Inspirational Poem “Winds of Change” Poem Recitation Competition I Kids Lounge

Hi everyone, I am Akshita, Welcome to Kids
Lounge. Here we present interesting poems and speeches. So, if you are new to this channel, consider
subscribing. So today I am going to recite a poem, titled
“Winds of Change”, by Dr. Prashant Bhatt. So, here is the poem that inspires us to overcome
our desperation, and be the change we want to see in this world. When I go to bed, and close my eyes at night, disappointment strikes, I’m impaled by hate & fight. I wake up in the dream, my hopes go estrange, I look up at the heavens, to plead for winds of change. Hovering clouds of doubt, reveal a ray of light, a brighter sun will shine, after the darkest night. I shed off despair, to let my thoughts rearrange, and brace up for the challenge, to blow the winds of change. I wake up in the morning, the sun is shining bright, my heart is full of zeal, I’ve focus of a kite. I pledge for love and peace, seek nothing
in exchange, That’s how i will strive, to sail with winds of change.

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