things already here which we're going to delete and as I've been making the books each of my chapters have only been one page long and so I have deleted these additional pages so that I just have one page per chapter you can do it however you would like and this starts with chapter 1 the very first page in the book but you can also edit your title page here and you can't see the author let's shrink this there you go now you can see the whole screen um so I'm going to delete that and I'm going to give it a real title I'm going to show you how to recreate the book that Laura and I made as an example for you down here we'll put the author's names and now we need to go find some media and this is going to be the biggest deal for you guys is to find a copyright free media media that is a creative commons-licensed lucky for you if you're doing some sort of event in history that happened pre copyright or some person that's pre copyright then most of the things you'll be looking for will be part of the public domain anyway and the public domain just means that it's free and open for anyone to use otherwise you can use more current media that people have chosen to of Commons license so that more people can use it so we're going to pull up our internet browser and it's going to think about it okay we're going to go to the Wikimedia Commons so Wikipedia the website has all of its images Creative Commons licensed but the way that you find them is going on the Wikimedia Commons and this has both images and other media like audio and video so I'm just going to search Abraham Lincoln and you'll see it pulls up all sorts of amazing primary sources already which is exactly what social studies wants to see I can click on any one of them and this sort of slideshow view will come up let's say that I oh I like this one and you can see if I bring this up that this is in the public domain it has this little C copyright with a slash through it so it's not copyrighted it's part of the public domain if you scroll you can see a little more information about it right here it gives you a download button that's also kind of a sign that this is probably Creative Commons licensed and I'm going to go ahead and download the original file because that gives the best clarity when I've downloaded the smaller images I haven't liked them as much now I'm going to go back to my book and I want to insert that image right there and either I can find it in my finder or in downloads I can just find it and drag it in if you're using a if you're not comfortable doing it from the downloads you can just pull up the finder which is that blue and white face and that shows you all of your files and you would just find this file now I can stretch it how I want and you can see that these guider lines come up that will help me Center it and choose the distance between things and I'm going to go ahead and add another chapter right now um because I'm going to start my references page from the very beginning this is something that I highly recommend so that you don't get and I'm not going to make it a chapter I'm going to create a text box and stretch it to fit the size of my page and as you're you're citing these I want the location so I do images in order of use and then the first location is the cover page and it's you're going to describe it image of Abraham Lincoln and then if you go up here find a bullet tab it over and we're going to write retrieved from and then we're going to get that you are up so the URL right here is not the correct URL this is the URL for this image within the slideshow you want the URL for the image that has all the information on it so if you click on more details this is the actual web page for this image file this is the one you want so I'm going to copy it come over here and paste it and I'm going to be doing this as I go through I'm going to put chapter 1 image of Abraham Lincoln what ever retrieved from this file in most cases this is going to be sufficient to cite it just having the URL right here for us what you're doing for us as teachers is you're helping us know for sure which image you're talking about which is why you're giving a location and you're describing it but for copyright as long as it's in the public domain that URL is going to be sufficient for them however there are other places where you can get images and they might have different rules so let's go through one of those circumstances we'll do something on Chapter one we'll go back to our browser and this time we're going to go to Flickr Creative Commons when people upload their images to Flickr they can choose from a variety of Creative Commons licenses which are described right here attribution means you just give them credit for it and the URL is sufficient for attribution noncommercial we can't use because we are actually marketing this commercially even though we're selling the book for free it still counts as being commercial so if it says something like that you cannot use it and so let's see what we find Abraham Lincoln and this looks cool how they made it in color and right here it gives you the guide to what this image is it has these symbols but if you click on it it'll tell you what those symbols means some rights are reserved let's see what those some rights are and it says under the following turns attribution that's fine non-commercial that's not fine so we can't use it let's go back and maybe we want to see him on Mount Rushmore all rights reserved this one is copyrighted so we're not going to do that this one looks old like it might be here we go it's in the public domain there's no known copyright restrictions we're fine click this little download button here choose what size I'm going to choose original and I'm going to let's see I think it's fine to just use this unless there is an actual page oh look it's from the Library of Congress super cool okay I think we'll just use this URL because I don't see a way to get a direct link to this let's see is it in here there's another one with it in a gallery this looks better because it's a smaller URL smaller URLs are generally preferred when they're big and long that's kind of a sign that you're not going to the most direct source so let's go ahead and use this URL we're to come back over to our book and I want to just show you a quick widget this is one of your options for when you have to do three different things and this is a gallery widget and it comes up with some lorem ipsum that's just some Latin filler text and you're going to drag and drop images into it and you're going to drag multiple I believe in the assignment we tell you you have to have at least three pictures in a gallery to count the gallery so let's go find the picture in our downloads I'm going to click and drag it over here now if I click on it I can edit the mask which means I'm choosing where it's aligned I wish I could see more of it but I can't if I click here then I can describe it let's see if there's any information about it that I could add sometimes it's nice to just copy photograph here we go I'm going to copy that whole thing and put that down here short net in this gallery I'm going to say how would you describe a link and this header will stay on the whole time this bottom text will change according to which picture I have and if I were to add another picture like let's just pull one of these other random ones that I have I'm going to drop it and it's going to now you see that I have two pictures in here I've got these two little dots right here and I can click on it edit the mask move it to where I want him to be I think I didn't use that picture because it's grainy anyway this is what you would do now you also are going to need to find some sort of media one of the requirements is that you have either a video or an audio file in your iBook and so you're going to have to be super careful you can't just choose a random youtube video there are some YouTube videos that are Creative Commons license but you have to check first you can't just assume that the people would be okay with you publishing their video it's very important that we follow copyright on this assignment because we're going to be publishing this worldwide on the iBooks bookstore and you have to sign a really strict user agreement in order to do that it's also good practice for you guys to learn how to follow copyright so let's go back to Google here let's search for Gettysburg Address and I am looking not for photos but I am looking for some media video or an audio file and here I see one right here this let's listen to it four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on it nice sounds good so I'm going to just double check that I'm fine to use it looks like I am I'm going to download it and it says that you don't have to attribute it it says attribution not legally required but if you want to be nice you just would copy that and attribute it to that person and download that file now if you come over here let's add another chapter get rid of all this stuff this widget is called a media widget the media widget is for either audio or video files now there's certain file types that are supported by this and it's anything that's supported by QuickTime now I know about this audio file because I already put it in my real iBook and I ran into the problem that the otogi G file is not supported by QuickTime but it's really easy to change file formats so I Google this convert an audio file from OGG to mp3 I googled what file formats are supported by QuickTime found this and I used one of these audio converters and uploaded my file it converted it to mp3 and then I was able to drag and drop it into the media widget and then it worked if you have any troubles let us know we want to help you

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    Grab a flower and pick the petals off, one by one — each time saying, 'Copyright loves me', 'Copyright loves me not'.

    Unfortunately, a slave made this video.

  2. Hi Sabrina, as you says at the end of your video that we can contact you, I'm looking for help regarding audio widgets. The first two buttons usually work fine, but then it works intermittently. I've looked on the web, forums, done tests for now a week, and can't find the solution. I noticed as well that my iBooks work perfectly fine on iPhone, and 4 new Macbook Air, but doesn't work properly on 3 new Macbook pros. If I could exchange with you, maybe that would help. I couldn't send you a direct message on your channel, but you can, if you go to my main channel (Home, Video, Playlists, … About) and look in "about". Thank you!

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