Irish writer, John Boyne, talks about his new novel 'The Heart's Invisible Furies'

yellow for the major so far over the last 17 years I I didn't quite a better and even though most Irish Watchers did and then about four years ago I was writing the history of loneliness which was the first novel I set in Ireland but the child abuse scandals in the church and I think it just sort of opened up something in my mind that hadn't been opened before where I wanted to explore my own past experiences I'd gone through the times in which I'd grown up so that novel almost naturally led unto this novel the heart invisible series where I went from talking about the church we need to talk about prejudice in society so I'm kind of glad that I've got that off my back in a way that I'm finally able to write a better one and so I'll probably continue it for a bit yet which start the jammers and the Holocaust was big enough subject by itself without using it as a natural or further things in a way but and certainly you could make the connection of prejudice there albeit one leading to deaths and one dealing to just you know they're terribly painful times in people's lives you know so there is that and I mean I think that is something that comes up time and again in my books in the last one as well that the relationship between the individual and the church and the the prejudice that's existed from the church towards mostly towards women actually and towards people who are making their own decisions that life was there so there are connections but I think in in all in all novelists work you'll find connections between each books whether they're and subconscious or conscious and the original writing well III one thing I leave is a blog which is in strategy Amazon which is in this book of course is kids you know because the early part of this book sarin is seven years old for a major part of the book and I've written a lot of books around eight nine year old boy so that that age group where that stuff sort of innocence but oxidation of the world is something that has always interested me

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  1. I couldn't put this book down. Amazing in all its facets. It stirred all emotions. Fantastic!

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