Introduction to Reading Skills: Author's Purpose 2

now back to intent or eject became that challenges you to guessing author's intent guess right or you're gone here's your host Melanie Youngblood we're back we've got two contestants remaining on today's show Marie it's your turn to guess the intent of the writer of this passage Lila was doing dishes when Jake came in the room she noticed immediately where's the watch I gave you for your birthday she asked did you lose it already Jake look flustered oh the watch he said trying to buy time I was going to look for it but uh I just couldn't find the time okay Marie what do you say this is definitely a story we learn about what the characters are thinking and feeling and the last line is a pun I'm gonna say the author wants to entertain us let's find out from writer Martella waters I've been writing stories about Jake and Lily for years Lily is always getting mad at Jake but then he makes these puns which make her laugh it's very entertaining for the reader you got it Marie okay Cindy we're back to you here's your passage hiking in Hawaii can be adventurous fun and exciting there are trails for beginners up through expert hikers and the beautiful weather means every day is a great day for a hike you must check out the great vacation specials available right now in Hawaii come for a hike and stay a while wow I never realized Hawaii's a great place to hike I really enjoy hiking too so I will say the writer is trying to entertain us she says entertain let's hear from author Leilani Kay and find out this passage is just to let people know about the amazing hiking trails in Hawaii and hopefully to persuade them to visit that's why I mentioned great deals on vacations Oh usually when an author is trying to entertain you they may tell a story or appeal to your imagination so sorry Cindy do you know what this means no please no and that means Marie is today's big winner Marie we'll see you again in the Tournament of Champions the rest of you tune in next time as three more contestants get strapped in to play intent or eject

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