Introducing Picasa 3

>>Picasa is free software from Google that
helps you manage your digital photo collection. Using Picasa on your PC, you can organize
and view all your photos in one place. Edit your pictures to perfection and get creative
with your favorite photos– making beautiful photo collages, video slideshows, prints,
wallpapers, and more. Managing your photo collection should be easy
not difficult. When you launch the new Picasa 3, you’ll immediately
see all the photos on your PC’s hard drive organized by folder and date.
Adding new photos is as simple as attaching a camera and clicking the “Import” button.
You can also create virtual photo albums to quickly group together photos for viewing
or sharing. Add tags and stars to your standout photos
to easily search and show off your photo collection’s finest.
The updated interface in Picasa 3 includes new controls at the album level.
To help you quickly play a full screen slideshow, create collages, movies, and CDs, and manage
online sharing in sync. Of course, other common actions that you care
about– like printing photos or uploading albums to share online– remain as easy as
ever, accessible via the prominent buttons in your photos library.
Everybody wants their pictures to look great, and Picasa 3 has been designed to make great-looking
pictures available to everybody. Just double-click any photo to zoom in on
the picture and reveal Picasa’s easy-to-use editing controls, which span basic fixes,
fine tuning, and special effects. The “Basic Fixes” tab helps you quickly implement
the most important edits with minimal efforts. You can crop and straighten, or adjust color,
contrast, and lighting. There’s even an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button
that automatically adjusts many settings at once to enhance your photo.
Editing features in Picasa are nondestructive. You can always revert to your original photo
if you want. Brand new in Picasa 3 is a text tool that
lets you add text to any picture. Complete with intuitive layout and formatting
controls to help you get perfect results. Just type some text, drag into position, and
adjust to your liking. Also new is a powerful retouching tool to
help you edit like a pro. It’s an easy way to fix minor blemishes and
other distractions. No airbrushing skills required.
We’ve made many other improvements to the powerful and accessible editing features found
in earlier versions of Picasa. Red eye fixes, for example, require less work
that ever. Now, just press the “Red Eye” button “Basic
Fixes” tab and watch Picasa automatically locate and correct the problem.
You’ll also notice smarter crop suggestions, which are based on the composition of your
photograph. Access the “Crop” button, select your choice
of dimension and then get to cropping. You can always preview to get a sneak peak
before applying changes. Sharing is now more streamlined and faster
than before. Click the “Share” button on any album to immediately
upload that album to Picasa web albums and let friends know that you’ve posted new pictures.
Alternatively, select any group of pictures and click the “Upload” button.
You control whether your online albums are public and searchable or kept at an unlisted
address. Web albums can automatically be kept in sync
with the photos on your PC. Just enable the “Sync to Web” toggle on any
album in Picasa 3. After sync is enabled on an album, any photo
fixes or album additions you make on your PC will be automatically be uploaded to Picasa
web albums, giving you one less thing to worry about.
Apart from helping you organize, edit, and share your photos, Picasa 3 also introduces
new ways for you to get creative and have more fun with your digital camera.
The collage tool, for example, has been greatly enhanced and gives you several different collage
types and total artistic freedom over layout and content.
To get started, just select a folder or album, then click the “Create Photo Collage” button.
Changing the layout is easy. After customizing your collage, you can use
it as a desktop wallpaper or print at high resolution.
Ever take movies with your digital camera? Picasa 3 now includes a simple and straightforward
movie maker, so you can create short movies featuring your videos, photos, and music,
and easily share them on YouTube. Getting started is as easy as selecting an
album and clicking the “Create Movie Presentation” button.
Start having fun by adding text, altering transition styles, and choosing the right
tunes to match the mood. When you are satisfied, click the “Create
Movie” button and Picasa 3 will go to work rendering your video.
Once it’s done, you can use the YouTube button to share with friends or the whole world.
These are just some of the new features in the latest version of Picasa.
And there’s plenty more, from new slideshow transitions to better tagging.
To download Picasa 3 for your own PC, or learn more about Picasa web albums, visit

100 thoughts on “Introducing Picasa 3

  1. One surprising, not featured, function is that upon initial use, if you allow it to catalog your entire drive, PICASA will find images you thought were lost, deleted or even never knew you had.
    PICASA has found images on my computer that I consider pornographic and/or inappropriate and have no idea where they came from. As I am the father of 2 young girls, I appreciate the ability to occasionally review what images may be there and get rid of those unwanted files.

  2. @haleymikes idiot, google chrome officially came out a few months after this video

  3. I don't know where to put suggestions so I'll put them here anyway: For the next iteration of Picasa (if you guys are working on one) It would be cool to have a vignette feature. So we can add some vignette effects on the pictures =D Picasa 3 is an amazing software. I got lots of magnificent pictures out of it =D

  4. Why, everytime I try to either e-mail or print pics, do I get a "Must be signed onto the internet" when I AM signed intp Any suggestions???

  5. @haleymikes when they posted this video (21.08.2008) google chrome wasn't released yet !

  6. If I use Picasa 3 to save my pictures, are they deleted from my memory card?
    How to I get the pictures back onto my memory card? Frustrated User

  7. At the risk of sounding stupid…..How does one copy pictures from the website to their camera? I would appreciate any help. Thank you . Oma Bobbi

  8. I am using Picasa and think Picasa 3 is a newer version. How can I
    download Picasa 3?

  9. @iStanleyTV LOL, I just checked and Chrome was out 5 days later xD

    Look at the date of this video and the date of the other.

  10. @haleymikes Chrome was not released yet (chrome first beta version release date is September 02, 2008)

  11. @haleymikes Its because Google Chrome wasn't out yet. It was released in September. Feel free to actually do some research before you post. Thanks.

  12. For Google standards, Picasa is a S T U P I D software. It started to load 10 gigs of my pictures without asking. There is no way to stop it even when you hit cancel it goes on to add next folder. Worse it puts all pictures in one place , so much for organizing help. It went straight to trash.

  13. @Mebu50 I´m glad to see others also have the same extremely irritating experience. I´ve never tried Picasa before, and saw some advertising about how easy and brilliant it was. Two hours ago, I installed it on my Mac, and automatically it started importing all my photos without asking me if that was my purpose. After two hours of anger, frustration and wishing very bad things to the people who made this, I´ve decided to never use Picasa again.

  14. How many photos can I upload per album? Can I upload high definition photos?

  15. How many photos can I upload per album? Can I upload high definition photos?Is it possible For example , go direct to the middle of ther album instead of starting from the first pic every time I check the album? Thanks.

  16. @katiaw7 1 gb is free.
    20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)

    80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)

    200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)

    400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)

    1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)

  17. I lost my 'basic fixes' how do I get it back..was there one and and now it's gone, can't fix my photos

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  20. Can anyone confirm if I'm allowed to use Picasa 3 on a work computer (so called commercial use)?

  21. а на русском это можно добавить?

  22. You need to redo this video. The background music is way too loud so I cannot hear you. Please take music off.

  23. A million apologies. It was MY own music from itunes coming through the same speaker. Dope slap me!

  24. How do I put background music??? I know I need MP3 when I press Browse and go to Desktop where I pout it IT"S NOT THERE???????????

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  27. I can see lots "Web Albums" at 0:11. With blue Earth icon. Are these online albums? Which are stored in Google+? How can I add them to Picasa 3.9?

  28. The video here is somewhat outdated.
    Picasa3 for Windows has been updated several times since 2008.
    For example, there are now 5 tabs in the Editing Screen, not 3 as shown in the video.
    The official Picasa3 Help Forum can be located if you Google up "Picasa Help Forum".

    In the Help Forum you can ask questions and get help and hints from experienced
    long-time users of Picasa3.

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  30. When Its finished uploading a video to Youtube, it says "There was an error uploading to YouTube"
    Someone please help me!

  31. quick question, my concern is that if delete picasa 3 from my computer will I be able to see the pics once i download picasa 3 into other computer/laptop?

  32. i use picasa 3…i adjust  my photos  , after edited   they look great….however , they will not  e mail  or  post  on  facebook  as  i finished  them , they  go back  to  the  un retouched  images   …what  is  wrong  here  and  how  can i  fix  that?

  33. incredible that this is over 6 years old and there hasn't been any updated introduction video (i.e. for 3.9)

  34. I have a question hope someone can help! I'm trying to make a screen capture from Google. When it goes into Picasa it only shows part of the picture and not the whole thing. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks!

  35. Lies, ALL LIES! I just started using Picasa 3 yesterday, and every picture I edited never kept the changes, once I added them to my folder. I can't even email it in it's edited form!
     Great, just great! Thanks a lot, Google! You've destroyed my trust, as well as the rest of my computer!

    Your Images Can Also Be Claimed By Google And Will Be Put On Google Images

  37. Petition to save Picasa:

  38. I love this. It is definitely a good substitution to Lightroom if you don't have the funds. Great for amateur photographers.

  39. I'd been using this since 2008,its a basic editing but still help for me…

  40. I add photos from ION SD file downloaded to Picasa. I tried to delete a surplus photo and it deleted the entire folder.
    What do i do to find the folder since recycle bin does not show the folder.

  41. Update, here in June 2017, I am still using Picasa. Simple but very good photo program.

  42. Why in the heck is this video still up well after the death of Picasa?? What's next, an "Introducing Picasa 1" video [if it even existed] still existing 1 million years later??

  43. I love my Picasa!
    They'll never take it off me!
    I still use Word 2003
    Picasa's the photo album for me!

    I'll defend it with guns!
    It's my siege mentality!
    Google will have to take Picasa out of my dead hands!
    Over my dead body!

    They will never take it off me!

  44. No se específica que aplicación es paga o gratis.

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