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a third time again for our monthly book club feature and this morning we are in conversation with literally a literary Alliance book club and this is an open a club that has been in existence for the past two years and their sole purpose is to encourage people to buy and read books written and published by African authors and nici LaJolla Hoka and Patrick museet are the founding members of the club do join us now in studio to tell us all about the book club but ladies it's great to have you thank you so much for coming thanks so much for everything now Ruth look one of the co-founders both of us but both of you guys are the founders okay I wanted to speak to you what was the significance of starting this book club and and why did you deem it important to have one I think it's really important and book clubs really matter and it seems that people are starting to understand that and we not just ice but book clubs in general I started to receive prominence hmm and you see it when there's an author that's launching his book and he invites someone that facilitates a book club to be the person that moderates that so I think that's quite significant but I mean I've always wanted to start a book club but I was lazy because he's so much admin involved but the kid I used to work together years ago and I think books was something we always knew we had in common so when I finally decided it's time to be serious about this and get going I spoke to her and she was keen and we decided to get together and form the tree alliance so officially that was two years ago so that's my two actually celebrating our second year anniversary yeah that's amazing let's speak about just some of the books that you guys have read I know that it was big on African literature that's you know why is that important to you guys to explore the works of fellow Africans um because of history I mean in the past we never really we were exposed to books by Shakespeare and never about African authors so we saw a need that it is very important for us to read books that are written for us as Africans and by African authors so that we could relate with those with those stories hmm and we have been able to do so over the past two years I'm really excited to just hear about some of those titles who are these authors what are these books that you've got you guys have indulged in so recently we read actually yesterday we were with Loretta McQuarrie author of vagabond a vagabond no matter how you decide to pronounce it it's a travel it's a travel memoir and she traveled all over Africa and we were reviewing that we've read Apalachee sila poetry and that was also amazing because people really got to people really got to relate to to her poetry we also read a book by my liberal support II misbehave it was our first very first girl yeah what a great title to start things off with yes absolutely because I member time we were yes to set that tone and also we were really and I couldn't wait to review her book because I'm I've been following her her work throughout the years so it was really exciting to read her to sit to have a sit down with her and discuss the book now your club is a an open book club how do people join if they want to join and how often do you guys meet do you guys alternate venues and who are your other members that are not with us okay cool so we are an open book club which means you don't have to pay a monthly fee to be a part of us you don't need to fill in ten page long phone all you do is literally rock up and what we do ask for everyone that joins is that by the book of the month so that we support the industry but also so that when we meet people know what we're talking about and it's not like okay I haven't read this book but I think it's interesting because of one two or three but I think we can have an informed discussion when people have read the book we meet every single month except for Jen so Jen you know people are still are you picking on January there's a lot happening so links about your life admin and then for the rest of the year we'll meet in December we do meet but we try and keep it quite informal so instead of saying let's read this book what we tend to do is bring your facebook or your best books of the year so we sit down and talk about those so it's quite informal and Nikki and I run everything from the admin talking to the authors talking to different bookstores in Joburg which is where we generally have sessions so we alternate bookstores and so how it works is that for instance I don't know if I can name drop yeah okay the previous month we met at exclusive ebooks and yesterday when we had our session with Loretta we met at love books so I love love book it up I'd hear you guys in the process of hosting a some a parent/child a reading session yes tell us all about that and why what sparked that idea so obviously it's based on the fact that primary grade for learners are unable to read so having understanding or what they're really absolutely and that was a problem for us because I mean if you're in grade 4 if your child is in grateful they should at least be able to to to read or understand or read with meaning so that was a concern for us and later on in the in the in the year will be hosting a parent-child session where I will invite authors that have written for written books for children to come and read to the children and we'll see if we can donate books as well because we have or we also have our book bless a campaign that is going on so we will donate books and obviously get the the children should we just have a fan session for them and encourage them to read I never thought a blessa would be thank you very much ladies for coming it's been a pleasure having you in all the face we thank you so much that's a bear is Nikki in a Hawkeye as well as a party meseta we're in conversation with them just about said they'd Syria also book laugh it says they put clever verse to be and it's called literary alot literary Alliance I don't know why Istanbul the stupid well if you belong to a book club or our learn Vida you can also join us for our Sunday morning book teacher just to talk about some of the books that you're currently reading or have read send us a detailed description of the book or book club and you can do so via e-mail or you can send us a picture of those books with a brief caption and using our social media platforms our twitter handle is that one we love SABC one and love s ABCs where you can find us on Facebook and of course that you can drop us an email morning laughs at sabc Roxio today we take a quick break when we come back we're in conversation with Kitty Petra as said well as in the to democracy

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