Importing Existing Documents into iBooks Author

hey everybody Lewis Pettis here with another tutorial on iBooks Author and today I'm gonna show you how you can very easily get started with iBooks Author so here I've launched hi books author and this is the template chooser without have up on the screen here you can choose from any of the six templates that ship with iBooks Author I'm going to choose the basic template by selecting it and then I'm going to click on choose when iBooks Author opens up on the left side of the screen you're going to see your table of contents and you'll see that it's already created a chapter a section as well as a basic page now you can add any of these by going up to the top in the toolbar in the upper left and you can click on add page and so here you can add a new chapter a new section or regular page and your pages can be one column two column and so on now to edit your iBook you'll select any of the texts you see in here and you start typing your desired text you can also copy and paste text but well today what I'm going to show you is how you can repurpose documents that you already have in Microsoft Word or pages and reuse them in iBooks Author so here I'm going to move my window over a little bit and here I have a both the word document and a Pages document let's take a look at the word document first I'm going to double click on that open it in Microsoft Word and one of the things you can do is import your styles into iBooks Author if you use those styles in Microsoft Word and styles are really important for accessibility because they provide a structure to your document and they split it up into sections that are much easier to follow so here I have a heading and rather than going into the toolbar and choosing a larger font and making this bold what I'm going to do is use my styles so this would depend on what version of word you're using but here it's in the ribbon and I'm gonna scroll over and choose heading 1 that's going to indicate that this is the most important heading on the document and I'll do the same thing for heading 2 I'll make sure I select the correct style and then I would go ahead and save my document so that's in Microsoft Word we can do the same thing with pages I'll double click on practice 2 which is a Pages document and again I'm going to select the text for my headings and instead of choosing a larger font or a larger text size and making it bold what I'm going to do is go over to the left hand side of the format bar and I'm going to choose the style so I want this to be a heading 1 and then my second heading here and it's a level 2 heading so I'm gonna make that heading 2 now we have the appropriate styles so I can go ahead and I can just close the document in pages it will be saved automatically now to import my existing documents into iBooks Author what I need to do is resize the window this is the easiest way for me to do it and then just drag my documents from anywhere on my hard drive into the table of contents and I can release the document when I see the blue line this will indicate where that document is going to be imported and when I see the green plus I'll let go and with the dialog box that comes up I want to make sure I check preserve document paragraph Styles that will bring in the headings that I use in my Microsoft Word document so I'll go ahead and click on choose and so now my existing word document has been added as a new chapter and I can go in and edit at any other text and I'll see that here my headings or my heading styles have been imported as well because I had that checkbox selected now you may get some warnings whenever you're converting between formats there may be some issues with some of the fonts so you may need to change the font and I can do that by choosing select all which is command a and you want to make sure that you choose fonts from the format bar because these are the fonts that are available on the iPad if you choose your fonts by going up to the fonts window this will list all of the fonts that are available in your computer but not all of those fonts will work on the iPad so again you don't want to use the fonts window you want to make sure that you use the format bar so we'll go ahead and choose Arial for this font the same thing with the Pages document so again just like with a Microsoft Word document we can drag it in and then just release when we see the green plus we'll get the same dialog window so again we want to make sure we check preserve document paragraph styles and then I'll click on choose and again my Pages document has been added as a new chapter I can come in here I can edit the text and as with the word document I've been warned that some of the fonts will be substituted so I would do the same thing again here we can see the heading styles have come in and I will select all and select one of the fonts from my pulldown menu in the format bar that way I'll be sure that I'm using fonts that are available in the iPad so again you can get started very quickly in iBooks Author by either using one of the templates like we did here and just replacing the text with your desired text or you can import existing documents such as Microsoft Word documents or pages documents and when you create the original documents it's important to use headings to split up your document into sections and also to provide structure that enhances accessibility so this is Luis Pettis with another iBooks Author tutorial I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and I'll talk to you again soon

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  1. Is there an iBooks author version for Windows? If not, what's the optimal s/w to format Word docs (from Windows) for non-Apple users? thx

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