II. Nonsense, Poem

I’m glad that I’ve found no eloquence in the ambience of everyday life. Lost in my feelings,
What’s new? Constantly over think,
Pushed to the brink, Panic attack,
Feeling like I’m gonna sink Kitchen, with a lead pipe
Or maybe a rope There may or may not be
Soap, left still Still hanging there:
An image of Something greater than my
Self, image and worth Worth all the pain I’ve given?
Charity to those who take, Greed and six more,
Send out love instead. Forget the war, remember the
Words you spoke when we were curled up on a couch, our bodies in a weird pretzel like
entanglement but it was the most delicious twisted bread I’ve ever sunken my teeth into
and no, it’s not hyperbole or metaphor, Because I walk through the door
And bend light Over my knee
Hang in a tree Standing there
Waiting for me Nobody left
What’s the point? A frightened, schizophrenic memo to the future.
Why write a word when the web weaves stories through we, the people, the creatures, creators,
craftsman of society, the great nothing. Why bother with a word
Why long for a mountain when you have a kingdom on a shelf
What’s the reason Where’s the rhyme
No questions for a sane man Light breaks in
Shoot it Dead.
We go through time, run down Drunken rides through downtown
I wouldn’t know Only what I’ve seen in the movies
Not like it I expect I don’t care
I treated you poorly because I wanted you to leave but I couldn’t just say that because
you’d convince me to stay and I would end up hurting you later on.
Maybe I’m wrong, Maybe you’re
Right. But we fight
And I want something New
Fresh Eat the dinner
Forget your plate Our food is forever
Look through the window Break the glass
Long for something That will last.
And if I stare too long, It won’t be
Because I believe That everything has a purpose
A reason So I’ll stare
And if I die It’s meant to happen
Right when it does So save the tears
For something you could have fixed but left broken and now face the consequences of what
you did. Cry for her.
Cry for me. I failed and failed and
Forgot to focus on the Good and God
And all the beauty around me. What’s the point.
What’s the reason. Where’s the rhyme.
I left, cold and lonely, Many a time
But I never meant to hurt You or anyone
Because of love And life
And all that stuff. And if an apologize is in order,
Break it apart and scatter it to the four corners of the globe and then glass the earth
in a holocaust that will leave no memory I ever occurred.
Wow. It’s dark
It’s deep It’s heart
It’s bleak. Rosebud and OPE,
Time has forgotten. We long for love
But we are stuck in our ways. I don’t know if I deserve something better
yet Because I know it will end poorly like every
other time I’ve tried And I don’t want to hurt anyone else
Forget me Forgive me
Forget me Forgive me
Forget forgive, It cannot be.
One without the other Leaves a bitter taste.
You forgave and I can’t forget So I’ll head to places half remembered
And stare at the sun through broken glass. There is no theme or plot I can tell,
Nor point Nor rhyme
Nor reason Just the words.
Just the words. Just the words.

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