Into the Wild Author's Note Summary and analysis

everything you need to know about into the wild the author's note many people recognize into the wild from the movie that came out in 2007 but that movie was based on that book into the wild which came out in April 1995 and the book was based on an article by Jon Krakauer that was printed in January 1993 in Outside magazine now Jon Krakauer was asked to write this article about a young man who's decomposing body was found in a bus in the Alaskan wilderness in September of 1992 now the article got a lot of attention because people were curious about this young man Chris McCandless who was born on the east coast to a pretty wealthy family and he kind of walked away from all of that on this grand adventure based on some of his philosophies and some of the people like Leo Tolstoy which we'll talk about in further chapters that he had read that really influenced him and and wanted to walk away from all the material possessions and expectations of the culture that he grew up and he was college-educated had graduated from college and from that point on he kind of walked away from everything his family friends and made his way west and ended up in Alaska now the book is interesting in its structure because it's kind of like a mystery it's kind of like a reporting it's pieced together as it would have to be because here was this dead body with no identification found on it and the trail that led to that point had to be traced back so as we get into the book the structure of it is gonna be quite interesting to talk about and Jon Krakauer admits as much in the authors note that you know he had to kind of try to stay impartial and stay out of the reading but it was so captivating of a story from him that he inserts his own thoughts and his own ideas into it as well he's reflecting on you know what is it that drove this young man to risk his life in such a way what about you know the wilderness and how it has captured the American imagination that I kind of think so it's going to be a very interesting read that we kind of look as a mystery as he kind of pieces and stitches together the story of Chris McCandless that ended up taking him from a wealthy family to being found dead in the Alaskan wilderness he says in the author's note some people you know walk away and are inspired by his story while others think he was just foolish and way too into himself and thought too highly of himself and should not even get the attention that he's getting so we'll see where we end up on the other side of the story and what our opinion ends up being as we talk about and discover the life and death of Chris McCandless

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