Iowa City Literary Walk

I'm Shelby Meijer I'm a professor of English on the Iowa City campus this summer I have taught an English 101 course called elements of writing elements of writing is a beginning composition course that many students take just before their college-level writing course the course I taught this summer was mostly English language learners the theme of the class I centered around the Iowa Avenue literary walk and Iowa authors in downtown Iowa City we have the benefit of the Iowa Avenue literary walk because we are a UNESCO city of literature writing literature and authors permeate our entire community we studied the walk and then each students sort of paired it down to one they wanted to focus on they did biographical research they did some literary analysis of that writers work and then they did some interpretation of the sculpture that is created for them on the literary walk and it all culminated into today where students share what they found in a short speech about the literary walk sculpture and the writer that they dealt with we've been so excited with their presentations to just feel like they have knowledge about something here in the Iowa City community my students were so excited to know some information that these Native Iowans did not and to be able to share the knowledge that they learned

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