Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

– How are you feeling?
… Well. – How long have you been here? … Three months. May 17th. – And what brought you here? … That’s difficult to answer. – Could you give me some idea? … Off hand, I can’t. – Whose idea was it that you come here? … My psychiatrist. – And what happened that ended up with your being here in the hospital? … The psychiatrist decided. That this was the situation for me. – Did he tell you why? … No, the psychiatrist did not. – Has anybody told you why? No.
– Have you any idea why? Yes. – And what is that? I am not completely like… other people. – What do you mean by that? People dislike me because. I am not completely like them. – And in what way are you different? I am trying to do with my life something which… few people try to do. And… this influences my thinking. And consequently my actions. – What is it you’re trying to do with your life? … Play the piano for people. – I am not clear at… – How is it that playing the piano for people has eventually resulted in your being here in the hospital? … I sit differently. When I play the piano. And when I am away from the piano I occasionally look differently. From other people. And this has caused. Dislike. From people. – They dislike you because you sit differently at the piano? … Yes. – In what way do you sit at the piano that people would dislike you? … I cannot describe. An illustration. Of how I sit. – And I can’t imagine it, that it would make people angry at you, or at least dislike you. – How do you know they dislike you? … My father does. And. Doctors do. Because. Of the way. I appear. In relationship to the way I sit at the piano. And occasionally stand when I am away from the piano because of the way I sit at the piano. – How do you stand when you’re away from the piano that they dislike you? … I can’t describe. An illustration. – Does it “feel” to you any different from the way other people stand? … Yes it feels different. – In what way? It… this is becoming too involved to describe. – Would I be right in assuming then that… – you don’t feel that you belong in the hospital, – but that other people did feel that? … As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this hospital, which is a mental hospital, then… those who dislike me want to find a worse place for me. – I’m not sure I understand. Could you make that clearer for me? … No. – Is this a way of… … A hosp—Yes, I can. As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this mental hospital, then those who dislike me want to find a hospital where the living conditions are not as good as this. – But why are you in the hospital in the first place? I’m not clear. … Because I am working to do something in my life which most people do not do… This influences my thinking. And occasionally my actions. And… A psychiatrist has noticed this. And dislikes…
– What has he noticed? … the actions, and… the thinking, and has decided that I should be here. To change them. – What actions? … How I talk. And how I look. Right at this moment. – And how would you describe the way you’re talking and looking right at this moment? … As other people talk, and that this moment however I’ve been told that it is not the way other people talk and look. – Have you any idea in what way it’s not like others? … No because I believe it IS as other people talk. – So then from YOUR point of view, not from other people’s point of view, from YOUR point of view, – You look, you talk, you think, you behave… as other people do. – You’re very interested in learning to play the piano. – You sit at the piano a little differently from the way someone else might and you stand somewhat differently. … Occasionally I stand differently. – Now that, uh… in itself, doesn’t seem on the surface to be sufficient reason for being in a hospital. – So what other reasons have been given to you, or what other reasons do you understand are the causes of your being here? … I’m supposed to not. Be mentally well. – And what’s supposed to be wrong with you? … No doctor has told me. – That’s hard to believe. … I tell the truth. What are your plans? If things should go well, and you were to leave the hospital, then what? … I need financial help from my father to prepare. Me. For obtaining a job. As a piano instructor. At a university. Where I will be able to teach. People how to play the piano. And also play the piano. For people. – Have you had the training yet to permit you to be an instructor? No I have not.
– Have you tried? I don’t understand what you mean by the…
– Have you tried to get the instruction? … Yes I have tried.
– And what’s happened? … I have not had. The correct environment. For the instruction. Nor the correct financial help for the instruction. Nor… the correct instruction. – Have you been accepted for such instruction? … By some teachers. Yes. – And… by others no? Yes. Again.
– Mhm. It has been about half and half. – Have you started any such instruction with those who did approve of it? … Yes.
– And how has it gone? … With some it has gone well. With some it has not gone well.

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  1. I could be in left field but this gentleman is saying, "I HAVE VERY FEMINE FEATURES, TALKING, WALKING AND EVEN STANDING, THE DOCTORS AND MY FATHER WOULD NOT TOLERATE IT AND SAW THIS AS A DISEASE OF MENTAL ILLNESS" This man was tortured because he very likely was homosexual and or had feminine traits. So, they decided to incapacitate him and destroy him. This is what happens when people don't speak up on behalf of others and come to the defence of those in need. Men did this to their wives if they got bored with them. Fathers and Mothers did this to their children if they considered them "challenged" or "retarded". It's horrifying to think of how many people suffered and died due to the selfishness and TRUE mental illness of the narcissist/sociopathic person that could do these horrible things to their fellow man/women.

  2. I don’t give satan acccess to my temple to tell me what I can do or canot

  3. This why I stay humble and keep strangers far away from my presence I don’t care what environment I’m in guaranteed you I’m focused no worried

  4. You can sense the amount of pain he's in.tho he spoke really well in such uncomfortable environment like this therefore I'm really proud of him

  5. I’m no expert, idk anything about this guy or the condition. My observation though is that he is so careful about what he says because he is afraid if he says the wrong thing they are either gonna punish him or send him to a worse place like he said.

  6. I need to know his skin regimen, his skin his poppin!!! No cap

  7. Poor man. I really do feel sorry for him. It could happen to any of us.

  8. back in those days they put homos and transgender in coocoo house,because they hated them as they do today,but today we have the ACLU.

  9. He sits at the piano wearing a gimp outfit, while trying to tea bag himself very different to Elton John's style.

  10. Imagine being put in a hospital because you acted differently or thought differently .oh wait that's the world we live in if you dont conform you are insane ..hes probably just gay and feminine and his parents wanted him gone but obviously medicated here big time

  11. I love this guy … nicer than all them worldly demonic nasty selfish Devils out there

  12. He's talking about how he made the decision to not know evil the way the common man does … and how people hate him because he is not worldly. The world hate the Saints and they hated jesus first.. they hate nice innocent people and throw them away to rot in institutions . This man probably was mental initially , but it got far worse after he was rejected for not being devilish , which is "normal" these days , while godly people are seen as "wierd".

  13. Everything about the American psychiatric system is orchestrated to make and keep people “crazy”. For example the interviewers question about why he’s in the hospital, and his response was that when he plays piano he sits differently sometimes and when he’s not at the piano standing it is different than how others stand. The interviewers immediate rebuttal is to feign ignorance, and irritation creeps into his voice as he says how you sit at the piano is why your in the hospital? Keep in mind this interview is the 1000th interview of this manner. Couple that with giant doses of brain frying Thorazine and the fact that he’s woken up every single day basically in a hellish prison and yeah, who wouldn’t go crazy, a viscous cycle meant to continually confuse and trap these poor people in an inescapable box instead of treating there problems. In amazonian tribes schizophrenic people are taken away by the shaman and told they have a gift, they are the proverbial radio antennae to the other side. He seems normal because he’s damn close, and even though not completely, we all should seriously contemplate who belongs in our society and who doesn’t because we all should.

  14. This man is full of chemical medicyns what invalidate him.complete. The questions are asked with no love and emphatie OR any heart to heart understanding. This is the rational psychiatry of Freud system. IT is a shame tontorture such a high sensitieve person and misguid him complete. Is this the result of all the professional time and money spend on him!! . Shame, shame
    By now I send this poor high talented beautifull soul all my love in oneness with the Divine Mother God. That she takes care for him.and that the new paradigma of the health are of the future Will prevail. That Will be the connection of profesionality and pure spirituality with homeophatic medicins . Hè needs full understanding what the real healing and cure can be for this poor man.
    Johanna Kraus nurse tutor specialist psychiatrie
    Auteur of the book;
    the hidden task of the Divine Mother in the Outer layers of darkness.
    This book is about the collectieve destruktive unciousness.

  15. I think he takes his penis out and slaps the piano keys with it, that is what he means by sitting funny at the piano.

  16. He looks so peaceful .. he speaks like a book .. I like how he speaks and how he answers the questions ..sometimes he took time to reply… like a child … I'm wondering what has he done to end up in a mental hospital

  17. Nobody talk with her about you state…. Is so bad, are confused for him

  18. horrible. I hate this interviewer, and sympathize with this young man very much. He is very thoughtful. Despite his mental condition, I've rarely, if at all ever, heard from anyone who thinks and speaks in such a way as to be understood as clearly as possible, while doing so quite eloquently.
    And the interviewer over here is just asking all these dumbass questions and not even listening to the poor man.

  19. my gay-dar radar just went off after he says he cant describe an illustration of the way he sits. No hate intended.

  20. Need for help: Most Wanted. Always support him. Try to understand him, his thoughts etc.

  21. Very sad how ever I’ve watched multiple videos of these psychiatrists at the same facility and they’re disgusting and treat the patients as subhuman.

  22. My first question would have been…"So what's your day and night skin care routine?"

  23. It's sad really. He's clearly an autistic savant. But they didn't understand that back then. Fine gentleman if you ask me

  24. he has tunnel eye site………. only see a small spot he looks his eyes are moving all over..

  25. I think he knew jesus he talks about god he knew i pray hes in glory of all meds and has joy unseakable !!!

  26. this mans illness was man induced by the people around him. he seems very intelligent. All because hes a little differnt. people need to quit treating people like shit damn.

  27. There lazy and go strait to drugs or incarseration. There full of shit. Ide be mad as hell but would have to wait till I got out of that situation.

  28. Yeah they should have left him the fuck alone. My grandmother was like this. Payed to much attention to other people. I have to remind her daily she's full of shit. She convenced my grandfather he had altimers because all she talked about was him forgetting shit that doesn't matter. Thanks to me he knows she's full of shit. But hes married to her dumbass and has to put up with her. She's fucking retarded. One reason I think old women need to shut there fucking mouths. They know abosolutely nothing. Stupid fucking women. And dumbass doctors pretending there smart.

  29. This guy needed freedom and for those idiots to leave him alone. Fucking mouth breathers. Talking shit complete shit. I find enjoyment out of my grandmother panicking when she gets exposed and can no longer go "undercover". And talk about other people. My grandfather is a doer. And my grandmother is and old woman who won't mind her own fucking buisness. Stupid fucking women.

  30. Hey all of you need to raise you fucking daughters to keep there fucking mouths shut and Do something. Then you will have an understanding of how the world really works and won't have me humiliate you when your "looked at". Boo dumbass".

  31. Hollywood better indicated a life suited as a house frau adorned with a ever so frilly apron and a rolling pin of strength and gutsy determination.

  32. i feel like there are so many voices in his head and he tries to figure out and choose what to say…

  33. Definitely not naturally schizophrenic. Had to be some trauma at home too

  34. This poor guy hes so ill and it hurts me that people have to go through this and i or others cant really help them like with schizophrenia and depression u know u just wanna help th but u dont know ho


  36. In 2019 this is normal😕 am I wrong? I mean there plenty of people like this that’s just their personality 🤷🏾‍♀️

  37. Immediately, It seems like this guy is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and was criticized by his community for being so and forced to try and confirm to their social norms. This is so clear to me. I am disheartened that he had to endure this only because of his identity or expressions. This is why he is unclear why he is there and why he has not been informed why he was admitted. He is definitely trying his best to fit in, inform and be understood. So sad.

  38. The bottom line is that this young man is GAY..he sits differently, he talks differently, he is not like other guys supposed to be, probably from a very religious family that's why they dislike him, he wants to do things differently with his life, that other people dont do..which is exploring his sexuality and leading a gay he ended up in a mental institution

  39. It's a shame, his mind may have been incredible, nobody thought to take notice in his life.

  40. What a gentle soul, I hope he found a treatment that worked beautifully for him, and found peace

  41. Would it be wrong to use some of the audio as part of my music experiment? I don't plan on posting it or revealing it. Just to friends and family. I have schizophrenia in the family. I'm into his comments about being different and playing the piano but I feel it'd be like I'm mocking someone's illness. Idk . I'm conflicted .. Feel ffree to tell me like it is. I'm just not sure.

  42. The doctor sounds like he is the one who is handicapped and the patient sounds like a genius.

  43. Just imagine trying to be completely calm and remain calm explaining your situation, he’s really well spoken. Especially with his condition, much respect.

  44. Somebody fetch in a piano and stool so we can see what he's talking about, for fuck's sake!

  45. I am having some mental disorder that recently found I dont wanna be driven to the point where i commit suicide

  46. So what is the problem? He is honest and smarter then some people I know.

  47. I have read on some of the comments that this gentleman commited suicide whilst in the hospital. This is really sad news. I was hoping he would be ok and go on to live a great life after having his life controlled in such a way for maybe being homosexual. It does make sense when he says it was because of his posture basically. He seemed drugged or just mentally drained due to having absolutely no control or understanding of what was happening to him. It seemed like he had racing thoughts but kept his answers short and to the point and maybe not elaborating out of fear? This video made me feel so sad for this man.

  48. Poor bloke the guy asking questions he already knows would send you crazy. He probably is a genius at piano should be on one of them instead of interagated in hospital.

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