If You Voted for Trump… (A Poem?)

If you voted for Trump and I know this isn’t an insignificant percentage about half of you voted for a man who says that it’s okay to grab women by the pussy. Well not quite half of you because *ahem* the popular vote and all that but the Electoral College is only a problem when your candidate doesn’t win. Right? And I get it, you wanted a change, well, you got one. My friends, and my family, people I know, people I don’t know are terrified. Women, people of color, muslims, immigrants, disabled people, gay people, bi people, trans people, people who are branded as different. We are scared for our lives. Donald has always thrived off of fear mongering. He has built his entire political campaign around painting our political climate as the worst possible scenario. Diversity and progress as something to actively fear. Well, here we are. We are afraid. This is the worst possible scenario. A man who has never been told “No” sits on a throne that you built for him. A man who is exempt from paying taxes. A man who thinks he can have his way with women’s bodies despite their objections. A man who our series of checks and balances will utterly fail… is president. When marginalized people say that “We are afraid.” We are afraid of a looming reality that we already see unfolding. A rise in hate speech, harassment, threats of violence, and now actual violence. “Go home. You don’t belong here. Make America great again.” As long as you’re white, and a man, and straight, and christian. The list goes on. Hate is no longer banished to the sidelines. Discrimination and prejudice are no longer fringe positions, if they ever were in the first place. I don’t think they were. A fire has been quietly kindling in homes across the nation, hidden behind closed doors and screens, on the tip of white America’s tongue, and quickly swallowed to keep up the guise of equality. “Equality is a fairy tale” you tell your children at night before you build walls in your sleep to keep out anyone who doesn’t look like you. The wild fire is spreading, it burns in the hearts of Klansmen publicly celebrating this new America. Or is it just a slightly repackaged version of old America? I really can’t tell anymore. But it also burns in the hearts of our politicians, police officers, businessmen, blue collar workers, students, ministers, and maybe even you. More white men and women voted in this election for Trump than they have for other Republicans, in either of the past two elections. It’s like you were waiting for a match to strike against us, and burn us to the ground. Or maybe you were just waiting for someone else to hold the match.

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