If You Judge People By Their Looks – WATCH THIS | Poetry by Tanmay Nayyar

If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress? Let me set this right, because I don’t wanna be a hypocrite. Looks may be important, but they’re not everything. Looks may be the cherry on top or the icing, but I wouldn’t say this with any reluctance: People feel better when they’re formed of substance. Having substance adds light to your existence and takes away any resistance from the hearts of the people around you. Substance forms character, and character let’s you register yourself in people’s minds. Because looks may be fixed, but character is ever changing. Looks may turn heads, but character turns hearts. Looks may get the attention, but character gets the loyalty. And looks may fade, but character will always shine through. My friends, the world we live in is run on character and not on aesthetics. And real beauty comes from the heart and not any cosmetics. To judge someone on how they look is so pathetic, the only approach we must have is empathetic, ’cause it’s better to be kind than to be apologetic. Remember that you’ll forget someone who looks good, because of those there’s too many. But you cannot forget someone who made you feel good, because of those, there’s hardly any.

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