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we’re talking Apple TV+’s new original shows, like ‘The
Morning Show,’ ‘Servant,’ ans ‘For All Mankind,’ and
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– Hi. – [Naz] TV critic at
IndieWire, Ben Travers. – Hello. – [Naz] And TV host, Jackie Iadonisi. – Hello – [Naz] What’s up guys, you excited? – Yes. – I’m pumped. – I am stoked to talk about this, because the new streaming service debuted on November first at $4.99 a month. I feel like most of my
friends have iPhones, but a lot of people don’t
know about Apple TV+, or don’t have it. So if that’s you, we’re gonna
help you guys out today, ’cause we’re gonna answer the question, does Apple TV+ have
enough compelling content to be worth it right now? Hopefully by the end of the episode. But before we do that,
I wanna know what shows stood out to you guys right off the bat. – Oh, I was most excited, and I subscribed the very first day, and was so excited because of ‘The Morning Show.’ That was the one that drew me in, it was Jennifer Aniston’s
return to television. Oh, I watched it that
night, that Friday night. – Yeah, no that was. (laughing) She said, and I was like. (chatter and yelling) Got the Apple TV+ right when it came out, and watched ‘The Morning
Show’ right off the bat. – It’s the reason, it’s the
reason that hooked me in. – Yeah. – Who needs a ‘Friends’ reboot, when we got Jen on ‘The Morning Show’? – Okay. – Wait a minute.
(laughing) – What show stood out to you, Ben? – Well, I mean, it’s ‘The Morning Show.’ Like ‘The Morning Show’
was their premier program. That was the one that
everybody was supposed to be looking forward to, that
everybody was excited about. You had Reese Witherspoon,
you had Jennifer Aniston, You had Mimi Leder, you had Kerry Ehrin. Like all of these people
had to make a good show. Like, they just had to make a good show. And then we watched it, and it was like. – Yeah, well, we’ll get into that, yeah. (laughing) – Jackie, what show stood out to you? – I was really excited to see ‘Dickinson.’ I love period pieces, and
it kind of intrigued me that they were making
this modern take on it. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was really excited about that one. – Yeah. – I love ‘Dickinson,’ it’s so dope. And speaking of it, you and
I actually spoke earlier about fun ways to set the tone at home when you’re watching a period piece. So check it out. – All right, Naz, so I know
how much you love shows from different time periods, right? – Jackie, we talk about this all the time. I love the fashion, I love the trends. I just feel like everything
was so much fancier back then. – So much fancier, but you know what I love the most, actually? Was the meals. – You know we can eat. – You know we can eat. – (laughing) Which is why
I made you this Frechetta brick oven spinach and mushroom pizza. The mushrooms, the spinach,
the mozzarella cheese, all of it together is
basically like a 12-course meal within itself, and what sounds
fancier than brick oven? – Nothing.
– Exactly. And I love to pair it with wine, and this fancy tableware,
’cause you know I’m extra. – You are extra. But you know what?
I kinda don’t mind it, ’cause now I feel like a proper lady. – You are a proper lady, Jackie. – [Jackie] Oh, thank you. – Cheers to that.
– We should. But wait, how does a
proper lady eat her pizza? – With her pinky up. – [Jackie] Oh. – All right guys, let’s
dive deep into Apple TV+’s latest and greatest, the show everyone’s talking about right now, ‘Servant.’ Currently highest-rated out
of all the Apple TV+ shows, and Certified Fresh with
an 83% on the Tomatometer. The show follows a couple
coping with the loss of their son, Jericho,
but still pretending that he’s still alive, so creepy. – It is so creepy. – So creepy. Ben, what can we expect from this series? – I think creepy is
probably the right word. (laughing blocks out speech) – The doll’s eyes, they just
never close, it’s very– – [Jackie] Scary. – It sets the tone so well,
because the premise itself is so unusual. And like
Shyamalan talked about before the show came out, it’s based on this real form of therapy, in which if you lose a child, you can use this kind of
baby as a replacement, or fake baby, doll,
whatever we wanna call it, as a replacement to kind
of get through your grief, to try to progress forward. And yet, this couple
seems to be so stagnant that they bring in an actual servant to take care of the baby
when they don’t need one, because it’s not real. So it’s this great
premise where you’re like, “Oh my gosh, what’s gonna happen here?” What happened to the baby? Where’s the servant coming from? Why is she going along with it? It holds on for a pretty
good amount of time, but eventually you just
kind of lose the thread. Like it didn’t really
connect for me enough to make it worth
finishing all 10 episodes. – How many did you see? – I mean, I finished all 10
episodes because I had to. (laughing) – Okay. – And I feel like you have to
go through the whole thing. – Where do you feel like
it dropped off for you? – I feel like right in the
middle, you started to feel like, okay, you could pick up
the pace a little bit. Or I wanna know more about this, or this doesn’t seem to be as
important as it needs to be. But, you’re creeped out throughout. Like it’s a pretty strange
show throughout its entire run, and there’s great
performances within there. It’s beautiful to look
at, they do a great job with that one scene, the one setting. The fact that it all takes
place in this big, old, Philadelphia house, like a
little bit outside of it. That helps kind of create
this eerie vibe throughout, but it just kinda, I don’t know. It just kind of fizzled for me at the end. It wasn’t scary enough if it
was gonna be a horror show. – Right. See for me, this show
made Apple TV+ worth it. Like before this show… Because it released later
on, November 28th it released three episodes, we have
three episodes right now. And I was just like, this is what we love from M. Night Shyamalan, you know? Like the shots of the
hallways, the staircase, the big twist, it’s like
creepy but also hilarious. Like when he drops the
doll I was dying laughing. And I feel like all those
questions you were saying, like I feel like it built
intrigue right off the bat. Shyamalan opened up and said that he needs about six seasons to tell
the full story of Servant, which I thought was interesting. But it also got renewed
for a second season, even before its premiere. So if you wanna jump in, I
think this one’s worth it. But let’s move on to the
show that I feel like you guys are most excited to talk about. Everyone at home was so stoked on the most anticipated, ‘The Morning Show.’ Like you said, starring Jen Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon. So this shows follows the
aftermath of a morning show after its main host gets
fired for sexual misconduct. 63% on the Tomatometer, mixed reviews, but a 94% Audience Score. So I feel like people,
everyone feels a type of way about this show.
What did you guys think? – I have some very strong feelings. (laughing) – Let’s talk this through. – Yeah, like this was
the reason that I had to get Apple TV+, this was gonna hook me in. I swore, no, not another
streaming service, and yet I saw this pairing,
and I thought okay, I can do it, I can do it. – [Jackie] Same. – I think for me, I just
over-hyped it so much in my brain. ‘Cause we live in this TV world. ‘The Newsroom’ is one of my all-time favorite television shows. I love anything where I can see like myself reflected on TV, as
we all do, as we all like. So I think I just over-hyped it so much, and I just felt like they just
only scratched the surface of all these really important issues. – You bring up a good point,
’cause my whole thing was like, well, do I just love this
’cause I work in TV, you know? What do you think, Ben and Jackie? – I’m very much in the same boat. Like, the idea to me was,
I really wanted to get invested in the people,
and I wanted to get invested in the drama,
and kind of all of the behind-the-scenes intrigue. And I’ve had a lot of
people kind of talk to me about ‘The Morning Show’
in a sense of like, well, it’s so bad, it’s good. Like, you can enjoy it almost
because it’s just so soapy, and you don’t have to worry about it. I don’t think it’s effective at that. I don’t even think they
get that level just right. The most compelling
aspect of the show to me was just kind of trying to see
what they were gonna do next in this not-complete train wreck, but something that was
definitely off the rails. – Right. – And whenever you’re
looking for those kind of formal problems, I don’t
think that’s good TV. Like, I don’t take a lot
of enjoyment in that. It straightens out a bit
toward the end, but yeah. It didn’t really connect. – I don’t know, I’m kind of opposite. I really enjoyed it, and I don’t know if kind of like what you said, Heather, because we’re in the field. We kind of relate more to it. But I really did enjoy the storyline, and I love the relationships
in this series as well. But I think it did drop off a little bit. I didn’t really understand
the tone of the show. One minute it’s like this
serious conversation. The next it’s like
overdramatic, and the dialogue, it just doesn’t fit very well. So it wasn’t like one tone for me, that’s what kind of took
me back, but I loved it. – They had so many issues to deal with. Of course the Me Too movement. They dealt with women’s anger,
they dealt with diversity in the workplace, and they
touch on all of those things, but I didn’t really get invested
in any one of those things, because there was so much
that they wanted to say, that I just felt like
they didn’t say anything. – I agree. And for me, the most interesting character was Mitch Kessler, and I’m
like, he’s the most complex, but he also is accused
of sexual misconduct. And then you have some
diverse ancillary characters that work in the newsroom,
but their stories aren’t that complicated and interesting. I’m like, why don’t I
care about these people? I love the show, I
really love watching it, I’m not gonna lie. I get excited every Friday,
but there’s a little part of me that’s like, I think I just hoped it was a little bit better. – Definitely. – I think Mitch Kessler is
such a problem for this show, because Steve Carell is a great actor, and you always wanna watch Steve Carell. And the idea of kind of casting somebody who’s kind of innately
lovable and that you really wanna watch a TV show about, I think that’s great
for this kind of person, because they’re trying to
show why that’s not okay. Like why the behind the scenes dramas, the real problem here. But there’s so much
pity and empathy evoked for this guy who is a monster, like who did something really terrible. – Yeah. – By the end of this first season, they kind of come around on that to show why they spent so much time with him, but for those first five,
six, seven episodes, you don’t really understand
why you’re feeling that way. And then even by the
end, you kinda wanna know more about him, even though you shouldn’t. Even though you should be writing him off, and being like let’s move
on, this isn’t a good dude. – Interesting. Well, I would like to move on to a show I am super excited to talk
about – you guys like that? (laughing blocking out speech)
– That was great. (laughing) Let’s talk about ‘See,’
lowest-rated on the Tomatometer at 41%, audiences are liking this show. Stars Jason Momoa, takes place
in an alternate universe, 600 years into the future. He is the father of these twins that have the ability to see, unlike
everyone else in the show. And he’s sort of trying to
protect them and his tribe from this queen that
wants to destroy them. The narrative was so convoluted
for me that I was like, I don’t know what’s happening. But Ben, do you think this
show is worth watching? – I was one of the few people
who thought it was actually so silly and weird, that it
was kind of worth investing in if that was something
you were looking for. Like if you were looking
for a fantasy show that was trying to build
this strange new world. It was like, okay. Like, you can give that a shot,
and see it this is for you. I still don’t think it’s good. – Yeah. – I did not like this show whatsoever. – A lot of it is just confusing. – I was like, okay, I have to watch. – It’s so confusing. – I have to watch a couple episodes. We’re done now, okay great, thank you. – When I saw the storyline
and what it was about, I was just like this is
a recipe for disaster. But to what you’re saying,
there was something about it that was intriguing that I
couldn’t stop watching it. I kept watching episode after episode, I was invested in the characters. – [Naz] Really? – Even though on paper it’s like, okay, this world where everyone’s blind. Like, it just didn’t
really make sense to me. But I really loved it. And I feel like they made it
for Jason Momoa specifically. – Of course, yeah. – He was able to rock
climb, and I felt like it was something that his family would do. Every episode is something that he would actually do in real life. So I enjoyed that part about it. – Well, you mentioned the world. I feel like this does have
world building capabilities, this show, even though it
wasn’t for me personally. Do you guys feel like it’s
the next ‘Game of Thrones’? – Oh, no. – And it has those world, you know. – I mean, that’s what
their attempt was for sure. Every single service,
every single network, every single person in television is trying to capture that
magic and that audience, and there is a void left. And I watched the trailer, and
I wanted to fill that void, because I loved that show so
much, and I couldn’t do it. And you know what? And I haven’t found it on any other streaming service either. I don’t really have the mode,
’cause it doesn’t exist yet. – Yeah, I wanna support it, because I know some of the cast and crew are blind, or have low vision, which
I thought was really dope. But I just wish it was… I don’t know, sometimes
you just wanna watch TV and not have to think
and do math, you know? It’s like, just give it to me. And I feel like I had to
figure things out way too much. – It was very complicated. I just left every single
episode feeling very confused with more questions than answers, and it just made me not
care so much about it. – It’s really hard to
do the world-building in a way where it all feels new and fresh, but it also is kind of intuitive, which I always thought was kind of weird, because Apple prides itself on that. They’re very intuitive
with their products, with their iOS, with all of that. And yet the show itself
is just very confusing. Like you can’t just jump in and be like, “Oh, I get why they’re doing that, I know why they made that choice.” It has to be explained, and
even then it doesn’t make sense. – And yet we all have
iOS, and a lot of people don’t even know about ‘See.’ But let’s move from alternate universe to alternate history
with ‘For All Mankind.’ Now, this show is one of
the highest-praised shows on Apple TV+, 71% on the Tomatometer. Takes place in an alternate history where the United States
loses to the Soviets in the space race, and
then falls second again when the Soviets put a
woman on the moon first. Now, I was watching this
show, and I feel like a lot of the brilliance is hidden in the pilot. Because it wasn’t until the third episode where I was like, “Oh, THIS
is a show, this is fantastic.” Is it fair to ask people to wait until the third episode for
the story to pick up? What do you guys think? – I thought the same thing. This was one that I didn’t
really know anything about, and I’m not really drawn to like history, period pieces anyway. And so I was like, “Let’s
just give it a shot.” And it was the one that I liked the most and was most surprised about. But I agree with you. I was like, when are we gonna get there? ‘Cause the trailer shows this
woman, female empowerment, which I love to see on screen. I’m like, come on, when
are we gonna get there? But I’m so excited every time it ends, because I just wanna press
play on the next one. – I feel like with so
many shows out there, you kinda do need to hit your audience right off the bat, or people will fall off to find something more
interesting to watch. So I feel like you gotta have something in that first episode to draw you in. And I feel like they just didn’t have that in the first episode. I was kind of bored after to be honest. – So many of the choices
in the first episode seem to be antithetical to
what you’re talking about. Like, the best character
in that first episode is the woman who’s sleeping
at NASA trying to… – Yeah. (laughing) – So dedicated to everything she does, and there’s this one
mistake that she makes, or she didn’t speak up in time. And you’re like, okay, she’s gonna correct that by the end of it. And instead they completely
abandon that storyline. They don’t even follow up with her. And instead they’re focused
on this Joel Kinnaman’s kind of failed pilot who makes a mistake, and is kind of grumpy, and
angry, and yelling a lot. And you’re like, “I’ve seen that guy, I don’t care about him.” Like, let’s go back to these other people. – I just appreciated so much the care that they took in the sets. – [Jackie] Absolutely.
– [Ben] That’s true. – They– – [Naz] And the planes, and automobiles. But do you, Jackie, Ben,
do you guys like the show? – No. (laughing) – I’m with Ben here, honestly. – It is ‘For All Mankind,’
except Ben Travers. (laughing) For me, I think alternate-history
shows our tough, especially with this one, because there’s so many lesser
known facts about this era, that for me it was confusing. I like found myself Googling. – No, same thing. But I actually found that– – Oh my god, I know I learned this. But like maybe we didn’t? It was interesting, though,
because I learned more about Apollo 10, but anyways. I’m glad to know how you
guys feel for the show. – The best feeling is off screen. The best feeling was looking
up what really happened. (laughing) – I actually found that though, exciting. I found myself Googling,
did this really happen? What really did happen? But that to me just
kind of drew me in more. I learned, and I was excited about it. – Well Heather, we also
got a Florida education, so that’s a tough. – Oh no. (laughing) – Wow. (laughing) – All right guys, let’s… – Also, true. (laughing) – Okay, so let’s talk about Dickinson. I’m actually really excited
to talk about ‘Dickinson,’ because it’s the most bingeable show. All 10 episodes came out when the streaming service premiered. The episodes are 30 minutes
long, follows the life. It’s a highly stylized version of the life of Emily Dickinson. Stars Hailee Steinfeld. And I feel like there’s a lot of modern ‘Sense And Sensibility.’ What did you guys think about ‘Dickinson’? – Loved it, I blew through it. I watched the entire 10
episode season in two days. I loved it. – I loved it, but I also
had mixed feelings about it. Because I love period
pieces, and I felt like. I thought it was innovative that they were mashing the two together, modern and past. But why choose that
story and do it in such a all over the place kind of way. Do you know what I mean? – Well, I’m gonna push back and say that I think it was
because Emily Dickinson, the real-life person,
was just really strange. She was obsessed with death,
she was a reclusive person in her home that really never left her father’s house her entire life. And she didn’t get popular
until after her death. Like, she was a pretty strange person, especially if you read her work. So to me, it actually felt like a very honoring way to describe her life. – And I feel like that’s all
we learn about her school, is she was this poet from
the 1800s, she never left her room, her poems were
published afterwards. But what I love about this
show is that they pull aspects of life, lesser
known aspects of her life, and put it in the plot. Like the fact that
she’s queer in the show, I love that they explore that. Ben, what’d you think of– – No, I agree. I think it’s kind of in
between those reactions. I do feel like what
they choose to focus on in terms of Emily’s backstory,
and how progressive she was, and the stuff that kind of gets shoved at the side was great. And I love the performances,
I love the design of it. And at the same time, a lot of
those kind of modern touches that they try to do,
especially with the language, I don’t know how well
they incorporate that. Like, that kind of pulls
me out from time to time, which made it not quite as
addictive as I wanted it to be. But by the time we got to the
third episode, you’re flying. – I think– – That party scene. (yelling) – It was really good. – If you just lean into the weirdness, because the show does. And it does take a few
minutes and a few episodes to kind of get into the weirdness. But they go right in. If you can just let go, and
lean in, and close your eyes, and pretend that you’re
just watching a meme on the internet or something,
you’re gonna love it, and that’s what I did. I just went with it. – But that’s what I feel like. I totally love weirdness,
and I’m all about that. And I wanted to lean into the weirdness. But then it’s also trying to go with the. It just felt like there was, I
didn’t know where to lean to. – Yeah, there were certain
elements that felt very natural. Like when again, when the party started, and the music is going,
and people are dancing, and they have the montage. Like all of that feels very natural. And then there’s just little moments where it feels like they’re
trying to force something in. – Yeah. – And that’s when you’re
taken back out of it again, and you’re kind of reminded,
oh, this isn’t real. This isn’t exactly. – Like Wiz Khalifa’s death. – No, but I loved it, though. I loved that he got that. – Ben, who do you think this show is for? – Oh man, it’s for the teens. – Of course. – For the teens, like
Apple needs that audience to kind of be attracted to the service to try to drive people to it. They may not be the
number one subscribers, they may not be the
people paying the bills. But if they really want the service, and they get people talking about it, that’s absolutely
crucial to a good launch. – And I think there’s one
thing that’s evident here, is Apple TV+ cares about
a lot of female-led shows, which is what I love. But I know they also have
a lot of shows coming up. So, now that we’ve talked
about the shows that we have, what are some shows coming out that you guys are excited about? ‘Cause I know Apple TV+ has announced they do have more original
series on the way. – I am most excited to
see Steven Spielberg. And this is his launch
into the streaming world. And the reason I’m excited
about ‘Amazing Stories,’ is because he has just been so vocal about being against streaming services. He has gone in this
whole battle with Netflix for over a year now, just trying to get this old Hollywood
distribution in saying that. Basically putting up his
little pinky and saying that his way of life in
Hollywood is the right way. And here he is now, kind of just settling into the streaming service. So I want to be blown away, and I want ‘Amazing Stories’ to be that top-of-the-line content that he thinks that he’s the only one he can produce. – And tell an amazing story. – And tell an amazing story. It’s a remake, too, so I’m excited. – Ben, what are you excited for? – Steve’s okay with this
one, because it’s TV. Like, it’s not a film. – Oh, oh, of course, oh yes. (laughing) It’s just television. But it’s that old way of
thinking that I’m just like, get over it, come on, move on. – Understandable, no, I completely agree. And I’m probably most excited for the return of one of my favorite TV actors in ‘The Mosquito Coast.’ Justin Theroux is working on an adaptation of a book that was written
by, I think his uncle? I believe it’s another
Theroux in the family. And this was a film made by, ooh. Harrison Ford is starring in it, it’s a new kind of take
on that original book, and the film itself. And now they’re developing
it for Apple, and you know, I just love Justin Theroux. I’m ready for him to come back and do whatever the heck he wants to do. – [Heather] I just love Justin Theroux. – Be a weird kind of scientist who’s taking his family to island. Like, it sounds great. Let’s make Justin Theroux do that. – I loved him in ‘Maniac’ too. (laughing) It’s so good. – The more he brings his dog
around town, the better too. – Same. Jackie, what are you looking forward to? – I’m really excited for ‘Swagger,’ the story about Kevin Durant’s life. I feel like what you
guys were saying earlier, Apple is trying to get all
these different audiences. And I feel like that is a new audience that they’re gonna bring to Apple TV+. And I mean, I’m not
even a huge sports fan, but something about Kevin
Durant’s life really intrigues me, so I’m excited to see that. I love Duratula, and I
love that that’s also a new diverse show, ’cause
even though they have Oprah, I don’t feel like there are
a lot of diverse stories being told currently, at the moment. I’m really excited for ‘Lisey’s Story.’ It’s based on the Stephen
King novel by the same name, it’s an eight-part episode series, and it stars Julianne Moore, and Stephen King’s writing the episodes. That’s why I feel like that’s gonna be– – If it ends up being like ‘Pet Sematary,’ then I’m not so sure. But he didn’t write that one. (laughing) – Stay tuned, okay guys. So, now that we’ve talked
about all the shows on Apple TV+, and the shows coming out. How do you guys think Apple TV+ stacks up against its competition? – (sighs) Oh man, having Disney+ come out relatively around the same
time just killed them. I’ve been seeing predictions that’s saying that Apple TV+ can have
100 million subscribers by like 2023, and I just
have to laugh at that. I just do not find that possible, I don’t. – Yeah. – I mean, it’s difficult to me, because what Apple TV+ is trying to do is very different from what the other streaming services are trying to do. They’re not just competing
on their originals or on their library content. They’re trying to get
people to use the app, they’re trying to get people to subscribe through the app for HBO Now, for SHOWTIME, for STARZ, for Hulu, for Netflix, and then create this kind
of service within the app where the originals are
a nice kind of treat. They’re a nice bonus. You get to watch some of the things that you can’t watch anywhere else. But at the same time, you get to have all of your content organized
in this one unified place. It’s almost like they’re
getting ahead of the bundling, which we haven’t seen happen yet with the streaming services. And they’re trying to
like start that trend. So I think it could be successful. I think it could be something
that people are into, but they need those originals to drive it a little bit better. They need the originals
to serve that product. And for five bucks a month,
it’s just if you wanna use it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I think it might
be too soon to tell. I know that they’re putting out a lot more shows and working on it. But I just feel like
they, as of right now, they don’t have enough original content to compare to the other streaming sites. I don’t think. And as we’ve seen, after we’ve
talked about all the shows, there wasn’t one or two that were like, you need to get Apple TV+. And I think that’s a bad start. – And every one of these
shows we’ve talked about have been renewed for a second season, so you might as well just wait. Because you’re gonna blow through the very limited amount of content
that they have right now, and then you’re gonna be wondering, why am I paying $5 a month
for the next six months to have nothing new? So just wait. – But the thing is, if you wait, we also have Peacock coming
in April 2020, NBCUniversal’s. You’re gonna have things
like ‘The Office,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ 3000 hours of Telemundo. And reportedly, Variety is reporting that that’s gonna be
free and run with ads. And then you have HBO Max
coming out in May of 2020. So I agree, I think maybe wait. But let’s go down the line. Is Apple TV+ worth it or not? And obviously it’s worth it
if you bought a new iPhone, it’s free, but… (everyone laughing) If you didn’t, really
what I’m asking here is, Ben, if you didn’t get
paid to watch Apple TV+. (laughing) Would you buy it? Would you buy it, Ben Travers? – I would. But mainly because it’s $5
a month, which is you get. For that month, if you find
one thing you wanna watch, that’s cheaper than renting
one movie like through– – [Heather] That’s very true. – So I think for that,
if there’s something you wanna watch, it is worth it. – The price point really did sell it. ‘Cause I was thinking it would have to be, but this premium content
that they were pumping out. I mean, they spent almost
$300 million per season, per show here, that’s a lot of money. And so I thought it was gonna be a lot more money out of my pocket. But five bucks a month,
it’s like okay, I can do it. – It’s less than a water
bottle at the airport. (Jackie laughing)
– Right, exactly. It really is. If it was any higher,
if it was $10 or $15, which is what I thought it was going to be for that content, I wouldn’t have done it. But five bucks, it’s like
all right, I can add it. – Definitely. If there’s one show that
you are invested in, or want to get to know on that
platform, then it’s worth it. I wanna continue to
watch ‘The Morning Show,’ so $5 a month to watch
a whole series, not bad. I’m gonna keep it. – I feel like just maybe
wait, like you were saying. All right guys, well
hopefully we helped you guys answer the question, is
Apple TV+ worth it or not. But now it’s time for my
favorite part of the show. Your Fresh Picks,
under-the-radar recommendations, what you’re watching on
TV that you feel like people should be watching at home. – Okay, I am into ‘Dollface’ on Hulu, and I like it for the same reason that I really like ‘Dickinson.’ Actually, it’s weird. It kind of bends reality in a
really smart and clever way. I would argue not as
clever as ‘Dickinson,’ but it’s really fun, and it’s very girly, and I just absolutely love Shay Mitchell and Brenda Song, and their
connection on the screen. I just wanna be their friend. (laughing) – It’s on Hulu. – It’s so good. – You sold me, I’m like okay,
I’m gonna go watch it now. (laughing)
– I did my job! – You did, at least for me, yeah, yeah. I’m like, I’m gonna watch that. – Ben, what’s your Fresh Pick? – My pick is ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ on HBO. I absolutely adore pretty much everything Tom Perrotta has ever done,
and this is the first time he’s been the sole showrunner on a show, and he’s handled it beautifully. Like, it’s his own book
that he’s adapting for HBO, in these half hour chunks. It’s a seven-episode series, so it’s gonna be over pretty quick. But you get to really enjoy
Kathryn Hahn’s performance. And she’s just so amazing. And to have a showcase for her like this is so wonderful to see. And yet the ensemble just continues to spring to life as the episodes roll out. So it’s something you can just
fall into and really love, and I’m going to be yelling at people to try to renew it and make more. Even though it’s not supposed to be. So, please bring me more– – What is ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ about? – ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ is about a woman who kind of has empty nest syndrome. Her son goes off to college, and she doesn’t know
what to do with herself. And she falls into this kind
of world of pornography, but the pornography is
more about her kind of expanding herself as a
person, and seeing things– – Interesting. – I like that, I feel
like it’s very relatable. – Well, you had me at pornography. (laughing) I’m kidding, this is a family show. Jackie, what are you watching on TV? – I’m obsessed with the
show ‘Atypical’ on Netflix. It surrounds the story of
this kid that has autism, and it’s all about
relationships in this show. You have quirky relationships
with his sister, and his sister with this girl. She’s trying to test out her sexuality, and it’s just, it’s really great. I love it, everybody needs to watch it. – So I’ve been watching, I don’t know if you guys are gonna laugh. ‘Frasier’ on Netflix. – [Heather] Really? – ‘Frasier’ was always
this thing that was just playing in the background that my parents had on when I was little, and I never really watched
it or understood it. And it’s on Netflix, so I turned it on. And I was like, “Wow, this
is like as if ‘Seinfeld,’ if everyone in Seinfeld went
to an Ivy League school, or ‘Seinfeld’ was like in Connecticut.” It’s so smart, so funny,
and I just love Frasier. I’m watching ‘Frasier.’ – I need to go brush up on
all those older shows, yeah. – So many shows. – I know, so many shows. – That’s why it’s good
to have recommendations. – It’s good to have this show. – Sorry. (laughing) All right guys, well that is our show. Heather, Ben, Jackie,
thank you guys so much for joining me on the couch today. For more on these shows and Apple TV+, head on over to Also, comment below and
let us know what you think about Apple TV+ so far. And don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button and notification bell,
you know you want to, so you don’t miss any future
Couch Tomato episodes. I’m Naz Parez, and we’ll
see you guys next time. Bye. Cheers guys, that was so. – [All] Cheers!

14 thoughts on “Is Apple TV+ Worth it Right Now? Servant, Dickinson, Morning Show, See Review | Couch Tomatoes

  1. β€˜The Morning Show’ IS WORTH the $4.99!!! Jennifer, Reese, Steve, Billy and the rest of the cast are phenomenal! I’ve NEVER seen Jennifer give a stronger performance!! So many awards to come.

  2. See's been butchered by critics on its premiere, but honestly, it's pretty damn entertaining and has some great ideas despite some occasional misteps.

  3. See is very complicated? These reviewers are exactly what's wrong with critic's reviews these days…jeez

  4. I haven't seen the whole video yet but I'm gonna say 'heck, yes!' I mean, See alone is worth it! Add to that Servant and the Morning Show?!? Like, it's soooo worth it.

  5. Apple TV+ is not worth it right now. My theory is they have released their streaming service ahead of Disney+ for competition. They will let the first year ( which will be free for some) serve as pre-production. They will get all of the kinks out and will wait until after the free period to release the real content aka the content you have to pay for.

  6. They do not have a sicfi show or a good action show & no comic book show Plus any type of Documentary type show's. See is a ok show, I am sorry I just can not see a disabled blind fighter. It just falls way sort for me. The Morning Show does look and sound like a good drama but that's all apple has. Disney+ is worth it just for the MCU & Star War's if you do not like them type's of show, it's probably not worth it for you un tell Fox moves over. It's also got NatGeo witch is one of the biggest name's in discovery & documentary types movie's, mini sires, & TV show's. Also Disney+ now owns fox! So it will not be long be for Fox is part of Disney+. Apple just falls way sort of the stander bar set by other's like Netflix and Disney+.

  7. Out of touch critics. The guy is so busy virtue signaling and upset that Mitch is portrayed positively in the early episodes. No, Mr. White Knight reviewer, things in life are complicated and it's healthy to learn to see things from less favorable viewpoints to understand that headspace.

  8. These critics suck. For real. SEE is the best show out of all of the ones they talked about. How difficult is this show to follow. They even narrated in the beginning what the world is going through. The fighting and the way they have to live to deal with there blindness is sooo different. The fighting and action is awesome. Jason is on point like always. These reviewers must be getting paid for there opinions. How can you put these other shows over SEE. Some people feel they cant see a blind fighter etc etc but the whole world is blind and been blind for centuries and you see very soon into the series that most have elevated there other 4 senses which I feel is something we would do naturally. Blind people do it today so what is so hard to understand. I give it 2 thumbs up.

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