Irish People Try America’s Strongest Alcohol (95%, 190 Proof)

[LJG]: Y’alright, sir? What doesn’t kill you makes you drunker. [John]: I’m so hungover, I’m so hungover. [Off camera] Do you know what you’re here to do today? [Kellie]: You did the “Disgusting Shots” video, didn’t ya [Seán]: I made a lot of people drink some very disgusting shots and for penance I, today, am going to be, with Kellie, trying … [Kellie]: Don’t know why I’m here extreme American spirits. Do I look like I can do extreme today? Lord… You doing it. You have to do it. [John, in pain]: I know [Ciara]: This is my first alcohol shoot with TRY and I was told like “we will ease you into it we’ll get you in for one. We’ll have some beer or something” This is not easing into it. I’m expected to be very drunk at half 7 in the afternoon. Aha ha ha! We are going to be locked. Hey! She’s a plasters.
Oh! Throw me a girl like a bear. If you’re getting your very strong spirit in plastic there’s something that just doesn’t feel right there. [George]: Ah, the plastic bottle is the worst. [LJG]: That’s 50 horsepower… That’s the lowest one? [John]: Is it? Oh my God. That’s the lowest one. We’re starting off- Also, I didn’t say this earlier: I’m hungover already from last night. [Ciara]: That’s going to work in your favor I think it’s gonna work in my favor So where’s the bucket, is the bucket near you? Yeah, the bucket’s near me, you don’t get it. I can see if you look through that [This sound is visually represented by dropping a sandwich on the pavement] Well, it’s a nice bottle of trouble though, that would do a family. That’s my friend that’s my pal Hey, buddy. Hopefully you and me don’t become too acquainted in this video. Slàinte! Ah, fuck… I’m sorry just give me a second. I’m filling them right up; is that bad? Cuz my stomach is going, “You’re an asshole” [George]: Oh God… Alright, Cheers. [Ciara]: Cheers! [John]: Holy fuck! [LJG]: There she is! (burp) [ Keep it down mate] Oh she has a lovely brassiere. [That noise Gizmo makes] I immediately regret every decision in my life that has led to this moment. Good ol Smirnoff [Ed Sheeran impression] She stings. Oh! My belly’s doing tumbles. Normally I could take that. But my body just went “Whoa! No! That was last night. We’re done.” That’s lovely, actually. That’s very… that’s actual- [Bruce Banner]: Stay in! Yer not going out! Going down it’s like [houuugh] I just like vodka. I wouldn’t usually drink it shot-by-shot, but that would be my drink of choice That’s actually the best Smirnoff I’ve ever had Straight off the bat. Isn’t it?- [John]: Yeah, it is! -You could run a boat on that. Great love it. Bring it- Oh, oh, God. I don’t think I could do the rest of them. Oh, she’s the Knober, sir? Oh da Knob Creek whiskey! Knob Creek; that’s not a great name. Well, this is a beast of a yoke. Is ‘knob’ like a… is that like a… does that mean that mean the same thing in America? 60 horsepower! Comments below if “knob” means “knob” in America 😉 Don’t touch me girlfriend! Yeah, you’d kill someone. And then you’d have a drink after cos it wouldn’t break No, no no That’s amazin’, ah I’m just gonna take it; I’m taking it. You could throw that at someone they’d go, “You know what… I’m not robbin this place. I’m out” *cork pops* [OooaaaooooOOOOO] Doesn’t that smell- No! It’s gonna make me get sick. -lovely [George]: Smells like it’s gonna be real sharp, you know what I mean? [Ciara]: Yeah. Is that like cinnamon? Oh, that’s Kentucky, sir. That is Kentucky, sir. [John]: I love it Clink! [Mario theme] Oh! Like a lightning storm. [All aboard the pain train] Lovely I’m fine; this guy is here. The body is like “no!” [LJG]: You know when you have to [ugh!] punch yer stomach after a drink it’s a good drink. [John]: Kicks you into gear It’s kind of… it’s smooth You okay? [John]: That’s a great whiskey [LJG]: That’s very good. [George]: Really nice! [Ciara]: Yeah, it’s really really nice. Me and whiskey aren’t friends, but whiskey and vodka are best friends in my belly. It’s hard to taste the strength from a shot. Maybe you should have another shot then. [Talking over each other]: Maybe we should have another shot. Well maybe you should. Maybe you should. Am I giving it points for not getting sick? Second shots cuz we’re animals Yes you can give yourself points for that. [Kellie]: 4/10 It’s dangerous. It’s fun. It’s American. Sorted! It’s going to be alright. I feel like it’s gonna be alright. ♪ It’s another plastic bottle I can bring it on a plane ♪ ♪ 151! It’s rum! ♪ Where’d you learn to juggle? She takes a hold. Doesn’t she? This is 75.5% Oh I thought it was seventy… Seventy five!? Government warning, according to the Surgeon General women should not drink alcoholic beverages- [Ciara]: While pregnant [George]: -No, just just general Kelly. I’m not looking forward to this one I wasn’t looking forward to any of them, I wasn’t literally going “Ooo, lovely 60%” Oh, it does smell like nail polish Okay. ♪ Like a leather jacket guy.
Saying. Bye. Bye. Bye. Drinking rum till he starts to cry ♪ [Kelly]: I haven’t got sick yet [Seán]: I haven’t got sick yet too but I… my words are getting more difficult. To everyone out there: Have a shot with us! That’s strong Oh Jesus Christ! Oh yes. Ohhh Ahhhhh ehhhh ehhhhh ahwaaaaa Could we just end the video here. That would fix your watch wouldn’t it? Flbbb ib buu… What? Ehhh, it’s gonna be alright. Yeah. ‘What did you say John?’ Oh I just said ffffffblblblffffff [LJG]: Yeah, you grow a t-shirt with that one would ya? You’d grow a t-shirt with that would ya? [John]: What are you talking about? I don’t like rum, like I don’t ugh You got a very like a physical reaction to shots. Both of our brains currently are just like “Stop it! No!” There’s a flammable sign on it; that’s a good sign…. Have you a lighter? [LJG]:That’s a good sign. You’re still dying, but you feel like tingly What do you think of the rum, Seán? You know what of this rum? I think it can “rum” out of here! Seán I think we’re having a lot of fun with the fact that they’re plastic bottles. [Seán]: Yeah, it’s great craic. What is it?
Holy gamoley… Fuck me
Wow. That is 95 horsepower! Sorry, what the fuck is this font? Caution do not apply over flame. It’s just very much, “Don’t put this on fire!” That’s when I know you’re getting a little bit drunk when someone screams “What the fuck is this font”? Clear Spring. Grain Alcohol.
That will bleach ya. Keep away from fire, heat, open flame, flammable.
Keep away from open flame, flammable? I kinda wanna burp, but I don’t trust the burp-
[Kellie]: Don’t burp, don’t burp.
-I don’t trust the burp. It’s like the guy panicked at the end and went “Open flame flammable? Keep it away from open flame flammable.” Frickin’ fl-open flame flammable! [John]: Know you what you gotta do? [LJG]: “Brass Bull Company, Bardstown…” [John]: Fill me up. I don’t smell anything. Exactly: it’s an absence, like a black hole. It’s like going underwater. [Kellie]: Feel like I’m float on air. [Seán]: I feel like I’m Aquaman. [John]: We’re trained professionals. [LJG]: Don’t do we are trained professionals. Yeah, there’s bit of a slur in me speech, I’m not likin’ ‘at. There is a little bit. Yer letting the side down, John. Yeah. Okay, we can do this. [George]: Okay It’s gonna be fine. It’s just this. We do this- [Kellie]: And then we’re done! [Seán]: And we’re done We’re done forever! Free! [LJG]: 3… 2… 1… [John]: You’re an arsehole, you know I’m gonna do this like… *Glasses tink* Sláinte *Train whistle* *Faucet* Fuck me… There she is! Let ‘er in! Woah! She burns! I feel like a lot of it evaporates on impact if that makes sense. Oh! Who needs lipstick. Nope. I’m not ready yet. I’m also not ready to talk. Oh, oh god. It’s like you’re drinking… like a fume? And there’s not much of a smell to it. Like there’s not much- [John]: nash mush a shmel ta et Keep her down. Keep ‘er lit. Keep ‘er down. Hon Tipp! I literally just noticed. You’ve got the fucking greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. It’s like the man in me tummy me and he’s going *pshh* And the things going doodle lit tit titttt tup tup tup He’s not quite strong enough to hit the bell. And this is definitely alcohol, that I’m like: they’re so green. That’s the sort of bottle of trouble that, in the half an hour’s time, you’re gonna be kissing your best friend’s mother… Again? It would sell very well over here, but I don’t think it would be a good idea. [George] No, it would be something you should start your night with. [Ciara] Yeah, as a nation we’re terrible binge drinker. It’s not good at all Woooaaaaauup! [Sean] No! [Kellie]: Got it, fixed it. Holy shit! Jesus Christ! Kellie, which was the best and which is the worst? They were all a bunch of anus. I loved the Knob Creek whiskey
Knob… There’s nothin’ like a drop of Knob. Overall thoughts on those extreme American spirits: America, you did it. [George]: There was no effin’ around with those drinks. [Ciara]: No; they were good. [George]: Every single one of them was like hey, you want a party? Let’s party! So subscribe at the same time, you’re ready for this now? 3, 2 ,1 Sláinte to yis! [John]: I forgot what I was drinking! Oh, fuck! [LJG]: Ye better ‘ave subscribed. [John]: Oh, I forgot… I didn’t know what it was [LJG]: There she is… [John]: I panicked, my body went into overdrive [John]: We goin’ to the pub?

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