Interview with Marko Saaresto from Poets of the Fall. 22/02/19, Saint Petersburg.

So, first of all, I would like to
congratulate you with the sold-out concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Thank you
Yeah, I think it’s great It’s awesome
And we’re gonna start the interview
with a more recent topic
Okay In your latest albums we can notice that you use more
electronic sound effects than you used to and what I would like to know is is
there a possibility for Poets of the Fall to drift away from the traditional
rock sound? I think whenever you listen to Poets of the Fall like new stuff
there’s something new coming something that we are experimenting with and it’s
it’s always a kind of drift because you live on and and and you see things that
at some certain points they start to interest you and you want to experiment
you want to do something so maybe but as far as drifting away from our
traditional sound probably the sound will evolve over time but we’ll probably
always be the same band that we’ve always been you know I mean even though
you can listen to me 15 years ago and listen to me today and there is a
difference to the sound but still it’s recognizable it’s still you know and
that’s I think that’s the same thing with the rest of the music as well you
know and of course when you do something like this it’s it’s your form of
expression if your art form you want to evolve you want to do the different
things and not just keep repeating yourself that would be madness you know,
so So, in the past you said that you would like to collaborate with such
musicians like Anastacia Sebastian Bach from Skidrow and U2 what
we’d like to know is has this changed from the time with any maybe newcomers
over Finnish singers Every now and then we do get reasonable suggestions of
doing duets or stuff with other people and and sometimes we it’s possible we
have time for it and we like the music and stuff but as far as as who I think
are great artists the ones that I thought were great artists back way back
then they’re still great artists so I would still love to do the duets and
whatever you know collaborations with the artists that I’ve mentioned you know
but but every now and then you kind of also bump into new
new faces and new artists so you go like wow that’s really cool but then you know
reality hits and then you realize that there’s only that many hours in the day
and they’re pretty packed so you know maybe one day you know, we’ll see When you were writing the song “War”, you’ve told, way way back, that when you were writing
it you had a vision of what the song would sound like in the end and when you
showed the lyrics to Ollie he started to play his guitar and the tune that he was
playing was pretty similar to the one that you pictured and that was pretty
spooky Yeah yeah, the way it went was that I was uh I was playing when I
was writing the song was playing something different and and then the
next day when I went to the studio and I said I was doing this new song last
night, and Ollie said yeah I was actually doing another song himself last
night okay play it and he started playing that and it was so freaking
eerie when I realized that he was playing the same tune that I was kind of
like I was singing I said wait I’ll just put my guitar away and I’ll sing and I
started going like “Do you remember standing on a broken field” and it fit right there, I was like “whoa” I’m still
getting the chills you know you should see my skin it’s like the hairs are
standing on end so that that sometimes happens and it’s it’s really awesome you
know you just have to love it you know something like that happens
Do you have any
similar stories to that one? Yeah, there have been like when we wrote the “Maybe
tomorrow is a better day” way back when in 2005 or something, that was
a similar kind of thing as well, because I think it was it was kind of the same
thing he started playing and I was like this sounds kind of familiar and
the the melody and and almost even the lyrics that we use for “Maybe
tomorrow is a better day” was a song that I’d written like when I was 17,
yeah so I just went I have this I still have it I have this pile of old
songs and lyrics that I’ve written over the years since I was, I don’t know, 15 or
something, and I went to that one I still have it it’s it’s right there where I
work at the studio and I have that and I sometimes lead through it, and I
found that lyric there and I took it out and then I started tweaking it but it
was like one of those things as well you know so it’s sometimes it happens partly
I think because we are also very in tune with our style so if one person in in
another place does something it chances are that there’s something similar
coming from you know another one of us Same spirit means a lot
Yeah yeah, it’s kind of like
that it was there was one more on this on the ultraviolet but I’m just like and
I’ve even written about it someone asked about it and I answered the question
but I don’t remember which one it is now you know some of you guys probably know
it better than I do because I tend to forget
That’s human You’ve
done a lot of covers like Chris Cornell’s
“You know my name”, Adele’s
“Rolling in the deep” and fans liked it very much so tell me please,
why don’t you do more covers?
Time Lack of time?
Seriously, I mean we have
some songs that we’d love to do those two we had an awesome chance to do them
because they were kind of commissioned so it’s like come to this program and do
this thing and it’s like a huge thing and and
those two songs that we did are some of our favorites you know so we love them
and and that’s what we sort of figured that now is a good time to do a cover of
those things maybe later we’ll have some some more time to do covers of other
songs but it’s also the fact that when you want to write your own music and
there’s you know it’s a constant stream you know it’s just playing in your head
you want to get them out and get them on paper getting on albums and
out there for for all you guys to listen to so time is of essence here it’s
really weird Can you name a couple of songs that you
would like to cover?
Oh yeah like “Ordinary World” from…
Duran Duran? Duran
Duran, thank you, yeah, that’s one that we’ve been talking about “Running up that
hill” from Kate Bush, songs like that you know it’s awesome tunes you know and
they’re probably a lot more if I just start thinking about them you know
well we’ll be waiting – any time Yeah, I’m not promising anything
about those two but I really hope that at some point
We’re not announcing anything we Hoping that get down to it someday
Would you like to write a score to a TV-series or a movie
Oh yeah, that would be
so great you know I mean it’s definitely even and just we’ve done that
kind of work you know earlier and it’s it’s it’s really cool but it’s also nice
when you have that sort of chance at that time to take and go a different
path because it also you get to explore stuff but it also it makes you grow as
an artist it really gets you sort of just look in the places you haven’t
looked before and go like “What’s here”, “What the #$%# is that?” all that kind of crap
and then you play with it and it’ll it’s it’s it’s a lot of fun, so and it’s
also a nice move away from from what we do you know with Poets of the Fall
everyday, because you know that can also get tiring at some point going like “Oh
we’re doing this, can we do something else?” You know, so yeah, why not
Do you
plan to work with the video game industry in the future
Do we plan? Yeah With the
next album, the one word named trilogy would be over, and what we’d like to know
is, are you going to keep the trilogy in the future? The trilogy concept, I mean
Yeah, I could answer that but I’m not really sure if it would spoil the whole
thing for you but yeah it’s true that this the next album will be the end of
the third trilogy and we’ll see what happens next
In your opinion, what
is the country that delivers the most quality in its musicians and its
audience as well?
What is the country? Yes
Wow, that is a tough one
I mean if you think about it that there are so many varied musical traditions
globally all over the world and if you really delve into one of those it
doesn’t matter where it’s from it can be really rich I mean it can be just like
drumming for some part of the world without much more than just the beat, and
that can that can be a world in itself so I’m not really saying that it’s one
country or the next country I think that the deeper you go into a topic into a
subject the more you’re gonna you know get out of it the more you’re gonna find
from that so I think it’s just music is as you probably have gathered by now
yourselves it’s a very very universal language
and people understand it despite the language even if I didn’t sing if I was
just like humming you know that would uh that would already get cross, get
across to people and make a difference so it’s one of those things that I find
that we should appreciate as much as we can and then give ourselves to the
opportunity to listen and sort of get to feel the music because I think it’s
ultimately music is something that you feel it’s not something you intellectualize about Great answer Thanks
Can you explain to
us how Russian fans differ from the others, and
You guys are crazy!
And if you
have any cool stories linked to them, can you maybe you can share something with
I mean definitely, the crazy part is it’s true, but it’s in a good way
completely good way because I mean it’s it’s lovely you get to come like before
we started this interview and we talked about coming here it’s like coming to a
living room full of your good friends and everybody is like flaming hot and
and they’re all into the music they all know the lyrics and so much fun to get
up on stage knowing that everybody is gonna have a good time so you know, thank
you guys for that, it’s really an inspiration to us you know, so thanks
you name some of your favorite writers? Like writer writers? Writer writers
Wow, the weird thing is that when it comes to poets I’m kind of a handicap
because I haven’t really read that much poetry per se
Well it’s funny, you know
Yeah, it’s one of those things, you know but then, I do read, constantly, like this
is probably gonna spoil it for you but right now I’m reading The Witcher novels
because they’re awesome!
Great choice! Yeah, so Sapkowski
definitely writes he writes really well, yes you know so that’s one of my
favorites at the time but I I’m the kind of person who reads 20 books at the time
you know I have 20 books and they’re all open and I just choose one and I keep
reading just taking one book and reading at one go it’s like oh there’s something
else and I have I have facts and I have fiction I’m learning whether it’s I
read something that’s got to do with law or maybe it’s something that’s got to do
with I don’t know medicine or maybe it’s something that has got to do with
astronomy because it interests me and then I read a book or two about it and
and but in in the middle I might read some Witcher books, so I might read some
other fantasy whatever you know, kinda like that, so it’s for me reading
is one of those pastimes that I really really love and I do want to take time
off from my day to just like you know “Shut up, get out of here, I want to read”
you know that’s my thing but then when I start reading, I usually
fall asleep within five minutes, unless it’s like a really really captivating
book, you know
Well, it’s just exciting how you could manage to read 20 books
at a time with your packed schedule Oh yeah, because they’re all in almost all
here, yeah, I mean it’s awesome, you just you know flip through this one
today, and.. With your graphic designer background, I would like to know, what are
the best 5 music band logos Wow, Marilyn Manson, Lenny Kravitz, Foo
Fighters, those are the ones that I really liked in the past, Metallica is
awesome, and AC/DC, and now that you got me started I could keep going but those
are the five
Okay, great This was amazing
Yeah it was, thank you
And lastly but not least I would like to give you a present
Wow, cool
Yes, so it’s a yes I would like to give you this plastic bag
Yeah well,
it’s an awesome blue
It’s a vinyl record of Aram Khachaturian I don’t know if you’re
familiar with him I’m not but I will be yeah his he is one of the finest USSR
composers yes so I hope you enjoy it well thank you this is awesome
Can I keep the bag too?
Yes of course Because I don’t want to spoil this
Yes the package is a little bit banged up because just it’s
like 40 years old
Yeah, but that gives it character!
Yes yes yeah that’s
awesome but the insides are good
Thank you guys
thank you so much for this
Thank you

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