In the Library of Graphic Literature #86

yes once again live on tape from secret undisclosed location he didn't somewhere deep in the bowels of historic downtown st. John's comes in the library blasted literature if you host well sorry that would be me huh so what's uh it's Friday I actually had a family obligation that last night that I couldn't afford so uh I decided I'd push this off until today and and have a look at a few cool look so I got the oh by the way I picked up a recently yeah a couple of PS issues of PS the preventative maintenance mostly from from Will Eisner similarly yes big Will Eisner fan anyway anyway let's get down to cutting up and some we're from stewarding books too harsh right let's get down to cut open a few books here I will stir it ok let's start here with Superman the Golden Age dailies do this of course it's from those fine fine folks that I do don't use very graphic literature special hello there to Dean and Curtis and all you great folks sir of course I'm a big time collector was a library for graphic literature and this book actually puts me to within one of having a complete collection the other one being in stack here anyway um I love there there are cartoon books there cartoon collections are are really well done usually the reproduction is usually pretty good for the most part actually it's just about all of it now that I think of it I can never see any like choppy art or something that obviously being photocopy from a phone copy from a photocopy they usually use a fairly good proofs or no originals I guess in some cases but I would need if they do a good job and I simply love the covers but pop Lasky very very cool let me come on that is very cool looking you gotta admit well yeah well let's pause the other one now I officially have a complete collection of the library for American comics once again and this one is from Stanley Lord Derry and Danbury this is the ultimate newspaper comic collection from 85 to 86 for the hazing spider-man so the same thing once again day Glee's weekend strips so uh enough when they put them the color strips in in with them actually very nice reproduction by the way out on this entire book I think actually black and whites look really good the colors look of course spectacular I do say so myself so yeah if you're a big Spidey fan let's say you might want to get out and get one of these for your collection check that out come on cool no there's this eerie hair this is close to the end there's 135 there is basically one more but anyway the the corner air cause it for in star horse comics is coming to an end it's a matter of fact that next creepy warm I can't believe it will be the last I love a creepy Airy event for all those cuz they're like a gallery of all the great artists of 60s and 70s and early 80s let's see if we they've got hearing this one is a benefit okay hurts Louise which burmecia pet boy at Howard Chaykin crew Corbin crews till a foot a fastener Larsen spent morado Rubina Brea's mr. Redondo Jim sterling Wallen wood so yeah some thought and in terms of workers for Mirchi could win to build oh boy Nicola Cuddy wallet would so yeah some great stuff in this but yeah I love because the the air was always spectacular in I'll give a warm Agra zine that watch this their great great taste when it came to artists lovely Oh lovely no sure almost a lot of us were alarmed when darker of course it seemingly slowed down and maybe keeping up on printing this but they've come back and they're finishing off these series so thank you too dark words for being so responsive to your fans see how I'm not a great urge Jim sterling so yep great art are just so worth so worth reading looking over yep so uh horror fans for just check that out well it really isn't with some hair today Jesus matter of fact every single one of them that came in today has been wrapped which I think it's kind of good it's just cups but it's protective books I think it's one more layer of protection as long as you can open them properly without bending the crap out of the course which I learned to do basically from the middle and then go from here right there split it down that way they're just basically falls right off the book pretty cool hey now this is a invincible Iron Man Marvel master works volume dwelleth to do now these would have been around the time that I was a kid I actually did collect Iron Man for a while and this would have been the George Tusker days I do believe yet no George that's good lore actually kind of light you know there was something about him that penciler is George Tusker Keith and carmine infantino who an inker Alfred ready Kayla its be easy to spot away hola there it is right here but anyway yeah look I see the yeah what's every small enough the stores actually will pretty good bill Menlo and Jerry Holloway for the most part so uh and it sterling cover there I do believe if my memory serves me correctly yeah I can tell the Starling see so oh yeah this is Tusker he's sort of one of the more underrated artists use good storyteller but uh one of the guys held over from the old days but still you know he still did a good job kind of lectures work actually could always tell him by his hands the drawing of his hands were very distinctive Keith Pollard also actually quite a service will artists are actually kind of always liked is that his stuff you know and fur we have carmine infantino on Bob Weissach you know the bad service will not and then last but not least uh kisses since well that is Carmine Infantino for Keita I'm very woodsy and yeah see a Killa eat stuff so yeah especially for you are benefits definitely caught me yet what so are you little bear phone best works fans who gets room here oh yeah of course comes body made of the you soggy Yojimbo Sega from Stan Sakai from Dark Horse he's apparently gone over to I do don't you know there's a drag cuz I actually like these books this whole collection very very nice I really like well I mean I'm you joseki fan anyway but it's great to be able to to get your video savvy in such a beautiful form and I like this book emeritus this is book number of 543 over 1500 copies was this limited edition each of which has been signed by Stan Sakai so every I got well I got all the her cover so they're they're all signed by why the master so check it out I know how many of you have ever read any asagi Yojimbo but it's there's just something really really cool about it I've been readin for four decades and ya have yet to tire of him I mean it somehow he continues to keep an interesting year in year out in black and white and in color and of course there's the covers so yeah so worth buying if you and if you can pick up the other ones or you can also get this in softcover too so either one well worth getting home here your mitts on oh okay no actually did you do I can't finish this without a cup of tea oh hey actually nice turnout in terms of books there this week oh by the way you if you're wondering why I'm wearing the jersey the Boston Bruins it's just advance to the semi Cup finals and they the Bruins are of course my favorite team have been so since uh since I was a kid for over 40 years and in those 40 years I'll be blessed with three one two three Stanley Cup wins but my beloved broom and I think this year maybe seen them again so they're into the final so way to go Boston okay last couple of books here both from DC by the way the first it is mr. America du nuneul no this is the classic series from Tom King and which drugs are Award winner and an Eisner Award nominee again the great thing about this book and the next book that I'm going to show show you is that these were offered you can only get these at comic book shops which i think is great and I would encourage DC and Marvel and other publishers to to make more their collections and special items and all that available only a comic book shop so that you get people out and into shops and supporting their local comic book shop so this I thought this was a really great idea DC and much cooker congratulations on good idea very good idea anyway mr. miracle I started reading and I got so far in and I know counted we bought this in hardcover eventually anyway so I put it aside but it what I'd read and I'm a fan of mr. miracle since the curtain Kirby days I love what I've seen it was a great take the best thing since then Marshall Rogers take on on mr. miracle although Steve Roux did a pretty good annual that or special one time but but a Tom Tom seems to have the magic touch and you know it just had that feel to me of you know there's this is this is where the King listened to this age and you know that it's just something where it works really well in terms of this this just feels like something that if like I say if Kirby had a right as he would like this a great interpretation of his character I think know why soul winner you can't you can't deny that it has me somewhat good to even get that so I love the nine panel layouts very cool I actually teach about a teacher comic book course and I teach about freeform panels but I also do teach him quite a bit about the non panel grid it's one of the most efficient ways I think to tell a story watchman is done that way hmm fee Fredette oh I do believe was least the first two anyway well yeah so it's a great great comic and I can't wait as matter fact that's one of the comics a lot of times I'll take economic and I'll try to read it all in one weekend from my new comics election and that's gonna definitely be the one for that out of this spun chair and it weighs anyways we got here we got here cocky so we got here Batman white knight from Shawn Murphy and as I remember at the Tongass well it's quite popular a lot of people really seem to like it and it's so pretty well this is of course from the TC Black Label like the concept of a Black Label sort of a nice offshoot for first older folks out there with a strong stomach it but yeah always loved his artwork anyway but ya know there's some good freeform family myself I'm sort of a mixture I've use for the non pedal great a lot here in the air through my life without also being a big proponent of the free form it's matter of fact a lot of times we're not do storyboards for people and all that I would do that more in a free form rather than in the standard little TV screens honestly that's it that actually even quicker than I thought it would and books anyway that's it for this week once again big kudos to do you see there on the books or only editions of these books and you should do do more from because you know really the top bookstores out there where I help build the industry into what it is today and and it's I think it's important to cuz there's a lot of people even myself they they just like going to to bookshop ders there's nothing more fun in the world but I think anyways that being said um I guess I'm going to go and do a little bit of work and actually do some a bit of littering in a hand lettering to do I'm really pushing the hand lettering this this year by the way folks it's cool it's so much to a comic and it can it can make a difference I think some people think oh the lettering is not that important oh it is and I should know cuz I'm a liver anyway that being said what's hard today I know this wood here somewhere okay I already said go it's not terrible sometimes sometimes I actually funders you know hard to get any work done or summon a boom tube or have an integral acting bat battle here in my library without these people drive by like come on folks please anyway we'll see you same bat-time same bat-channel next week and keep on reading well I got this oh my god there's three just three here boom tubes which one do I choose I'll take the middle okay see folks

3 thoughts on “In the Library of Graphic Literature #86

  1. Fantastic books this week. Usagi is the one book thats on my next order to make the Collection complete. I usually buy from IST but the shipping is costly and when the books arrive here in Sweden i have to pay and additional customsfee. So my buying is decreasing and i dont get books so often, so i get more picky of what i buy. Have a wonderful weekend Wallace.

  2. I'm so glad I held off on buying Mister Miracle in paperback. That hardcover looks great.Also super interesting how they've released it for shops. Also! I really enjoyed Nobody is in Control #1, lettering was fantastic 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the reads.

  3. its not a great idea by the way for publishers to only sell at direct market shops. My country has no proper comic shop. I get my stuff at amazon cause IST shipping is way to expensive from where I'm from.

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