Intersex Poetry – Shock, Emotion, Love

Shock, emotion, love Wait, wait, wait… TALK! No, whatever, I don’t care what is chosen
Boy or girl, I’ll love them from here and above Shock, emotion, love…? Yes, but worry… is that a cock? A clit or what? They don’t have a notion?
Trying to ease confusion, here comes the man with the white glove Shock, emotion, love? No, not this child; people will mock Coming in with a forward motion
He cuts away at the child’s choice to make someone they’ll be proud of Shock, emotion, love?! The scars, the pain, made out love?! Hah! For what?! So they won’t gawk?! My body was born perfect so to save yourself from all this commotion Your initial reaction, think of… Shock, emotion… love.

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