Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2015 – Porsha O. “Fear”

(Cheering) My girlfriend thinks that some day Men will come to hunt us That when we are asleep A bandit will climb into our living room Thieve us of our bodies And leave us lying in our own spooky blood She asks if we locked all the windows If the door has been chained And if anyone has seen us holding hands She reminds me in the morning She will get our initials Placed on our mailbox instead of our first names She is afraid That a one bedroom apartment mailbox With two lady names will look like
an open feast to some men that some people believe we are damned creatures Worshiping on the wrong gods at night She clasps onto me in the middle of the darkness Legs wrapped round tight I do not tell her fear is irrational I do not tell her there is nothing to fear To not be frightened I do not tell her that there are no happy go lucky stories About black, gay women I do not tell her the stories I do know about black, gay women How some of us End up out back Beside dark alley dumpsters. Mangled and murdered Left like trash. I do not tell her How standing on bus stop corners Make us feel endangered How our responses to men’s shitty pick up lines Leave us looking like we hard to get Leave us looking like he got to get us So he leave us looking like red confetti Lying splattered on a concrete sidewalk How some of us Just being invited over for dinner And come out without our full selves How some of us Just being in the comfort of our own family homes And have to find out the hard way Love don’t live here anymore Just like how baby How we had to find out the hard way You just can’t expect to build a house
out of this kind of love How this kind of love Ain’t meant for holding hands outside Ain’t meant for kissing in public Like an open rebellion Ain’t meant to have names parading Like a celebration on a mailbox How A coffin box ain’t meant to fit both our curvy bodies And all of this magic. How we Ain’t never meant to be colonized or conquered The gods did not cause us to collide to make a mockery Of our hearts Our love Is not a death sentence I tell her our own mothers Will not look us in the eye Our brothers Will pretend to forget who we are Our mailboxes Will go empty. I tell her some nights There’ll be a mob shouting on our way home. There will be monsters banging on our windows, But we will not be afraid We will not flinch We will put up our hands Clench our fists Ready… (Cheering)

20 thoughts on “Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2015 – Porsha O. “Fear”

  1. 😩😩😩 man I feel this lawd 🏆🙌🏾👏🏾

  2. My fears, I feel this everyday… Just because you love someone… Porsha…

  3. Her poetry is so powerful but Lord knows I was mesmerized by her beautiful skin. Dang, what kind of lotion does she use? Her skin is like amazing. On to watch another Porsha video.

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