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hello welcome to an expired literary works I alter in locker Stephanie Rene Sinclair I'm glad you found your way to my youtube channel inspired literary works is a Christian based blog that offers encouragement for life challenges I aim to create content that is motivating and targeted to help you discover your life's purpose you're welcome to subscribe to the blog by visiting WWN spired literary works calm i also encourage you to subscribe to this youtube channel so that you can receive post updates the videos that will be uploaded here will be content that is posted to one the inspired literary works blog so if you prefer listening versus reading i will make both options available if you enjoy today's encouragement post i invite you to purchase a copy of my book a summons for a champion strap which is available on amazon for 399 for the e-book version or you can download it for free if you have a Kindle unlimited subscription a print version is also available if you prefer paperback books this book is based on the life of chapter one of the unsung heroes in the book of Judges I wrote about his struggles triumphs and journey to leadership I also share my testimony of surviving a near-fatal auto accident my recovery challenges and survival methods in this book I have also included a daily scripture fitness plan which is a list of scripture verses that are based on strength champion progression charts and victory record templates are also available for you to write down your prayer requests answers to prayer and personal development progress when spoken out loud every day as a part of your daily devotion you will be encouraged and motivated to push through the challenges you're facing with confidence that you will become a champion who is able to help others overcome their challenges I also have another book called targeted Bible verses this ebook is a handy resource you can use during your daily devotion if you struggle with finding verses on finances healing peace protection salvation strength or wisdom this reference ebook can help you you can use the verses to declare God's promises and blessings over yourself family and situations you can also use it as a witness tool to lead others to Christ this book is available for $0.99 and it's free if you have a Kindle unlimited subscription you can access these books by clicking on the links below I also want to inform you about inspired T where my inspirational t-shirt collection I've personally designed these shirts to spark interest in inspiring others to witness about Christ and to live a better life the thought-provoking messages are unique socially relatable and encouraging these shirts are ideal for individual witnessing or team witnessing for church or ministry groups inspire teaware offers short sleeve tees long sleeve tees hoodies totes and mugs you're welcome to browse the collection by clicking on the link below I invite you to subscribe to this youtube channel and follow inspired literary works on Facebook and Twitter and as Renee 1481 and share the encouragement post you're also invited to visit my life management tips blog streamlined life solutions @ww streamlined life solutions calm until next time rise above adversity and choose the option to live

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