If You Want to Lose Weight & Get in Shape, WATCH THIS! Motivation for Workout

Many people say that they want to lose weight. They want to get stronger. They want to kick a bad habit, but They’re just too busy right now There’s always going to be a reason you’re always going to have an excuse not to if you accept excuses When you say I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s the facilitator of change That’s when you’re ready to say these words No more excuses If you don’t like what you have the results that you have change So there’s something you want to do do it now good right now Don’t put it off start right now where you are, there will never be a perfect ideal time Whatever you have going for you right now. That’s enough work on that idea work on it work on it work on it So start taking care of you Eating nutritious meals willing to exercise your body taking care of this body loving yourself So do some good stuff for yourself on purpose take some time out for you If you want to be rewarded If you want to have something valuable in your life You have to understand that there’s going to be discomfort and you just deal with it We’re gonna die at the end of pain and success And I don’t die because you feel okay You must work on yourself continuously Never be satisfied with yourself set a high standard Raise that standard systematically grow push yourself to grow on a daily basis Evaluate yourself often and get addicted to that feeling And then when the results come let them pour in and sometimes they won’t what you got to stay even-keeled You’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to see your dreams through So you got to be willing to get outside your comfort zone you’ve got unlimited potential you can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you you can transform your life wherever you are right now you Have a chance you have an opportunity to literally change to transform What you’re getting in your life, I? Will do I will do whatever I have to to be successful And my determination is going to make that happen. I will work harder. I will train longer I will do things that nobody else will put themselves through Start encouraging yourself start saying I can do this. I can make this happen do all they can be done each day Anybody can do it when it’s easy Anybody can can do what they should do when it’s easy but when it’s tough when you’re busy when you have to actually take Deliberate time out of your schedule when you have to reschedule things to do it. That’s when it’s tough That’s when you discipline yourself Do what you can do it But start and just get started today Stop delaying it every time you put it off you sing further away from the country. Why won’t you stop? You save yourself Today, I’ll do it No Make yourself do it make yourself go Muscles don’t get stronger by resting or relaxing or not using them they get stronger by using them and stressing them and challenging them Stop fucking around stop bullshit maybe going for yours 24 hours a day do all that can be done each day In order to be done each day do all that can be done each day Motherfucker. Oh If you do what is easy Your life will be hard but if you do what is hard? your life Will be easy When you don’t feel like it that is exactly when you need to make yourself do it You get going forward it, didn’t that? You want extreme success? You gotta take extreme action You

100 thoughts on “If You Want to Lose Weight & Get in Shape, WATCH THIS! Motivation for Workout

  1. New videos coming soon! Hope you'll like this one:)

  2. I'm a student and I stay as a dormer in our school. I can't excercise in school cuz I have roommates whom I'm still uncomfortable with. I only eat food from the cafeteria, no choice…always rice meat rice egg bread bread rice (asian).
    While everyone else was "born skinny" here I am trying to fit in and loose weight yet it seems as if It's ineffective.

    Hear me out. What should I do?

  3. This video honestly helped me so much… I was 125 kg about 1 year ago, but I am 83 at the moment! I am not done yet, but it feels amazing❤️

  4. Wow 😮 😊 this Video got me some motivation. I’m gonna go now to the gym 💪🏻🥰

  5. I'm currently 14 so many excuses that I have made I want to have my "dream body" but I won't to start now

  6. Just started on Monday it's Thursday today going for my walk tmrw just had enough of feeling down about myself lesss gooo 🇧🇦

  7. i’m going to 5th grade and i weigh 120 that’s more then my sister and she is in hisgschool. I’m going to workout twice a day and see my results and i’ll let you know!

  8. It's always funny when I tell people that I used to be skinnier than they're right now.

  9. I listen to this first time on 24th Feb 2019 ..six months later am down 31-kg…hit my weight target …never felt better….
    thanks for posting

  10. I have already implemented this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few days by now as well as the effects are remarkable. I still have the power I want without curbing the urge for food without making me feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet program and i also still find a way to lose my excess weight to 7 pounds. .

  11. But what if im sicken tired of sicken tired, of sicken tired, of being sicken tired

  12. I wish I had find the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of adopting the plans, I lose 12 pounds There is certainly still need of workouts even only a couple of times a week as well as the foodstuff to have must be best. It showed astounding results for me. I surely recommend the product, hope it works as great for you since it does for me. .

  13. aw HELL yeah! nobody's gonna stop me I'm GONNA lose that weight! Then will see who's fucking chubby! ✊💪

  14. I’ve spent years trying to lose weight and I would always think to myself “why aren’t I losing it” you know why I wasn’t, because I wasn’t trying hard enough and if ur not trying hard enough then that must mean you don’t want it enough

  15. I know everyone is doing this but I need the extra motivation, every like = how much lb I’ll try to lose

  16. IM 14 6,3 133 kg and i have always been uncomfortable in my weight i have freinds and people support and girls never seem to like the fat guy every time im out with my so called freinds i getting called fat and many other hurtfull words but wat people dont understand is losing weight is one of the most difficult things in the world and doing it is hard working out every day making your bones ache but in the end it will all be worth it is what i like to belive .

  17. I’m 16 and 5’7 and I weight 216 lbs. but I don’t look like it, but I’ve lost over 23 pounds in the last few weeks from just a little exercise and no sugars and carbs

  18. My thrills to try “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weight loss program is at all time high. My diet regime and also my consistency of several exercises was not modified and change. Over a period of 30 days, I shed about 6 lbs. When using this method, I did notice that I ate less and also filled up faster. .

  19. So I’m 13, 5 foot 5 and I’m 200 and something pounds, I’m ready to change for good, I don’t want pitty, I need motivation. Wish me luck

  20. I'm gonna be 18 this November and I'm 314 pounds I worked out for 3 weeks but then just lost Motivation cuz my Family does not help me with anything ( it sounds like I'm asking for pity but I am not ) they Still called me lazy and say I never do anything so I just lost my motivation and stopped and went back to my old habits I keep telling my self I can do it but I fail everytime

  21. Just started today wish me luck💪🏻 If its working out imma upload the videos about it 🙂

  22. I feel like god wanted me to get bullied i am 12 years old at 195 pounds and when i want to go ahead and do what i want i just go straight back down but even lower i go to -1 instead of in the beginning i started at 0 trying to go to 100 but now i’m back to -1

    someone help me. tell me what to do i feel like the odd one out

  23. That's it! Enough is enough! I am growing my penis!

    No but seriously, astonishingly motivational!

  24. Through the “Yamzoko Weebly” weight loss plan (Google it), several of my friends lose more than 13 pounds! Many people said to me Google it and have a look at it too. Soon after I experimented with the method, I have dropped 15 pounds. .

  25. All these people have access to a gym. No problem. I'll just do calithentics

  26. This just stopped me from cheating on my diet like I always do… I reach 3 days, don’t see fast weight loss, and quit. Watching this, and going to bed to wake up with a clearer mind to keep going

  27. (October 06 2019) I'm thankful that this vid is downloadable. I'll be back after 2 months maybe. I'm 16 y/o and currently 50 kg.

  28. I lost over 60 pounds in six months, i know the feeling of going to L from a 4XL . THE PIC IS HERE IS AFTER THAT .. Its all in the mind. Find your reason and that is it

  29. I didn't watch your vid. With God's grace, may I never see your weight loss helper people again under bad circumstances. May the weight loss gods flood your rooms with fat people to drive you nuts. How busy? Busy enough to get your asses off those computers!

  30. Thanks jou.i change myn life 2015.I was 111kg and now i am 70kg 😊never give up is the key people 💪😊

  31. Long post.

    I've always been a fat kid. Got that from my parents, always used to get bullied in school for having manboobs. At one point I accepted my fate and went on being the fat kid I had always been, college was fine, people grow up and stop bullying you eventually and i was all good. Started working, had all the types of junk food available around my workplace, mcd Donald's, burger King, maroosh, wraps and rolls, sizzlers, etc. Used to hog on everything everyday and the was having the time of my life back in the day. Partying every Saturday nights with ton of drinks with my pals. Then one fine day, 2 years ago i took a health check up test to determine the level of everything inside my body. I was 23 years old at the time but my body age was 58 years old. Plus, i was also diagnosed with border line cholesterol (at the age of 23). That was one of the biggest motivations for me to wake the fuck up from the nightmare that i was living in. The nightmare i though was once heaven and chilling.

    Joined a nearby gym the very next day, didn't wait for the usual Monday and disciplined myself slowly and eventually to a low carb, high protein diet. Hired a personal trainer, worked my ass off for around 6 months and shed 23 kilos of my body. Was gaining stamina, confidence and was ACTUALLY happy the way things were turning out…was about to go to the next level and start a keto diet but that one fine day but i asked my trainer to postpone meeting the dietician the next day since i was gonna play football the same evening i had to meet the dietician for the diet. My friend was also gonna join me for the same diet alongside myself. But that same particular evening i ruptured my ACL in the left knee while playing football….i had ruptured my ACL in the right knee 5 years back at the time. And i was absolutely crushed from within. All the motivation to workout was slowly fading away as during the rehab i was bedridden for almost 2 months since i was overweight and needed more time for rehab than usual. I had gained the exact same weight i had lost the 23kgs within the span of 2 months on the bed, the same that i had worked hard to lose during the 6 months before the injury. My trainer was too kind to ask about me from time to time and i was so angry at myself for playing football again and most importantly letting my parents down and making them go through the same hell i had made them go through 5 years back.

    All hope was lost, all motivation was lost but somehow I was really eager to hit the gym again after 2 months and i literally had to fight with my dad to let me go to the gym after 2 months and convinced him that i would only train my upper body and take utmost care of my knee. But my diet was screwed up. Work stress and no motivation, i was one of the most regular customers at the burger King and mcdonalds nearby. All the staff of the 2 restaurants knew me well since i used to hog there daily.

    It gets really difficult at times you know, to get the same focus, the same discipline back after watching all your efforts go in vain within such a short period of time.

    My parents and my fiance really motivated me to make myself disciplined again, to follow a diet again, to stop unhealthy habits and finally after a period of 1 and a half years later, i found my same motivation and the drive that i had back in the day. Currently I'm 11 kgs down, started from 121kgs and now I'm really focussed to follow the diet and the workout plan again.

    I carry my boiled chicken and raw cabbage to work (which I'm really happy with to be honest, really got no problem with this despite being told I'm not having enough fats throughout the day).

    Everyone at work asks me daily as to how do i manage to eat this same food daily, to which i reply "i want something to change within me, i want it bad and now I'm not looking back again for anything".

    Turns out I got really bad flat feet which caused both my ACLs to rupture. I do train legs again but I'm also cautious so that i dont sustain another injury.

    Bottomline, it's all about how much you want something and willing to do so for getting the same result. It's not easy i get it, but once you get the drive, once you start seeing results, once you feel the need for change only for your better and healthier lifestyle, it doesn't really get that difficult. Waking up early at 5:15 daily to get ready and hitting the weights at the gym at 6 am all seems fun at that point when people get shocked to know of your daily routine.

    Do it for the right reasons and there won't be any reason big enough to stop you from achieving what you want. Peace y'all.

  32. I'm 158 cm and was 90 kg , I have started my weight loss journey almost year ago and now I'm 75 kg .. it took me so much time but I'm proud of myself .. I will continue until I'm 50-55 kg .. wish me good luck 🙂

  33. Wow this really motivates me im starting today
    I Need to be better for Myself stop using the phone for like 4hr a day ITS TIME FOR ME TO STOP PROCRASTINATING

    Wish me luck

    Just saying count the hours you use for your daily activities it helps a lot, you see you waste more time then you think just saying 😜

  34. Losing weight is for genetically superior people. They were born that way and they’ll stay that way forever. Just like how I’ll stay ugly and day forever. Life is cruel and unfair, no matter how hard I work, I will never reach my goals

  35. im 5’5 15 years old and 195 pounds every week I’ll update my weight, I’m taking care of myself and my gw is 150😔

  36. Ugly bodies. Nothing is nice when you over do it. Look at the badass mma fighters no one looks close to this clowns. This is illusion power.

  37. This isn’t just a motivational video, quote, speech… THIS IS LIFE 🔥

  38. I’m 234 pounds and I’m 5’6 and I’m only 15…I need as much advice I can get please just reply I don’t need any likes

  39. Why at every motivational video – there is always a black guy yelling at you?

  40. A friend of mine unveiled her top secret to me precisely how she have to reduced her fat using “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weightloss process. Until now it is been working fantastic. I have been attempting to reduce no less than 3 lbs for a while by now however it is happening today. Pretty pleased of the success I’ve gotten at this point. .

  41. I am 16 years old 185 pound. I will do 1 sit up and 1 minute of running each likes😔

  42. Right Now Who All are watching this lying in bed or sofa🤣LET ME KNOW

  43. I’m 15, 5’5 and 156 lbs (70 kg)
    I’m very unhappy…
    My goal is to achieve 120 lbs, (54 kg)

    I’ll do it! 💙

  44. thats it i weigh over 160 pounds and im done i may have no gym no weights but for me thats no excuse to get off my fat ass and off the bed and start running or jumping even walking im tired of even my siblings bullying me cause of how i look this is were i make a change.

    Tuesday 5 November 2019
    Weight:168 pounds

    See you next year !!!

  45. man i really need some motivation. i’m on the merge of crying. please help me transform my life.

  46. i’m 13, 5’9, 126 pounds. Help me loose weight, so one like= a sit up
    one comment= a squat!
    please help me loose weight lmao

  47. I can’t get any exercise equipment or got to the gym as I’m 13 and I’m over weight and I need a routine anyone have any ideas

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