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hey guys welcome to the first episode ever of square pose worth and you writers and many readers have probably seen this on the internet and it goes like this it's a quote oh very popular code that goes like this if you want to become a better writer become a better reader for us writers especially indie writers have you have we really understood that like do we really understand the depths of that little quote probably we think that yeah we do we do yeah we don't get it but I've been writing for like almost 10 years now I'm not famous probably will never be but I just understood it today like I know this quote for like six years because I was going to Pinterest and I saw those vocabulary things and I was it just hit me I was like oh that what he means that what it means like to read better like ask yourselves what kind of books have you been reading lately or what type of books you actually read on a daily basis or on a yearly basis what type of books do you read do you really love like those trendy books that talk about sub-dominant and lo you know Fifty Shades of Grey that that type of shit do you really is that your type of book material that you get that you digest is that if if so you will not get a good result guarantee I've been a real fan of personal development speaker is already dead it's Jim Rohn and he says like you cannot dump a barrel of trash on your head on your thoughts and come up with a positive attitude of life and it's the same in writing you cannot reach it and write good content I seen this in so many writers so many writers here in Angola that come to me for advice and because kind of like we're friends and I write more time that they do so they come and they just read just write shit like they have good intentions as most of us but they have really really a bad time finding a good content to write because they don't feed themselves like good content they read things on Wattpad and sincerely for me I don't know for you guys but my experience with what but it isn't that good like the level of worth of content and the quality of content is really really low there are Allah I think there are talented writers there but if there's any talented writer there that actually has something to offer should get the heck out of what path right now right this instant because what bad is not for big gamers not at all at least this is my opinion correct me on the comments if I am wrong but this is at least my opinion and my experience so if you're planning to to write big and actually make a good contribution to the writing market I think that you should actually aim your level at a higher and higher how can I say how do you say it in English like ball higher you know troll your ball over the net okay it doesn't matter you get the idea so yeah that's that's the thing you should actually have good mentors and when I say mentors I don't mean your buddy that actually writes better than you know I'm talking about the the good elders right they're like in the world which we'll be talking we will be talking a lot in this very channel that's why I created this channel to make people get the good underrated writers and actually spread their content and the value of content that they bring up to the market to people that don't know them because everybody knows Stefan King everybody knows JK Rowling everybody knows j.r.r tolkien but like how many Dostoyevsky novels have you read like Dostoyevsky is amazing it's amazing how much have you read of Quidditch needs you know those kind of writers and we will be talking here on our channel about these guys about poetry we'll be talking about Charlotte Ponte we'll be talking about Emily Bronte we'll be talking about Emily Dickens Dickinson's or the consensus yeah I think the Dickens or something like that poets there are being forgot although they have a lot a lot of good content going back to the point what was the last time that you actually read a dictionary see like when was the last time that you read the grammar like the grammar English grammar or your language grammar and the thing is don't retrack don't if it's trendy don't read it a general this is just a dumb is just a dumb rule that I follow a lot if people are way into that book nowadays it means that book is shit nowadays unless the outer is really good like JK Rowling and all those classics yeah you have to read like those kind of books that inspire you that actually make you think if a book doesn't make you think and change your perspective on life on a positive way it's worthless it's literally worthless if it is isn't adding the content if there's cliche on it it doesn't add anything my my thing is don't read it if there's a guy a bear just a guy really good it is just a really good time done bro if there's a purchase that guy or a but on the order cleavage on on the cover don't read it it's shit guaranteed guaranteed is shit shit because nowadays these books are getting getting popular I don't know why millenials hey so there there we go so you have to read great content for you to make contact so I've gave you like some ideas read the grammar the dictionary which is fun which is fun there's their words that in English that sounds funny but meaning it's way good and especially if you are reading if you are writing poetry this will be talking about poetry about poets especially on tumblr guys prepare yourselves because I'm going to check your channels out I'm going to check your profiles and if I find a really good point I will mention it here so you can find us at scar balls worth on tumblr you can check our blog to ask our boo scribe Bosworth and just just go to the description just go there yeah there's there's another one the other thing that I want to talk to you guys especially for the boys because I'm a boy more about than a novelist read old books like really really old books it will give you I don't know an hour geike like kind of classy feeling turn narrative and people will be like oh shit he said like giveth oh my god he's so clever get all your sayings like that's that's the thing so that's all I have to give for you guys and thank you for watching it thank you so much for watching these videos and if you are an indie writer though be sure to check our blog because we have services for you that you will love them so check our blog support us on patreon if you will if you like this content and if you want to get huge promotions on the services on my blog so thank you guys and I hope you get like famous so we don't talk about you in this chat oh so thank you once again I'm out

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