Introducing the Multimatic™ 200 MIG/TIG/Stick Welder

Now there’s a game-changing new portable
welder built for those who have to do it all.
You know who you are. You’re ready to weld any place, any time under a variety
of conditions. Often the only thing you expect in your world is the unexpected.
The machine you need is finally here. Introducing the Miller® Multimatic™ 200
multi-process welder. It’s versatility redefined. When you think Multimatic 200, think
multi-process, multi-power, multi-purpose. The Multimatic
200 is easier to use, more versatile, and more portable than any multi-process
welder on the market today. It delivers outstanding arc
characteristics for MIG, TIG, and stick processes. And, it goes anywhere you need
to go – from the shop to the field. The Multimatic 200 comes loaded with the
best-in-class Miller technologies, features that make the machine
unbelievably quick and easy to set up and operate. Features like the MVP plug
that gives you the versatility to quickly switch from 120 to 230 volt
power without tools. And the newest technology upgrade to the popular Miller
Auto Set™ platform, Auto Set Elite. Auto Set Elite keeps setup simple. Auto Set
Elite can be used for multiple processes and materials. The Auto Set Elite feature
presets the Multimatic 200 to the proper welding parameters. There’s no guesswork
involved. The Auto Set Elite feature goes one step further, allowing you to
fine-tune your preset parameters to the precise arc performance you prefer. Not
sure if you have the Multimatic 200 set up correctly? No problem the Multimatic
200’s intuitive LCD help panel provides prompts that guide you in selecting the
right polarity and gas type for your process. Best yet, the Multimatic 200 uses
understandable word and symbol prompts not numerical codes you need a manual to
interpret. The Multimatic 200 can be accessorized to offer the specific
solution you need. It comes standard with a MIG gun and stick stinger. You can add
optional accessories including: a Spoolmate 100 spool gun from MIG welding
aluminum, or a TIG welding package to get you started with lift arc TIG.
Your local Miller distributor will help you outfit Multimatic
200 package with the key accessories and consumables you need. You’re the ultimate
multitasker. So outfit yourself to handle whatever
challenges come your way with the only portable welder that’s truly
multi-process, multi-power, multi-purpose. All backed with legendary Miller service,
warranty, and product support. The Miller Multimatic 200: versatility redefined.

34 thoughts on “Introducing the Multimatic™ 200 MIG/TIG/Stick Welder

  1. Miller beats all. That mvp plug is awesome. I want that machine!!!!!

  2. …because no one buying a cheapo $2,000 welding machine needs 100% duty cycle. Grow up, pal and buy a REAL machine if you need 100% haha.

  3. the duty cycle is a little under done I have one and I use it a decent amount and the dam thing never even shudders. I think they under rate it for some warranty reason like if u over use it and if fry's wile under warranty they can be like c told u. not that it won't shut off but I got to believe that why.

  4. I am in love with this little machine. Used it to build 13 two story staircases
    and it worked like a champ. Paid for its self in fuel and labor savings
    on job. I will be putting more videos up with it but here is its

  5. What is the Max Amps on Stick welding on 110V as well as 220V?? Need info today thanks…

  6. Hello Miller. I just started my career as a Welder. Currently I Know Stick Welding soon to be Learning Tig. Should I Buy this machine for a beginner like me?

  7. I just got it myself, it is pretty cool , can build things almost out of anything , accept heavy industry , but then , anything heavy usually providing pro equipment .

  8. Miller welders is all we used in the NAVY!!! Love to get one of these….burn rod all day

  9. Just recieved my welder and when I turn it on it sounds like an old computer constantly loading if you listen close. Is this normal? I'm not refering to the fan noise either.

  10. This machine is awesome I have it with me everywhere yesterday had a job fillet 1” vertical up and overhead multi pass with inner-shield Lincoln flux core on 220 this thing digged deep into the material 8” stinger passes the one thing the welding tips where done after 9 passes do it at your own skill level but this welder got some hidden strength when I purchased it I did not expect to see it come through with out overheating 🥵

  11. Anyone else having issues running 6010 or 6011 electrodes with this machine?  It runs 6013, 7014 and 7018 very well but its nearly impossible to keep an arc on 6010 or 6011.  This is for 3/32 and 1/8 rods.

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