intentions: a poem // cheyenne barton

no one expects it to last this long it makes you feel like you are not working hard enough at this whatever “this” is that you are not pulling hard enough at the seams that there is something you are just not grasping and if you could reach a little farther then maybe— maybe what, exactly? [deep sigh] “everyone goes through shit.” oh— you are, at once, relieved and irritated relieved that you are not, in fact, insane irritated that your pain is less is spread even has been delegated to the masses without your permission you, my friend, have been hollowed out. everything is well intentioned. nothing is well done. (subtitles in progress)

16 thoughts on “intentions: a poem // cheyenne barton

  1. wow! i have no words… such a beautiful poem, i can totally relate to it. good job cheyenne! 🙂

  2. I found your channel because of your bullet journal video. When I listened to this poem. I was reduced to tears. You have articulated perfectly how I have felt on so many days since my husband died 17 months ago. I see the looks in people's eyes…"Why aren't you getting through this?" !! Thank you for posting this!

  3. i found you through your bullet journal vid, but oh my god. this was beautiful.

  4. Your channel is going to blow up because of your bullet journal video, but that's great because the rest of your content is fantastic! Especially this! It's absolutely incredible!

  5. So powerful!
    Found your channel because of the bullet journal video (hehe). Love your content! Greetings from Russia xx

  6. shit man I need to start reading poetry and writing and putting whatevers going on in my head into words but ugh this is beautiful and frightening and inspiring and has to shut up so brain doesnt implode anyway, thank you

  7. This is amazing. So powerful. You just have this way of articulting your thoughts (even in your other unscripted videos) that is both eloquent and raw and so relatable. I don't have anxiety, and i'll never know how it feels, but in this moment, I was in those shoes.

  8. This is really really great. You just take indescribable feelings and finally put them into words. I really like this

  9. I felt this in my bones wow <3 there are so many days, that i have felt exactly what you are saying, and most of the time I can't put my fingers on it. but this is it. Wow. Ah-mazing work. {Much love}

  10. I think that you're an incredible human being and I'm so glad that I found your account. 🙂 your content is so raw and so real, and I think that's exactly what we all need.

    sending love!! <3

  11. This was beyond beautiful! I can hear that pain and so much emotion in your voice. Such an intoxicatingly haunting poem. Three cheers and raise a glass to one of the most talented people I know! And a sad wave to that friend we know all too well, anxiety. Thank you, you've got a subscriber and a friend at your fingertips! Best Wishes~ 💙

  12. Honestly anxiety is so frustrating especially when you feel that you're stupid and alone inside and then you have nobody to talk about it too…

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