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hey guys welcome back this is a waste back with another video on the channel today I'm gonna be teaching you how you can use iBooks Author now if you own a Mac that's the only way you can get this software this software is really great if you're a writer a book writer or if you want to write any book it could be a ebook or actual book so a lot of people use Microsoft Word or pages or other word processing software and not many people know about this software this is really really great for just writing books now it basically saves a lot of time to organize your books into section chapters and also pages so we're gonna give you a tour of this software and I hope you liked the video if you do please do subscribe and like the video as well so let's get started with iBooks Author first of all if you haven't downloaded either quarter you go to Apple App Store and you simply say I books author and the first thing you will see here that one iBook author that's the application that you require it's really really great to write ebooks so if you really want to write ebooks and make some money out of them then this is great place and this has the recipe integration with Apple iBook so a lot of people use iPad to read book so you can publish your book to the iBooks straightaway okay so when you start iBooks you see this interface here it's something if you want to open any existing ePub file or you can start the new book by just selecting one of the template on the top we have a landscape template see a basic modern type classic but what I'm gonna show you is how to use a portrait because the portrait is the way to go because a lot of books are in portrait not in landscape so we'll use portrait classic and I will click on choose and it's gonna go and generate a book for me so this is what I get once I select the portrait template I'm gonna maximize the software now let's take a look at the the basic functionality what it provides what it difference to word Marcus award or pages or any other word processing software so first of all you look a bit different layout of the application it's not exactly like a Marcus award of pages it's not a word processing it is mainly targeted to writing books so here it gives us template it has a chapter 1 and then in the chapter 1 we have a page if you look at a book title it's totally separate you can say I'm gonna modify this saying test well let's just do that right now so in the test book alright it's got some image here lorem ipsum text here that's fine now we go to enter the media if there is an immediate in the ePub book nowadays you can publish your media within the books which is really great table of content now table Continent great when you start writing your books it automatically adds all the table contents to your dis page so if you open this book into your iBooks or on basically on a Kindle so you can do that you can see content straight away so you don't have to do a lot of work on that plus way that's great I'll talk about that in a second let me go and go and open another chapter so if you click on this add pages you get three options you can start a new chapter you can start a new section within the chapter or you can add just a page so let's go and add page it's gonna be a default page you can see its hierarchy is basically telling you that this is a chapter and that's the page so here if I'll just go you know copy paste is lorem ipsum text and then just you know paste it again and we can see that it automatically generated a separate page for me and we got this and next thing we're gonna create another chapter now I'm gonna create a chapter with the chapter photo plate you can use the preface or chapter text I'll select chapter four oh now you see the hierarchy on the left here that it actually took it out so anytime I click on this and I can go click on this button I'll tell me hey you want to change something to this or you want to insert a page if you click here it will insert the page into corresponding chapter so I'm gonna go and add another page let's just say this one and there you go it automatically added the page to that specific chapter now what is the benefits of just you know seeing this hierarchy and it's automatically adjusting the pages to the actual chapter it's when you publish or preview app on your iPad iPhone or on Mac and also you can export the same epub and PDF to Kindle or just as normal PDF so let's go and add a couple of sections I'm gonna select this chapter and then I will click on this add pages I'll add like section here and reading this section I'm gonna add some pages so that's just the general pages that I see that I'm adding so 2 column page now you can see that's the section there now if I click here I'm gonna go click on the chapter if you want to add another section to the chapter so this selection is very very important whatever you selected it's gonna add that stuff to this basically to the selection so go add another section I'll add a section and then there you go so we have a chapter 1 I can minimize that I have a chapter 2 I have a this section and in the second section also I'm gonna add another section and this time this section is going to go inside the chapter 2 right so this is how you organize your books right you have a chapter and then you have a section and then the pages they're all chapter has a pages directly so this is great to actually write your book you don't have to work a lot now last thing we add another chapter and we can say it's a preface chapter and I'll just say and off the book alright now this doesn't have anything but we can add couple more pages to this one we can say hey call it one page okay and also I want to add another page with this copyright section okay that's a copyright section there so now we have done some structure of our book let's take a look at a desktop in the software now so here when you're writing a book you simply go to this area you have the page ready you click on it and you start typing okay you start shopping it will automatically take you to the next page okay and also we'll take a look at what are the other features now this is just a text box you can add another text box here if you wanna have a specific styling for the text box if I select this you can see here I have a different font I can select I have a different color that I can do I can select if it's a bold I can change the font size so if you're an e-book you're gonna have a different font of different things for codes that you use from outside the world and you can see you can take these text boxes and align them the way you want all right this is just a text block we have some shapes nowadays in the books we have some interactivity we have some diagrams now instead of you going copying pasting and pictures online you can basically use the shapes that roughly from here so here let me go and draw a diagram here for example this is something that we have I'll say diagram a okay let me go and add another this triangle I'll just put it here okay and I'll say D da wrong B that's actually giving me like you know probably I'll just cancel out so now if I select this you see this dot here I can change this to you know make it like it's a modification to the shape you don't see any dot here so yeah we have something like a line so if you know pen tool you select here and then you drop that thing there okay and after that you can use line and different shapes so this is really great so if you're writing a book regarding to maths or physics you need a lot of diagrams it's right there you don't have to go anywhere to find these shapes all of these shapes can be used and some of the shapes can be modified as well now a lot of books require let me go expand days and I am going to actually not here I'm gonna go to chapter first I'm gonna go to this page here so here we have a table if you need some sort of table that you can use in your book this is here so click on table it will create a table and they give you this dialog box here which you can use to customize so you wanna have like a how many rows you want eight rows when I'd like more columns you can have more columns and then you can format this by you know number currency or whatever you want to do so this is really balanced it's basically kind of accessories not a lot of Excel options but it's it's there we can customize with the color you can use the gradient you can you know say none so a lot of options here you can play with it by yourself it's a general options that you get with the Excel software charts charts are great I'll click on a chart and I just drag a chart here now the charts basically has some properties as well where you can change cylinder charts or rectangle charts or you want to have a default light or medium right stuff like that that you can basically do also you can you know edit the data of the charts by clicking on this edit data button and if you have like a CSV file or any data that you can put in here to create the charts you can directly do here this is really really great you can add rows and columns to actually make your charts dynamic and act like AK from your data chart colors select the chart colors I like this bullish color maybe I'm just gonna apply oh there you go you got a bluish color but you have a different styles for the child's 3d charts their 2d colors and feel right so that's the charts widgets widgets so a lot of time you read a book for example I'm I write a book which I include some sort of code so what I can do is I can use this HTML widget so I select the HTML widget I'm just gonna move this Ridgid and I'm actually going to take this here okay and then I'm gonna add an HTML snippet here where we can go and find something in my dev PC probably go and find something here guys give me a sec no not here so you go to source and then no I can't use that one as well that's basically not my app is not able to access those but it's here anyway so you can just you know add a HTML here as well this is great so that's like a widgets that you can try you can play with these options there as well but the main part of making this video is that if you click on this preview button and you say hey preview this book and you will realize that how cool is software is it is going to generate this ePub file for you with all the your content all your end of book ok so it's really really dynamic and also all the features that this iBooks offer iPad I book or iPhone app iBook software uses it's available there also you can export these books to different different a platform ok so this is a great software if you want to write a book as you can see here I can click here and never get to book so basically it's creating an ePub file and it's automatically imported that book into my iBook software that is great so yeah they did so great as well have a look if you want to add a media you can use this widget popover scroll bars in fact of images so I don't want to you know drag this video to about a lot longer than this so yeah you can play around with this and you can click on this button publish and then it will be published after Apple approve your book to the App Store so yeah look at this you can all sign you can organize your book in chapter section and in pages so this is great thanks for watching if you liked the video please do subscribe and I'll talk to you guys in the next one

4 thoughts on “IBooks Author Tutorial For Book Writers

  1. Hi, will you explain why I’d need a section in a chapter? What’s the purpose… is it not enough just to have chapters??

  2. Great video! I’m a little confused on the difference between chapters and sections?? All I need is about 5 chapters with about 5 pages in each chapter… but what goes into a section??

  3. Hi, is there any means of deleting the default Table of Contents provided by the Ibook format and inserting a new one on the correspondent page? The default Table of Contents is not suitable for me and at this point I have worked a new Table of Contents at the end of the book, by adding 2 new pages. Or, is there any other template (Portrait) which I can use instead? I forgot to mention I am working in a poetry book, which has no Chapter, titles and sub-titles (for the Table of Contents). Thank you!

  4. Bhai auto cad full tutorial ki hindi dubd kr k dosry chnl pa upload kr do plz

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