Insane Awesome Dance Hip Hop Tricks Tutorial: How to do the Elevator

hey what up you choose is Adrienne a gay LT doe from the body poets today's tutorial is gonna be on a move called I call the elevator it's a move that gets you from the ground all the way standing what's cool about the elevator is you see it in different styles you see poppers do it you see breakers do it and if you watch America's Best Dance Crew or any kind of crew you always see some kind of crew doing the elevator I'm gonna get into push-up position except my right knee is gonna be bent forward I was really important is my toes gonna be flexed so they're not going to pointed out they're going to be in and I'm going to do a motion that's kind of like a push-up and then kind of like a teeter-totter rock so as I go to my push-up position I left my opposite leg he's going to come straight up in the air like that this is where you get all your power and your momentum from after you rock down you're going to push up with your arms like a like a push up and your foot is going to land on the ground now it's important that your foot lands on the ground before you try to come up or else you'll fall so make sure your foot falls on the ground and then you use your back muscles to kind of shoot you up you want to kind of jerk your back so I'll go down and then I'll push my foot is going to land back and then I'm going to use my my back and market to push up when I see people doing the elevator I see people doing it kind of a sloppy way in the clean wave the sloppy way is when they do the elevator they'll push up but they'll only lean back and they'll they'll move into a backward position and this is a kind of a difficult concept but as you push up backwards you actually want to take your first step forward I don't know why also we have to look out for eat sleep Balcom keep a street you

47 thoughts on “Insane Awesome Dance Hip Hop Tricks Tutorial: How to do the Elevator

  1. Needed this for my contemporary solo and now I can do it! Thanks, great video!!

  2. i have a problem. everytime my foot lands on the ground my knee would hit the ground too. it shouldn't right? because when you showed it in slow motion your knee didn't hit the ground. please help me?

  3. So what I was planning to try was to do a baby freeze, to an elevator, to a pindrop/kneedrop. Would that work, or is the baby freeze too low for an elevator?

  4. This helped me with learning BTD by Infinite (kpop group) thank you!!

  5. El Tiro ย I greet you egyption Greetings because you are amazing dancer and great teacher <3 ^^

  6. Finally did it!!! Im going to do it for my talent quest performance ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Please do a tut on the move that appears in BoA only one dance ver.
    about 2:35
    That move is close to this but can u make a tut on it too?

  8. nossa cara continui asim, um passo tรฃo bonito e tรฃo simples muito obrigado mesmo

  9. You replied -//.//- I thought yuh would ignore it or something you probably get told this a million times

  10. YOUR SO CUTE๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜……hehehe sorry had to get that out my system you have a babe face I just couldn't help it XD I love your videos tho they've helped me a lot xD thanks

  11. Awesome tutorial! Can you tell me how the song in the begining is called? ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Finally someone who shows it xD i am a professional Dancer and thats one of the moves i still can't do ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you a lot my friend. Really Helpful.

  13. Now I can't stop watching his videos. Really helpful for the hopeless like me xD

  14. Awesome never knew now I'll try it before I take it to the streets…. Ur an impressive dancer!

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