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Yo, what is up? It’s ImDontai and I’m gonna
see which one of these classic music videos gets my cosign. The reactions
started when I was just you know I needed something to do. I was working as
a janitor and I completely hated that job. So I was like let me do some
reactions, I’ve seen some other people do it. And then it transitioned into you
know this musical stuff and now I’ve just been doing this full-time. I think
what makes a rap or a music video a classic is when people remember it. Like
no matter what part of the song it’s on, people are like “Oh, I remember this song.” They
know what they were doing when that song came out and you know what the vibe was
or what year it was. Oh God. I remember this. I remember this.
He looks like the dude from ‘Holes.’ So did they really try to make those pants
thing, like those backward pants thing an actual thing? I just remember the beat
and then like these baggy, baggy clothes that they had. It’s like, I mean, I remember I
used to dress like that, but I guess that’s how they were wearing it. But
it’s like, it’s so big like the clothes are so big for no reason. I love this song. I love this song. Busta
Rhymes is fire. He’s so fire, bruh. My favorite thing
about this video is how like he would get like close to the camera. He would
always have those crazy angles and things like that. And this girl, she’s
fire! His music videos really bring out the cartoonish, animated lyrics that he
gives out. So, that’s why I really, you know, I mess with Busta Rhymes, man. The
similarities I seen between the Busta Rhymes video and the J. Cole “ATM” video
was I remember J. Cole in that video he was like, he had money or he was like in
that little room or something and he was like fiddling with the bag. I could
definitely see that and the color scheme, how everything’s bright and
colorful and just looks like a real-life cartoon. They goin’ in. Don’t get me wrong. Ok, I have
nothing against women rapping. But what is this, man? This is adorable. This is
definitely old school, though. This is definitely some old school stuff. It’s
just like slow. It’s just more like slow tempo. It’s like, it’s nothing wrong with it.
Ok, I love my beautiful black women. But, my God, man. Oh! I told you I ain’t watch music videos like this! So, I’ve never seen
this music video. Yo! Eminem is the GOAT, bruh. This is wrong! He was telling us to put pills and underage
girls drinks, but he’s fire, like is it is what it is man. I don’t care, man. I think that’s what made Eminem him like that’s what makes Eminem so
fire ’cause he just doesn’t care what he says. Bro, lyrically Eminem would
slaughter Tupac on a beat. I said it. What are you gonna do? This is super woke. All
these images is flashing on the screen, too. He just showed dead bodies. Martin Luther King,
these judges and things like that, so it’s good that he’s talking about
the stuff that was going on around this time. So were people rocking with this?
Because I know nowadays, if you say anything that’s woke or something, they
call it boring or something like that or you’re trying too hard. He did it and
didn’t worry about what people are saying, worry about the backlash. I remember this, yeah. Drop the bows on ’em. Shirts off. Bro, it’s gotta be musty as hell
in there. Why is she in the men’s bathroom, though? I’m still trying to… Oh my gosh! Wait, were we in her perspective the whole time? Which means in the bathroom… Shout
out to her. She seems like a fun time. She’s a freak too. The turn up music back then sounds way more like rowdy. Like it just sounds like
a good experience, like a fun experience and just seems like people are just
fighting and having fun. Now it just seems more like, you know you’re just
talking about twerking and ass and ….like it’s just things like that so it’s not really that same vibe. This
sounds like it was just fun, like it was just be fun to be living that. These were
all dope for their own reasons. The Eminem and Dr. Dre, I wasn’t expecting that. I
thought these were gonna be things that I’d never heard of or people had never
seen. And plus, I just like the way he raps and his rhyme scheme and how
animated he is. How could I forget the lovely ladies? They were fire, especially the last one,
going crazy, spazzing out. I thought this was just like [sings] And they started going crazy in their, you know, Cheeto bag-designed outfits. They were
fire. If Kris Kross asked me to do a reaction
video on “Jump,” I’d be like, “Yeah I love your work, but you know, unfortunately I’m
gonna have to decline.” Unless the bag is a hefty one, okay! After watching allthese videos, the classic rap video that gets my cosign is Dr. Dre, Eminem “Guilty Conscience.” That’s what Imma have to go with. I’m not saying that I’m choosing Eminem over Busta Rhymes, but I did choose a
Eminem over Busta Rhymes because I just really like Eminem’s personality and how
it shows through his music. Obviously, I mean hopefully he’s not really about
drugging underage women, but he’s not afraid to say that on a track and he
doesn’t care if you take it as something literal or not. He just tells it how it is.
He’s always gonna tell it how it is. Shout out to everybody else, but I’m gonna have to
go with “Guilty conscience.” Eminem and Dr. Dre. My top five rappers of all
time is Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. Y’all not getting me in a situation. I’m
not going with it.

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  1. Dontai had to chill on this video he couldn’t bust a nut in front of the camera man

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  3. Black American doesn't listen Eminem"s
    Eminem is corny white
    Dontai: bro ? What the fuck ?

  4. im actually surprised that no one is getting toxic about what dontai said about tupac and em

  5. “What makes a music video a Classic is when people remember it.”
    Wow….. quality content right there. 😂

  6. Dontai: says something not that smart
    Genius: Forces him to say something smarter after that

  7. I like the young people today it's much different everybody was on some hater shit 15 years ago. Super macho man gangster MFs that weren't really that gangster or died from being it. We're smarter now keep it moving in a real way.

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