Indoor Sunshine | Poem

I told you
You are an indoor forest you are an entire ecosystem in one room I wondered out loud how far down the room
went As I glanced over the railing
“Hello? How far do your roots go? How did they fit a whole forest indoors?” You told me
I am indoor sunshine “You are indoor sunshine”
We go quite well together “We go quite well together” quietly My thoughts swam above my head Fixating on How the sun gives and the plants take How the forest is built to survive in the
greenhouse And how the sunshine merely peaks through
the glass how the forest has a shape and has a home How the indoor forest is controlled by others How the sun is growing and growing How the sun will explode and destroy everything
near and far How it will destroy even the deepest of roots how there was no indoor sun
But just indoor sunshine How the sunshine spreads itself out How the heat was a product of what was light
years away How the indoor sunshine didn’t last
How the sun could always go on without the forest
How the forest could not go on without the sun
but after every sunset there it was The forest
Growing Digging its roots deeper and deeper “Hello? How deep do your roots go?” how the indoor sunshine
Only had meaning Only had purpose because of the indoor forest how they gardeners have to pump hot air into
the greenhouse How the sunshine wasn’t enough
How the sunshine needed the forest How the sunshine wanted to escape How the forest needed the sunshine
How the sunshine couldn’t help but leave How the forest kept on growing
“How deep do your roots go? How did they get you inside?” I thought quietly about your hand in mine
How your hand was always warmer And mine colder
“We go quite well together” We go quite well together

6 thoughts on “Indoor Sunshine | Poem

  1. it sounded great, I'm so glad i was wearing headphones so I could really appreciate this.

  2. Hi I'm returning did you know that you are so talented and underrated

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