I’m Spartacus – Spartacus (8/10) Movie CLIP (1960) HD

Have we a count ofprisoners? We haven’t made
the final count, sir. [ Officer ]
l bring a message from your master, Marcus Lici_ius Crassus, commander of Italy. By command of His
Most Merciful Excellency, your lives are to be spared. Staves _ou were… and slaves you remain. The terrible penalty
ofcrucifixion… has been set aside… on the single condition
thatyou identi_ the body… or the living person
ofthe slave called Spartacus. – l’m Spartacus!
– l’m Spartacus! l’m Spartacus. – l’m Spartacus!
– l’m Spartacus! – l’m Spartacus!
– l’m Spartacus! – l’m Spartacus!
– l’m Spartacus! – l’m Spartacus!
– l am! – l’m Spartacus.
– l’m Spartacus.

100 thoughts on “I’m Spartacus – Spartacus (8/10) Movie CLIP (1960) HD

  1. When you try and find your mom in Walmart but everyone is screaming “I’m Spartacus!”

  2. It's been said before, but why they wouldn't point to a dead body and say that's Spartacus is beyond me!

  3. TIL most ancient Roman slaves had Brooklyn accents.

    (1700 years before Brooklyn was founded too, that's impressive.)

  4. "hey boss, how can we kill spartacus if they're all spartacus?"
    "simple, we kill 'em all"


  5. Awe inspiring, facing certain death, each one of them rose in defiance of the Roman Empire. This took place about 70 B.C., it would take another 546 years before the Roman Empire would completely collapse from within in 476 A.D. This was a powerful movie with a powerful message.

  6. Well, we can rule out the people who are saying Spartycus as not being Spartacus.

  7. To all the commenters who thought they were clever by pointing to a corpse and saying that is Spartacus. They were all returning to slavery!! They spend their lives in the mines or chained to an oar. They would prefer death

  8. Spartacus is mine Hero. He will Liveth in the Hearts and Minds of Human Rights Activist.
    Roman Civilisation was a Bloody Predatory Society.

  9. When you are about to feed your dog at a dog park with some tasty snacks

  10. They could have worked it out by that look at 1:28 and the fact he is the only one not saying it 😛

  11. If you've not seen this whole movie from beginning to end.
    I recommend you watch it.
    Seriously, it's one of the best movies in cinema history.
    If it's ever released on 4K I'm gonna buy it. 😉

  12. One time in a Starbucks I told them my name was Spartacus and once they said Spartacus everyone in the shop stood up and said I am Spartacus best coffee ever xD

  13. Cool scene. But would've made more sense to just point at a random dead body.

  14. This, and Robert DeNiro talking to his son about the difference between city bus drivers and mobsters in "A Bronx Tale." Tears every time.
    Art can remind us of the good that is inherent in human beings.

  15. This will be the survivors of the attack on Area 51 when they have been captured. They will ask who the leader is and everyone else will say they are.

  16. 135 dislikes? Why? Probably Marvel fuelled pre-teens. Get off the net and come back when you're older.

  17. All of them willing to die for their Hero who freed them from slavery .

  18. "That guy, he was the first standing up, and he's not saying anything, just crying. Right in the front. It's probably him, get him."

  19. "No, no, no, no! That guy! That guy is Spartacus! With the chin! I'm not dying for him! Shut up! Everyone, be quiet! Him! Get him!"

  20. Michael Scott: I've seen the Spartacus many times and I still don't know who the real Spartacus is

  21. I’ve watched this movie five times and I still don’t know who the real Spartacus is.

  22. Reminds me of that scene from life when the wardens daughter is impregnated by one the prisoners they ask who is the father of this child they all stand up and say “ I’m that babies pappy!”

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