In-Studio Interview with Utah Jazz Beat Writer Eric Woodyard

[Applause] [Applause] it was a busy week for the Utah Jazz and we are now joined by Eric Woodyard jazz beat writer for the Deseret News did you catch your breath yet man they call it the offseason but it is not a lawsuit it's not the offseason for us which is fun though I love it so the shocker on Wednesday although we really call it a shocker we kind of waited for this to develop and happen thought was gonna happen when you saw the Mike Conley trade come up what was your reaction and do you believe that this was plan aid for the Utah Jazz it's offseason oh I'm not sure if it was plan a I think it was a smartest plan I mean because you have to consider this market and you know a lot of players might not want to come here you know so I mean that's just it it's just a fact pretty much you know hey they deal with that so I think it would have been taking a gamble trying to you know go through free agencies depending on the guy that way you know so I think the trade made sense I was more so shocked today like Jacob yeah everything else kind of made sense but letting Jake Carter go I thought that was pretty shocking man and uh it was kind of like the harness over your team you say great guy we don't be sad to see him go not only on a basketball player on a personal area Jay it was a fan favorite how forwards a fan favorite a lot of fans like Grayson Allen had potential to first-round picks to get a great player you got to give up something do you think that was the right amount do you think that jazz got the best deal they could yeah I think I think it was the best do it I could I mean because even as much as they gave look you know it wasn't like nothing that was like no no disrespect to those guys all right but it just wasn't like they gave up something this gun is just really hinder this team that much I mean I just thought the biggest the biggest thing I was most shocked with was Jay Carter but I thought it was a solid straight I just want to see if Mike Connolly stays healthy that's the biggest thing and uh I thought it was a bill move I think it was a win now move now they get Mike Conley the question is where does this put the Jazz in the Western Conference now there's a lot of things need to get sorted out in free agency like maybe Kauai comes with the Clippers hold on for that but as of right now does this trade make the Jazz a contender in the Western I think so man no I mean obviously with the injuries in Golden State it's wide open so you never know man I mean but they winter last year high expectation is it started off slow so it really on paper it looks great but I mean I have to go and execute that brings us to the next step this offseason free agency right now we were all preparing for a busy offseason fact I was asking to come on the show for two or three weeks because we thought that they would be busy but then they pull off this trade so is Tobias Harris still an option what do the Jazz looking at this summer that's realistic that they can accomplish I think they had like a mid-level exception that they can use was about four point four million but realistically I think most of the team is intact I don't see them waving Derek they don't have to wave Derek favor so why would you yeah he's been so efficient and effective for this team I think you just roll the dice and keep most of the team you had and try to bring in another guy Justin zanuck said after the draft in new Jazz GM that the Jazz were still gonna be aggressive in free agency so what do you think they mean by that what can they really truthfully accomplish with what they have left to work with man I mean like you say just trying to bring in a you know solid veteran guy I mean I mean it and I don't know if they will let go of favors I don't think that will happen but maybe the right situation maybe maybe they do you know you never know so I think those guys always played a poker face so you never know you never know point you know those guys they're very tight-lipped you very rarely hear news leaked out of that circle so I'm just as interested to see what they do as well you know July 6 then that July what June 30th July 6 period is gonna be huge now you got a great Q&A with Rudy Gobert that's up on the Deseret news right now in deseret news comm an exclusive conversation with Rudy you went down to LA yeah now with Rudy first of all what was Rudy's reaction to the Conley trade man he said he text him right away you know so he said he obviously he was sad to lose his teammates day and a college racing those guys book I think he right now I mean he's entering his prime he's trying to get better he's working with a new shooting coach definitely getting some things intact and I think he's related though what's really some are gonna be like I know he's gonna play for France and world champion yeah yeah he's just training to LA now obviously the NBA worse tomorrow he'll come back here for about a month he just got a brand-new state-of-the-art gym in his home that he was showing me it looks amazing with his logo on the court and everything so he'll be doing probably the most was training there and uh just getting ready for the World Cup out of the draft now the Jazz traded their first-round pick so it took a lot of the drama out of it but I just thought they'd take the second round pick and that's what would have laterally sold their second round yeah they did they bought three second round pick well they traded been bought for two of them for the three what was the plan there what do you think they were doing with three second round picks when second-round picks don't normally make a team I know I think they were just taking a chance and trying to be aggressive to bring in new talent and obviously the roster is wide open today some of those guys might have a chance to actually stick on the roster and depend on how they're doing summer league and Justin talked about that as well after the draft so I think I'm just trying to as part of the job of being aggressive and uh trying to maybe find a diamond in a row they're just small conference guys but you watch the video these guys is pretty impressive isn't it okay not a Donovan Mitchell he's been more more low-key this summer but some big news with him is his shoes are coming out and I've got some insight on that you know what's going on with the shoes what's the latest on his shoes Jesus they'll be in stores in champs and footlocker on July 5th for $100 and uh ideas might be doing something earlier though so we'll have some some more news to be coming out next week so they might even be doing something as early as July 1st with it with Ashley with adidas but in stores where people can go purchase them they'll be on Foot Locker in champs July 5th $400 and that's the first model the second model I think comes out it's like the venom colorway with the pink and stuff I think that comes out July 18 so I mean he's kind of been low-key but he kind of hasn't know he's been in New York you know he's still been doing training Oh Chris Brickley in those guys out there and uh was back at Louisville working out with Trey young uh preparing for the World Cup training camp so yeah means he's sitting back but I mean still still a young guy may he cases it's good to be young well and I hope the stores here in Salt Lake City are ready when those shoes come out free for those guys that work at those stores everybody in Utah but a lot of kids in Utah for like probably gonna have a pair it's probably gotta for work up 100 bucks for my 11th row so I'm prepared for that Eric thanks so much no problem man good luck the rest this offseason we'll continue to keep track of everything that's going on you can follow Eric at e underscore Woodyard on twitter and read us work in the Deseret News and Deseret News com

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  1. Completely agree. I love Crowder and Korver and Grayson. But Korver is about to retire. Grayson is fighting to be on a roster. Conley is probably the best player the Jazz ever traded for. The Jazz didn't give up much compared to what they got back. Crossing fingers for a healthy season from both Conley and Rudy and the Jazz will be legit contenders!

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