12 thoughts on “Is Genesis poetry? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-05)

  1. For consideration: If one were to see Genesis chs. 17-21 as being allegory (which is clearly indicated in Galatians ch.4), the Epistle doesn't equivocate the literary device of allegory with poetry. As Fangrad points out, rhythm or metre are properties that characterize poetry; a situation that the fabric of Genesis's proto-Hebrew doesn't bear out. With allegory we have a literary device, yet poetry is a form of literature — that's two different categories of analysis altogether. It's a hunch that the LXX of Genesis will also confirm the distinction between allegory and poetry. For one thing, the allegory of the two covenants (Hagar and Sarah) in Galatians ch. 4 are based on historically revealed covenants as well as real, historical persons. Galatians ch. 4 isn't poetic either, but the Psalms are definitely poetic as Bondy underscores here. This is well thought-out presentation and my compliments on the work that went into the conceptualization and outline for the production.

  2. Saying it is poetry is almost as ridiculous as that theory that says Genesis had four authors who's accounts were mixed and matched.

  3. Genesis is history we need to share to jumpstart sharing the Gospel.

  4. Adam blamed Eve, and he also blamed God (the woman You gave me!) Thanks for another great lesson

  5. I love how this well developed program defends/proves the truths of the Bible by way of proven research in various fields of study. It is a delight to sit back and take in the new information that makes so much sense- and educates anew! I am knocking on 50- and I have learned the hard way that the Bible is the only truth we have- period.- I feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times over the fact that there are so many attacks against Christianity- real Biblical Christianity- that I wish Jesus would return all ready and make it all go away. One discouragement is the popularity of the pope – the power he wields is the concern here- stating things about aliens visiting Earth & that it is dangerous to only have a relationship with Jesus outside of the "mother church". We are also faced with all of the political correctness of accepting homosexuality among gender identity rights- and then there are the many denominations (or I should write- doctrines of demons) separating the Kingdom- and the false teachers that muddy the waters of the church to the world making christians look hateful- and to top it off are the "accepted" false bible versions that are prominently pushed/used in christianity- and I have to mention how Christians always get labeled with the crimes of the catholic church- it is never made clear in the media- of course- or any prominent church leader that the killing of people who would not convert to catholicism was the practice of the Catholic Church only- and that is not Christianity! So- It is refreshing to find your channel & videos- and I can take a deep breath for a little while and relax- feel inspired- enlightened- and thankful to see there is still truth being pushed out there- and that your forum has a VOICE in the world. You are a strong force against the misinformation out there- a bright light in a dark world- how wonderful we have you in the kingdom! Thank you for all of your work- I have learned so much and my load feels lightened- your material is accessible and are such great tools for these heavy arguments- in areas I knew nothing about at times. What an advantage! I am thankful to CMI for this- but I am still disheartened over so many of the false practices out there that christians are exercising in- including my grown kids- out of ignorance- such as the celebrating of pagan celebrations with easter- christmas- and look at all of the false doctrines in the churches that have taken over just about the whole church- have you ever considered covering false teachings outside of the sciences?- like calvinism?-pretrib rapture- false state of israel….to name a few? After digging into the word- I was released from every single one of these false teachings- everything I had learned was a lie when I compared the teachings to scripture- my eyes have been opened to the truth of the word- and it is very clear the contexts of these claimed doctrines are completely taken out of context. How wicked men behind the pulpits are that claim to know the word of God- they should know better- (are we just infiltrated with jesuits at every angle?) they claim to be the "scholars" to teach others. People let their guard down and put their trust in a "teacher"- but beware of false teachers- right? We need to warn others as much as possible the huge deceiving lies out there- and you are doing such a good job there at CMI- you bless God's Kingdom and those of us who need to be un-brainwashed- in deep grained beliefs that were shoved down our tiny throats as children! Thank you for standing up for the truth- you are light in the darkness CMI. God Bless your fruitful work. -a sister.

  6. There's a pastor on YouTube AskCliffe & he says Creation in Genisis is Hebrew poetry because of its paralleism.

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