Interview – Ali Cobby Eckermann on her poem ‘Leaves’

The poem ‘Leaves’ is autobiographical it’s a poem about my father, how I always dreamed of meeting him, it was a bit of a mystery for a while. I think most people that have a late reconnection with their family will understand the reference to mystery. Not all the story can be told up
front so you have to wait a little while and that’s sometimes very frustrating. I had
the chance to meet him once, I didn’t him who I was. I met him for an hour. He is a very lovely, generous man. It’s like he knew who I was, without the
telling. He held my hand, he reminisced on his life story, and I walked out of there feeling that he had given me something so rich that I didn’t need more. Sometimes when you’re given leaves you’ve got to be happy with
the leaves.

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