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(relaxing music) Hello there and welcome. I’m Bob Proctor, and I wanna
share something with you that has changed my life more than probably any other one thing. But I want you to really think as you watch this video. It’s not very long, but
it is very powerful, and there’s something in here
that is not taught in school. The first thing I’m gonna talk about that’s not talked about
in school is thinking. I have a paper here, it
says thinking is a skill which can be learned just as we learn skills such as typing and playing the piano. Very few public schools offer courses expressly to teaching thinking. Rather, we are expected to
learn and teach thinking as a byproduct of learning mathematics, reading, science, history,
and trade and so forth. And we do learn a lot
about thinking in this way. The trouble is, we learn
our thinking skills in bits and pieces and we never put it together
as an overall picture. If asked to describe what all is required in order to think effectively, most people would be at a loss to give a complete account. Thus, we are unable to assess
our own thinking skills or systematically teach the
skill of thinking to others. Now, I want you to think about your life. And I want you to think about your income, I want you to think about money. Money is a subject that, is a subject that not a lot of people wanna talk about, and when you do talk about it, a lot of people get defensive. They say, “Well, money’s not everything.” Well, that’s sort of a
ridiculous statement, of course it’s not everything, but money’s important. It’s very important in
the area that it’s used. It’s as important as the food you eat, as the medical care that you subscribe to, as the car you drive,
the home you live in, the vacations you take. See, money is something that has nothing to replace it in the area that it’s been used. Now, money is merely an idea. We put stacks of stuff together. If we just look here, we
put stacks of stuff together that we call money. Now, I am going to run some pictures up here on the screen to help communicate my idea. I’m gonna communicate
graphically as well as verbally. And money is an interesting subject. You get stacks of it there. How would you love to
have stacks of money? I think everybody would. Some people do, but very, very few. So let’s talk about money. Now think about it. I frequently ask a person if
they come to work with me, “What’s the most you’ve
ever earned in a year?” I really don’t care what the answer is but I wanna know what the answer is, because when they tell me the answer, what they’re doing is telling me where their mind is programmed
with respect to money. See our mind is programmed. You’re working with a program,
I’m working with a program. Now, most people are
working with a program that someone else built. They are the production of somebody else’s habitual way of thinking. I’m gonna suggest that you
can rewrite the program. You can rewrite the program. Now, before we get into
the money too deep, back in 1970, Alvin Toffler
wrote a book, Future Shock. And what he was doing was predicting what’s gonna happen in the future. And he looked ahead about 50 years and he said, “You know, the future “is going to be a shock for most people.” And he said, “It’s something that “we should really think about.” Now, in the book, he made predictions that everyone thought
were absolutely crazy. But they weren’t crazy. You see, these were a prediction of what he said was gonna happen over the next 50 years. Now, I was working with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant in 1970
when this book come out, so the book was very
popular in our company. And most of us thought this
guy’s smoking something. This couldn’t possibly happen. But stop and think about what’s happening with your cell phone. I can type a message here, and I can send it anywhere in the world, and you’ll see it simultaneously
with me sending it. If you would have suggested that in 1970, people would have thought
you were losing it. Well, he recently come out with something. He said, “The illiterate
of the 21th century “are not gonna be the people
who cannot read and write. “The illiterate of the 21th century “are gonna be the people who cannot learn, “unlearn, and relearn “They’re gonna be the
people who cannot learn, “unlearn, and relearn.” That’s called changing your paradigm. And I wanna share some
information with you. If you’ve already got it, it’s
really good to hear it again. If you haven’t got it,
you’re gonna love it, because it’s about money. And it’s really about how
to create all you want. You have to have multiple
sources of income. You can go back to the
ancient Babylonians, as far back in ancient
history as you can go, and you’re gonna find that the wealthy people all had multiple sources of income. Now I want you to think
about these figures that you’re looking at here. 3% of our population are earning 97% of all the money that’s being earned. And everybody says that’s unfair. Well, it’s based on a law, that’s really what it’s based on. Our income is the harvest
of our production. That’s really what it is. But 3%, now think of this for a moment. Some of those 3% are
not very well educated, in so far as we look at education. Some of them are functionally illiterate; they can neither read nor write. Now, some of them are
absolutely brilliant. But you’re gonna find people
that are absolutely brilliant that fall into the 97% category that have to split up 3%
of the money that turned. So why and how does this happen? Well, that’s what I want
to talk to you about. You see, you can become one of the 3%. Now, if somebody had told me that 55 years ago when I first got into the studying of this information, I would have thought they were dreaming. But my income went from
4,000 to 175,000 in a year. And it was based on the concept that I wanna explain to you here. It’s a very, very powerful
idea, it really is. But what we have to understand is that the earning of money is something that doesn’t
happen by accident. You see, you can belong to this 3% group by creating multiple sources of income. Now, as I just said a minute ago, wealthy people historically have always had multiple
sources of income. This isn’t an accident, it’s by design. You can design this. So I’m gonna ask you to
really pay attention here, and you’ll probably wanna watch this video a number of times. There is an absolute law
governs compensation. We know that there’s a
law if I let this go, you know it’s gonna fall. If I let this go, it’s gonna fall. It’s not gonna go up, it has to go down, it has to go down. That is an absolute law, it’s called the law of gravity. That’s a law of the world. Well, the law of compensation is a law. And it’s very exact. I want you to really pay attention to it, because this law clearly states that the amount of money you earn is in direct ratio, it’s in exact ratio, to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there
is in replacing you. So let’s look at these
three points one at a time. It’s based on the need for what you do. You see, in my particular business, there’s the opportunity to
earn millions of dollars, and I have earned millions of dollars. Not because I’m smarter than the next guy, not because there’s an emotional
or capricious God said, “I think we’ll let Bob have a turn,” and it’s not because I’m lucky. It’s because I find myself in a field where there’s a tremendous
need for what I do. I help people become aware of what they’re capable of doing. I help people understand
how they’re programmed, and how to shift that paradigm. That’s essentially what I do. And there’s a phenomenal need for that. We have people coming into
our business every day. We train people to do this. But there’s a tremendous need. I’ve worked in Shanghai,
in Kosovo, in Bucharest, in Buenos Aires, in Rio de
Janeiro, in Melbourne, Australia, in Singapore, all over Europe, all of South America, North America. Everywhere I go, there’s
a need for what I do. When you find a tremendous need, and then you develop
your ability to fill it, you’ve gotta become very, very good at filling the need. Well do you know, I fell
in love with this business many years ago. Now, I was fortunate
enough to work with a man who was the best at what
he did, Earl Nightingale, was a broadcaster, Lloyd Conant was a great executive. And I wanted Earl
Nightingale to mentor me. What I didn’t understand, when I came to work with him, I also got the benefit of Lloyd Conant. Two absolutely brilliant people. Now, I watched them. They were the best at what they did. And they started the
industry that I’m a part of, personal development, personal direction, that’s really what it is. Well, you’ve gotta make up you’re mind you’re gonna get really good at this. You’re gonna become very good at it, and when you do, then you’re
very difficult to replace. Now, there’s no such thing as an indispensable person. In fact, there was a great
poem written on that one time about the indispensable man, says, “Take a bucket of water, “and put your hand in up to the wrist. “When you pull it up, “the hole that remains “is just how much you’ll be missed. “You can stir all you want as you enter, “stir up the water galore, “but stop and you’re
gonna find in no time, “It’s much the same as before.” Well, what they were getting across is there’s no as much thing as an indispensable person, but some people are very
difficult to replace. And if you make up your mind you’re gonna get really good at this, I guarantee you, you
can earn a lot of money. So that’s where income comes from. Find anyone who has really
mastered what they’re doing, they’re gonna earn an absolute fortune. See, this is the law of compensation. So this is what you want to study. What do you wanna do? You just wanna focus on
your ability to improve. Become a master of whatever
you’re doing, you see. Now, this is the focus. The money is the reward. This is the cause, the
money is the effect. You see, you take care of the cause, the effect will always
take care of itself. Now, let’s look at it this way. We’re gonna talk about
multiple sources of income: not just one, but many. Now, I stumbled on this,
a way back in the ’60s. And when I stumbled on it, I thought, “Wow, this
is really something.” So, you got the whole world
in front of you there. You’ll notice on the map we
got the whole world there, and you’re sitting right in the center, you’re placing yourself. Now, you could place
yourself anywhere in the map, place yourself wherever you are. But I’m saying, you’re in
the center of the world, the whole world’s around you. Doesn’t matter where you are, you’re in the center of the world. It doesn’t matter, you
could be in Mozambique, you’re in the center of the world. You could be in Rio de Janeiro, you’re in the center of the world. There’s as much on your right
as there is on your left. There’s as much behind
as there is in front. So, then start where you are, and you set up a source of income. Now, MSI, is an acronym for multiple sources of income, MSI. Now, where you are is what
you’re earning right now. That’s your present income. The MSI is an additional income. It’s not another job,
it’s not a better job, it’s not even a job. It’s a source of income. See, money is reward received
for service rendered. when I was sleeping last night, I was rendering service based on stuff that I did some time ago. Think of it this way. Think of a, some kind of a rockstar. Think of Elvis Presley. His estate is still earning money from records of his that are being played on the radio. That’s right, he made recordings, and those recordings are
being played on the radio. And every time they’re played, money goes in to his estate. That’s called a passive income. That’s called a source of income. Well, you can start sources of income. You can start them all over the world. You may say, “Well, how?” Well, you don’t have to know how, you just have to make a decision that you’re gonna do it. The how will come. Don’t let the how trip ya, okay. And once you get one going, then you get another one. And it may be in a related field, right near where you are. You see, I believe you can
set up sources of income that are very closely attached to what you’re already doing. And then you may go to the
other side of the world and set one up. Now, as you get good at this, they’re gonna start popping
up all over the place. You may say, “Well, I
don’t know how to do this.” Well, of course you
don’t, not to start with. I didn’t know how to do it when I started. I didn’t even know how to read very well when I started. I hadn’t gone to school, I
had two months high school, I had no business experience. But you know, I built a
business all over the world. How’d I start? I’ll tell you exactly how I started. I borrowed a thousands dollars. I bought a used floorman’s machine and some buckets and mops. I started in the cleaning business. And I started by cleaning one office, washing the floor twice
a month, $15 a time. Then I got another office at 65 a month, now I’m up to 95. I was only earning 400
a month to start with. But you know, one day I
passed out on the street. I thought the answer was work harder, get another office to clean. But it didn’t work that way. And I woke up and there’s
a big cop looking at me, there’s people standing all around me and I see a stretcher and lights flashing. It was a scary situation. I guess I’d passed out, I was exhausted. I thought the answer was work harder. That is not the answer. Hard work is never the answer. The people you know that work the hardest are probably the ones that earn the least. Now think, really think. I got up by myself. I didn’t let them take me to the hospital, I got up, and I started to think. And I realized, it was like
something inside of me said, “Bob, you’re doing something wrong.” And then another little voice said, “If you can’t clean all of them, “don’t clean any of the them.” Do you know over the next five years, I was cleaning offices in
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, London, England. And the income was just rolling in from all over the place. Now, I’m not telling
you to go clean offices, I’m telling you that I
stumbled on something. It took me 10 years to find out what I was doing different. I had set up multiple sources of income. I wanted to know how I
changed, why’d I change? My income went over a million, and I didn’t really know
what I was doing different. I started to study. It took me 10 years, and I realized I didn’t
have one source of income, I had many sources of income. Now, as you set these
up, you’ll be asking, “Well, are they all the same size? “Do you earn the same on all of them?” No, some of them won’t even work. Some of them will die on you. There’s so many ways of doing it. You could become a network marketer, you could become an online marketer, you could become an affiliate marketer. We have all kinds of affiliate
marketers in our company. See, you wanna make a decision that you are going to set up multiple sources of income. You don’t have to know how. When you make the decision, you will start to attract how you’re gonna do it. Some of them will grow,
and some of them will die. But you know something, they all have one thing in common, they all flow into your bank. Some will be big and some will be small. It’s absolutely phenomenal how this works. It all flows in to your bank. Great idea, just an
absolutely beautiful idea. That’s right, that’s where it happens. Nowt that’s an affirmation
that I’ve been using for a long, long time. “I am so happy and grateful now that money come to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources
on a continuous basis.” Where did I get, I don’t
know where I got that. I probably got it from
maybe Joseph Murphy’s books, or somebody of that. There’s a great book, The
Power of the Subconscious. You’ll wanna read it. I’ve got a great book, you can go over to my website and get it, You Were Born Rich,
and it’s what I learned from ’61 to 1984 when I wrote the book. But anyway, you keep repeating
a positive statement: “I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities
through multiple sources on a continuous basis.” You see, when you stop
and think about this, there are only three income
earning strategies, just three. I don’t know which one you’re using. You may be using them all. But there are three. I call it one, M1, M2, and M3. Now, we started out by
saying only 3% of the people earn 97% of all the money. So the odds of your
kids growing up to learn how to earn money is pretty slim. If you don’t teach ’em,
they probably won’t get it because they’re not
gonna get it in school. School does not teach
us how to earn money. There’s no place, “They
say, well that’s absurd. You go to work to earn money.” No you don’t, that’s not a good idea. You think, you provide
service to earn money. You can earn more money
when you’re sleeping that you can spend when you’re awake once you get good at this. You see, I’m not only good at it, I’m good at teaching it. And so I figured if I put this together and I put it out there on YouTube, you would all start studying, you’ll start thinking. Wow, now if you’re gonna
teach your children anything, you wanna teach them this one, because M3 is the only one
that really works well. Now M1 is a good strategy,
is not a good strategy, but it’s used by 96% of the population. Now think about that for a moment. 96 out of ever 100
people use this strategy and it doesn’t work. It’s got a problem,
it’s called saturation. This is where people trade
their time for money. Now, we all get the same amount of time, we get all there is. So it’s what we do with our time that’s really going to
make the difference. Now think about this, I mean
really think about this. 96% of the people are
trading their time for money. It’s a nine to five syndrome. And you see, part of
the old conditioning is save some money for your old age. Save for a rainy day. You save for a rainy day, I’ll guarantee you you’re
gonna get a rainy day. But what do we do? We take a little bit of what we earn and we squirrel it away for what, for our old age or something. We do that at the expense of a life. We never drive the car we want, we don’t live in the house we want, we don’t take the vacations we want. Go into a clothes store. Walk into any clothes store, and I’ll guarantee you, the first thing you’re
looking at is the price tag. They’re not looking for what they want. You know the last thing you should ask for is what’s this cost? ‘Cause you’ve made a
decision you’re gonna get it, so you have to know
how much to pay for it. And don’t try and knock them
down, pay what they ask. But do the same thing:
charge what you want. Now, you see, trading time for money, there’s a saturation. You run out of time. It’s not a good strategy. Now M2 is an excellent strategy, but it’s only used by
3% of the population. You see, 3% of the population are following this strategy. It’s where you invest money to earn money. Now when you invest money to earn money, if you’re good at it,
you can earn some money. Some people are not good at it, are working in the M1 strategy, and so they save a little bit and they get risky and
they go and they invest it. Bad investment, (claps)
like that, they lose it all. And then they say, “Well
this isn’t any good, “I’m not gonna do this anymore.” Well, if you’re really good at it, you can earn money there. But the M3 strategy is the one that you really wanna focus on. It’s used by 1% of the population. Now, it spills over to about three, but 1% of the population earns 96%, 97% of all the money. What do they do that’s different? They set up multiple sources of income. They multiply their time by setting up multiple sources of income. Now, if you really wanna win in a big way, that’s how you’re gonna do it. It’s so basic and so simple. Well, you can learn more about it, but you wanna study
it, you wanna study it. Money, multiple sources of income, boom, like that, MSIs. That’s what the Proctor
Gallagher Institute really focuses on,
helping people understand how to set up MSIs. We teach people to train
people to set up MSIs. You see, there’s no
end to what you can do. There’s absolutely no
end to what you can do. But you’ve gotta decide
what you’re gonna do. You’ll wanna take one of
these things in your hand and sit down and write
out how you want to live. And it doesn’t matter what it costs. You’ll write it down, and then you’ll only think of how to do it. And you set up multiple sources. Now, let’s supposed you have
never a computer in your life. And you’re going to learn
how to use the computer, how to work with it. It’s gonna take you a while. And the strange thing about computers, when you learn something, it leads you into learning something else. And then you learn something else. It’s sort of like an evolution that takes place in your
mind as you start working. At least that’s the way I found it, and most of the people I know. But when you first start, I first started, I didn’t even know how to turn it on. A guy named Rob taught me, and I’m sure that he, when
he started to teach me, he thought, “This guy’s never gonna learn “how to use this thing.” But he did learn how to use it, alright. Why, because I made up my mind I was gonna learn how to use it. Well, when you make up your mind that you’re going to earn yourself a specific amount of money every year, and you might set that magic million. Anybody can learn how to earn a million. I believe I can teach
anybody how to do that. There’s a lot of people that
could teach you how to do that. But you’ve gotta decide
you’re gonna do it. And if you don’t decide
you’re gonna do it, odds of it happening are pretty slim. Now, is it gonna happen overnight? No, nothing happens overnight like that. But over a period of time, let’s say over six months, you’re gonna learn how
to master this thing. You’re gonna learn how to set up MSIs. And after you learn how to do it, then you’re gonna start to
learn how to multiply it. I read a story one time, by U.S. Anderson, it came in a book. He told a story about
he and a friend of his were in a nightclub, and there was guys spinning plates on the end of bamboo poles. You’ve probably seen it
happen on television. And this guy had 18 plates spinning on the end of bamboo poles. And when the bamboo pole was bending over and just about, think
a plate’s gonna just, “Get that pole, get that pole,” you think, he goes over and he gets it going again. When they left the club
he says to his friend, “Wasn’t it amazing how well
he spun those 18 plates?” And his friend says, “Not
was amazing how,” no, “what was amazing isn’t
how well he did it, “but the fact that he did it at all.” And Anderson said that
started him thinking. How do you become an 18 plate spinner? “Ah,” he said, “You learn
to spin, spin one plate.” learn to set up one MSI, and then two, and maybe you’ll become an
18 plate spinner yourself. MSIs, this is Bob Proctor. (upbeat music) – [Bob] Check us out at for tips, tools, and resources.

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    The father bent down and held his young daughter. He began to cry, because he knew these old seeds came not from him , but the world of man. " who is the father of lies.
    The father knew that those seeds would never grow her a good harvest and the only field of dreams she would ever see would die in the garden of her mind.

    Thought : Its a wonder very few people ever get to live there dreams.
    *Great story. Author Carla Frost.

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