ICE Responds to All That Negative Press – Alternatino

And now a message from the Department
of Homeland Security. – Hello, I’m ICE agent
Bryce J. Korn. Now, our main goal is to
protect the American people at all costs. But we understand
there’s been some humanitarian concerns
over our methodology. Oof.
And we hear ya. That’s why I’m proud to
announce that as of today, we will no longer be detaining
undocumented children in cages, and instead, we’ll be
keeping them cage-free! The U.S. Government
is committed to stealing and imprisoning
innocent children in the most
humane way possible. That’s why the minute these
kids are ripped from their parents,
we put them on that field. There, they can
roam free-range. Running, playing,
just having a great time, with only a high-security
electrified fence at the perimeter
to confine them– for their protection. Just look at those happy
little buggers. [electrical zapping] And that’s not all. We’ve heard your criticism
about the quality of food here. That’s why we switched all
our cage-free children to a grass-fed diet, and they
can have as much as they want. Now, we’ve also read the
reports about health concerns at our facilities,
so we’ll be raising all our cage-free children with
absolutely no antibiotics. [chuckles] So quit it with
your negative press already, for crying out loud. With this new
cage-free program, these Latino children
separated from their parents, boy, they’re healthier
and happier than ever. [chuckles] Mm… Still no eggs, though.

100 thoughts on “ICE Responds to All That Negative Press – Alternatino

  1. I'm uneducated, white, and live in a small town. I've never been more than 300 miles from the place I was born. I get triggered by anything that goes against Trump. Whatever Trump or Fox News says I repeat it like a parrot with Turrets syndrome.

  2. Ugly pedoz and whores and dumb illegals and lame thin cunt

  3. When you have an invasion and not enough resources it's not going to be the best accomodations, but in many places they would be shot for crossing the border.

  4. Dumbest fucking pandering sketch I’ve ever seen. Based on bullshit designed to put the false idea in stupid liberals heads and get them riled up, again because they’re dumb. Comedy Central has turned to absolute garbage.

  5. Trump saw this and said “ I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

  6. Lol. Horrible AF. What do you want them to do with the kids? What's the alternative?

  7. Remember when COMEDY CENTRAL was about comedy not about being overtly political?

  8. This is funny- mocking all the fake news outlets that are reporting the exact same story… but its not a joke

  9. 13,000 children came and only 3000 had parents. Those cages were from how Bush and Obama set it up years ago. Your saying it's not a problem but where do all these people go? Just walk into our streets and we give them money? I live in roach hotels because 12 bucks a hr doesn't get me nothing but good and car insurance. Maybe we could help people who work hard but are not getting anywhere instead of helping everyone else. If we can't help ourselfs how can we help others? Makes no sense and you a liar.

  10. Really 😠you think this is a joke !!! There are hispanic children separated from their parents and family and you want to make this video for intertament? This is not funny. This video is racist to all hispamics just because you want to intertane people.This video should be deleted!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😾😾😾😾👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  11. Majority of ICE agents are Latino and the only reason people are living like that is because Democrats intentionally have not funded ICE. Food for thought.

    Other than that, pretty funny.

  12. This to near exact to be funny.
    As America want tent city mass prison society and ice really gonna rev up mexican slave animal treatment.
    Remember blacks had slave quarters like toolshed chicken coop barns and suffered resistance on leashes and chains.funny how gautemalen can reference Mexican situation without getting checked.
    It's like west Indian black joking on Florida in the us blacks problems.

  13. Almost 10k triggered snowflake bitches disliking this video. Congrats. Be mad at the funny video and not the concentration camps or genocide by the UNs definition…

  14. If is so bad, why did Obama build them? Trump didnt buid these, Obama did. Research for yourselves, fags.

  15. majority of ice agents are spanish, he could have just been himself without the wig and it would have been more realistic. oh but the joke is whites are racist. nvm

  16. Does this guy only make fun of conservatives just like every other libtard or is he like south park and makes fun of both

  17. having a good time….camera pans up…..0:43 I laughed so hard!!

  18. Hi yah ICE isn't responsible for what's happening at the boarder, that's boarder patrol and yes they are different agencies

  19. Hard to stomach? That's your conscience telling you that what WE are doing to these children at the S.B. is inhumane and un-American.

  20. I wonder why this video drew in more conservatives vs his other videos. It’s also hilarious to read comments of people being triggered while pretending not to be triggered.

  21. 5% – triggered comments
    15% – comments saying theres a lot of triggered comments
    80% – actually liking the skit

  22. I have this passtime…
    Liking every comments, whether u agreed in the video or not or just trolling…. because i love it, people are so opinionated…

  23. White face is perfectly okay but black face is one of the most racist things you can do. Somethings not right here

  24. This dude's sketches have some decent premises… but he consistently misses the mark in a way I can't put my finger on. Misses it in a way which ends up with them being mostly unfunny and about 50% clever or insightful at best. Like a foreigner who went to college or something in the US and thinks they understand our way of life.

  25. Someone else already said it, but fuck, This guy looks like he was born in 1962 and 1992 at the same time

  26. I hate how funny I find this, a testament to his comedic mind. Being able to make light of something so dark

  27. Why is comedy always reserved for leftist? I think this rule of "separating kids from their parents" was introduced way before Trump was elected. But for some reason, now it's a problem?

  28. Weird how whiteface (pancake makeup for racial effect) is “allowed” but blackface is not. #smh

  29. It’s probably just me. It’s probably 100% just me but this mans has a huge round face and a huge head. Not a bad thing.

  30. the never silent rightist youtube commentators call everyone they dont like oversensitive then start throwing a fit the moment someone popular has a contrasting stance

  31. Love the message he sends out with each of his videos. Its almost like Captain America winter solider where hydra takes over the government but people are to stupid or blind to realize it.
    Like how can you treat people/kids like this?

  32. Trump will be keeping captured and tortured migrants in glass cages in the west wing for his amusement, and he saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico!😎

  33. Trump will be keeping captured and tortured migrants in glass cages in the west wing for his amusement, and he saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico! 😎

  34. Trump will be keeping captured and tortured migrants in glass cages in the west wing for his amusement, and he saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico! 😎😡🤢

  35. Trump will be keeping captured and tortured migrants in glass cages in the west wing for his amusement, and he saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico! 😎😡🤢

    yes that's what I waist my thank yous on that and 2 play quilted northern and millennial vape juice

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