Interview with actress, singer and song writer, Serena Laurel

hi everybody it's just famous and you're watching almost famous we're here for the dances with films festival at the groms TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and we're here for the two ways home world premiere join me on the red carpet well technically the green carpet everybody I'm here with you beautifully and talented serena laura who does film acting music you name it you do it alright you know what yeah tell me a little bit about summertime dropout well we filmed it last summer and it's about six musicians so we're just trying to find their way as teenagers just in this life of living in minnesota and they all want to be in this band and it's kind of follows these two bands and they battle against the bands to try on get on Warped Tour so something that a lot of musicians can relate with all over America and all over the world just trying to follow your dreams at such a young age when you don't really know how to do what you want to do but you know that that's what you want to do it's so funny cuz we all grow up with some sort of passion to want to do something and you're absolutely right it's that how do I get there how how is that how is that relating with your character in the movie and you in real life doing that yeah well I play a character named Lucy and she's just really like free-flowing the calm just do whatever she wants to do doesn't care about what everyone else thinks she plays lead guitar so I relate to her in that sense her guitar that she uses is this really beautiful yellow jazz master I also have it so we were late in the same way and she is just trying to choose between what's important in her life whether or not she should go to college and pursue that or do what she loves which is stay in this band with her best friends and try and take the chance about getting on Warped Tour that's excellent now tell me a little bit you have your music career going for you you had gold release and you have a new single coming out this summer tell me a little bit about that I do so I really scold about a month or two months ago and it's gotten such a great response and I couldn't be happier and I have another song releasing this summer it's called car talks and it's my favorite song that I've ever written so I really hope everyone else enjoys it as well and tell me why is that your favorite song does have a special meaning for you Oh see I'm just like a jazz theory nerd so this one just has like a lot of really cool chords in it and it's just about hanging out with your friends and having a good time and just not caring about whatever else is going on I love that we have to be carefree once in a while right so as a singer-songwriter artist musician you have been afforded to be able to work alongside of a really cool foundation breaking the chains and tell me a little bit about that how you got involved and what your role is with that well with breaking the chains I'm one of their artist ambassadors breaking the chains goals to help heal through the arts being able to use the creative process to help anything that people are going through at any time in their life so this could be dancing painting and music so me personally I use songwriting and music as my therapy so I like to share that with other people and show them how they can also heal and use music as their therapy oh that's amazing is there anything specific that you do with breaking the chains as far as like what your art is and how you teach people to use that to heal so recently we did a livestream benefit with breaking the chains where we got a lot of wonderful amazing artists together and we live streaming the entire event in support of breaking the chains and raising awareness for mental health which is also it to a home is doing its name that's pretty great because a lot of things like this need to be made aware to the public so that's really great that you're a part of that what do we have to look forward to with breaking the chains and you being a breaking the chains artist ambassador my main goal is just to continue to help inspire through the arts and through music and just continue collaborating with them in the future that's great what's so exciting for you about this movie two ways home well I know Tana she's the lead actress in this I've been following her journey and she's also a fellow redhead and I haven't seen the movie but I've seen all the trailers and I just can't wait to finally see Tana act in this film since I've known her for a little while now excellent thank you so much for stopping and chatting with me Serina as usual beautiful gorgeous and I wish you all the luck in the world thank you guys and try again

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