Inside Amy Schumer – Rhyming Couplets

Congrats, guys. (Amy)
Uh, well, wait. Thank you. Um, okay, you can sit. So, as you all
know, I’m Amy. And as I’m
sure you also know, I’d like to do something
a little more special than what we’ve been seeing so
far tonight. When I first met Becca,
I was all, “What the hecka?” We’d go to a club together
in all kinds of weather. She slept with so many guys,
I couldn’t believe my eyes. ‘Cause it was
so many. She once went black. And we thought she’d
never come back. But then she met Dan. He was a white man. The only problem was
that Dan and I once dated, a fact Becca always hated! But then they
went to therapy. And now they are
so happ-y. So let’s raise
a glass to the– This wedding is slammin’! Okay, you guys,
let’s dance. She never sticks
the landing. Is this Veuve–
What is it? Dom– Slammin’. ♪ And may God
bless Rebecca’s family, who are still trying to find
the monster who killed their beautiful
daughter. Everyone wanted me to say
a couple words, just– Uh, I guess, uh, one of
Rebecca’s friends would like to
say a few words. Hey, guys, I’m Amy. So I wrote something
that I think expresses
how we all feel. Here goes. Does this come out? Yes.
You don’t care? Quite all right. Rebecca has gone
to a better place, and I already
miss her face. I’m sure whoever killed
her has gone far away. It would be best to stop
looking and start a new day. The saddest part is
that Dan is now alone, but he should know that he can
always call me on the phone. So let’s raise a glass
to a beautiful lass. Dan can also message
me on Facebook and I put my number
up on my Instagram. Is this Veuve? Dom? Oh– Is that okay? (“Law & Order” sting) You’re not answering
my questions! Where were you on the
night Rebecca was killed? So let’s raise
a glass… (gavel banging) If you do that one more time,
I’m gonna lose my (bleep). I didn’t mean it. I sincerely apologize. And I swear I’m not
guilty, you guys. I’m freaking out. (gavel banging) Any last words? Rebecca’s husband was
never in love with her. I hope I get a call
from the governor. So let’s raise a glaaaaa… (electric buzzing)
… sssssssss…. I’m sorry, I just
couldn’t take it anymore.

100 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – Rhyming Couplets

  1. I think Amy's friend was the one who planed this look at 4:00 she is like so happy to get rid of her and plus i think she wanted to get marry the guy

  2. What is that drink name she says before guessing that it's Dom Perignon? I love that part LOL so inappropriate :'D You're supposed to think that and make a mental note to ask a friend later, not say it out loud right there and then! hahahaha

  3. This video is quite funny
    Amy Schumer looks like a bunny
    And when my nose is runny
    I see that the world is sunny
    So let's all raise a glass
    Cuz this comment make no sense
    So now we can achieve balance

  4. that face with the psycho smile before she was executed!! she is such a good actress lol

  5. "YOU'RE NOT ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS!! Where were you on the night Rebecca was killed?!"
    "So let's raise a glass"

  6. Lol I love Amy and her show! I'm surprised that the bride didn't get up and slap Amy when Amy told the wedding party the bride had slept with a lot of guys XD

  7. The consistent annoying floral shoulder is probably the best part of this whole sketch 😂

  8. When she pulled out the folded paper from her sleeve I lost it😂😂

  9. So lets raise a glass dan can also message me on facebook and i put my number on my instagram

  10. "But then they went to therapy,
    And now they are so HA-py"

  11. I can't explain my feelings for Amy. Lust, disdain, and infatuation all at once

  12. I love how all the dresses have a flower on them, even the prison uniform! xD

  13. I have a lit project due and was trying to look up help to understand this literary device.

    I think I got it

  14. "Where were you on the night Rebecca was killed?"
    "So lets Raise a glass!" Ohhhh my Goodness I can't stop laughing 😂

  15. It's the self satisfaction after each couplet as if she's done something really clever that makes it so funny

  16. So I've been randomly saying "What the hecka, Rebecca" for the past year.. After rewatching this I know where I got it from xD

  17. I used to cater at weddings, and I've seen a lot of bridesmaids do this. Needless to say, I found it very moronic, and childish.

  18. I've never felt such an awkward tension from the audience while watching a stand up special… everyone just kept looking around like "are we supposed to laugh?"

  19. This is so pointless. I can't believe I watched this for more than 15 times.

  20. fun sketch, she should have dropped the champagne glass at the end while being electrified.

  21. "I sincerely apologize….and I swear I'm not guilty, youuu guys." 😂😂😂

  22. She requested that the glass of wine be her last meal just so she could "raise a glass" lmao. I say so let's raise a glass randomly and no one gets it so it's extra funny lol

  23. I can’t stop rewatching this. I think I might single-handedly get this to 1M views.

  24. We all deserve that one super supportive friend who will stick by you despite what a shit human you are. Lol we also deserve that one friend who will call us out on being a shit human.

  25. "She went black… And we thought she'd never go back" (gestures at an old black lady)
    this skit is beyond genius.

  26. The first microphone, doesn´t have cable conection… jajajajajaj

  27. I lost it because I cater to weddings and birthday parties and these speeches are ALWAYS this awful. 😂😂😂

  28. They shouldn't have executed her. That women was obviously out of her damn mind lol

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