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okay well give me what you want the African accent I can take anything you want [Music] one of the biggest assumptions people make about me as they see my hair and they think I was look at this pot head over here or something like that and I use rack on very very few occasions but um I’m not a pothead I’m not awakened Baker you know I’m I’m using it for medical purposes and when it’s time to have a good time the assumptions that usually people make of me that I’m an airhead I actually have a degree in accountancy and I’m going to create a degree an associate’s degree in acting so I’m a hard worker and check my high school records I got all A’s there’s no way I’m an errand [Music] your name is mark and this is your story you are 29 years old for work you are a business interpreter you grew up in California and your cultural or ethnic background is white my name is Joshua I’m 33 years old I work as freelance graphic designer and photographer I grew up in Rhode Island and my cultural ethnic background is white your name is Tony with an AI and this is your story you’re 25 years old you work in marketing for like a start-up you grow up in SoCal and you’re african-american descent probably a Caribbean my name is Bonnie with an R yes with a II or the Ian I’m 27 years old for work I’m a fashion business entrepreneur I grew up in South Africa and my cultural and ethnic background is well African going to say African American African yeah why would you think my name was Tony with an eye I don’t know I don’t know maybe it was like a shorter name but kind of something a little more unique you know I like creative people but people are creative in their own way like you can be an accountant you can be a lawyer and you can be really creative in what you do I really appreciate extroverted people that are really excited to like dig in and ask questions and like get to know the people around that environment around them in a guy I’m looking for someone who’s adventurous this someone who likes to live life to the fullest and likes to explore and someone who’s loyal obviously if you were given a ticket to fly any way in the world you would go to Australia you think it is not okay to make occasional jokes based on cultural stereotype and your favorite accent to impersonate would be England British if I could go anywhere I go straight to Japan I think it’s it’s awesome to make occasional jokes on cultural stereotypes because it’s things that totally define who we are from each other but they have to be done with tact and well and there are times where it is not at all appropriate but I appreciate a good joke always my favorite accent to impersonate is the African accent mmm okay well give me a good actor not that you want they after connection I can take anything you want I can say we can go get some chicken you and me these absolutely delicious I’ll pay don’t worry not the best you know I could help you with it yeah yeah okay if you were given a ticket to fly anywhere in the world you’d go to Fiji I think it’s an appropriate to make occasional jokes based on cultural stereotypes but you laugh really hard when they’re good and witty so you can appreciate them in your favorite accident to impersonate is the Californian accent if I was given any ticket to fly anywhere it would have to be Japan super yeah I love the culture there it looks like looks like a trip and a half so I’m very excited if I were to fly there I think it’s not okay to make occasional you’re right about that I do laugh a lot if it’s really funny so you’re right about that get on and my favorite accent in person means yeah it is kind of a valley girl thing that’s the first thing that I got into yeah I got ice cream like I like that flavor that vanilla is an otter grade I love chocolate chocolate hiring to do it Largent goal for a partner with me would definitely definitely be able to be a power couple love the idea of like having a nice house and property where friends could come and just give them the key so to have the capital and the creativity to make that the beautiful comfortable space I would love to have a partner to share that with I have a small little fashion business with my brother we do tie-dye shirts tie-dye skirt tie-dyed dresses just a little fun cute stuff for summer because mostly South Africa December at the time for summer to show some skin so me you have a little small little business that we do together a good salary for a couple in the US you got some class – you got some real class – so I wrote 350 K I think that you think that women and men serve both feet of breadwinners is what I wrote I circled in both you would consult your partner about financial decisions over $1,600 a good salary for a couple in the u.s. that was a good one Mountain action those are really good a month I said like between grand a month from each of us if we could like both make 20 right a month come on sitting together yeah together yeah each each yeah is each making it I made so expand is basic yep so that’s like 480 pretty much yeah I think I definitely think both women and men should be the breadwinner especially we think of having kids you would consult with our partner of our financial decisions I would say over 10 grand just me okay how did you arrive at $20,000 basically you’re saying half a million dollars a year I thought to myself okay what is the number for me just individually without anyone to make per month I would be like 20 grand at basics there should be like the amount that gets in 20 grand and then after that if I make more great wonderful so if I’m going to make 3 reps you’re gonna marry me right if not I’ll help you and I can help each other so a good salary for a couple in the US would be you know 20 thousand each you think both should be the breadwinner both men and women you would consult with your partner about financial decisions over 10 grand a good salary for a couple in the u.s. I wrote the same for you but it’s also what I feel I thought 350 K was like that’s a nice lifestyle and that’s well above the lifestyle that I’m I grew up living yeah for sure I think men and women should totally have the opportunity to be both breadwinners but if one is more than the other and the lifestyle is reached with one of them having more financial success than the other I don’t see anything wrong with it I would consult with a partner about financial decisions over $5,000 let me ask you you know about the whole breadwinning thing we I agree with you actually yeah but I also believe that when two people are in a relationship they should also push each other to be better so if one does make you more I would want that one to help the other or like help them find a way to generate as much my new favorite one you know just help them out I would say I agree with you that you got to help each other out but if let’s say example is I become that director I get a blockbuster hit millions of dollars you have a job where you’re generally pulling in quarter million dollars a year and then you say I want to be a painter maybe there’s money in that maybe there’s not but I love a space to create if the finances are there and that is truly your dream yeah I would hope that you know it would be more than like yeah go more than go paint but like yeah build your studio your workshop and whatever that is yeah for the best you can but support isn’t always the money thing yeah no that’s what actually what I meant anyway yeah yeah cool all right [Music] you [Music] when we first met I thought yeah I’d totally love to date you but after talking to you and hearing more than a few things I definitely still love to date you when I first saw you I said yes I would date you but after like talking to you I still decide that I would date you right would love to date you first date first date sushi right right this has no solution go to Japan because why I wrote in Japan cool all righty come on yeah go to Japan [Music]

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  1. I swear every time I see someone from RI on YouTube they always seem so unique and really were all … Rhode Island

  2. I ain’t sayin she a gold digger…

    …but she ain’t messing wit a broke brother

  3. Did they ? Btw she is a gold digger and she seems to be a phony person ! sorry girl 🙂

  4. Am I surprised the white guy thinks it’s ok to make jokes on cultural stereotypes… no

  5. “there’s no way i’m an airhead” “for work you are a business eNtErpRiNr”

  6. Man I WISH some white guy with dreads did a bad “African” accent and then asked me to go get chicken… but this is why they don’t let people like me on these shows because that would’ve been a roast waiting to happen

  7. Are you hiiigh!? Are you high right now…Mark!? I mean, Joshua.

  8. How did she arrive at 480k..I guess the same method you used to reach 350k

  9. I think you could’ve titled the video what it was actually about and you would still get a lot of viewers, specifically viewers that are actually interested in this sort of content(similar to Jubilee’s demographic)

  10. Eww lmfao his accent was trash af lol 🤣. I don't have a problem with people joking about accents, but his was just bad.

  11. I thought it was interesting that she said “check my high school scores.” Nothing about her degree in accounting. High school doesn’t matter

  12. She’s too good for him. Run girl. And his accent and substance of that joke were terrible!! Run Bonnie!!

  13. But nobody caught the fact that the airhead said she has a degree in accountancy?

  14. LOL "African accent". That's like saying his favorite accent is a European accent as if British people and Serbian people sound the same.

  15. I’m over here making 35k a year having the time of my life 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ everyone is different lol

  16. Im so glad the girl still sounds South African. our accent is beautiful

  17. Im sorry for thinking that she was an air head. She proved me wrong im so sorry.😣😣😣

  18. Excuse me, I have an Associates degree in acting I'm a hard-worker♀

  19. South Africa stand up 🇿🇦 Azania all the way. 🔥🔥🔥

  20. african american descent…probrably a caribbean
    lool what???!!

  21. “Yeh I’m not a pot head I just use it for medical reasons and good time”
    – dude that’s the definition of a pot head!

  22. Who lied to him and told him that African accent was accurate to an actual African accent….

  23. As a black woman. I do NOT find it okay to make jokes based on stereotypes. Because of the fact I don’t even have to explain WHY because of how many jokes & assumptions have been made about us because of stereotypes

  24. I wanna get a pair of scissors and snip those dreadlocks from that whiteass head

  25. He's low key racist. But, enjoy black women. But, we all are!" They seem good for each other.

  26. White : I Will not date you
    Me as a black men my answer will be like : only a white ass men will say no

  27. I'm sorry, but I think she is shady. Something about her is just off. She kind of gave it away when she stated right off the bat, "That people think she is stupid, but she's not," and gave some dumb answer because she has a couple of degrees. That's irrelevant. Intelligence isn't based off of a degree. I don't think her answers and reasoning made any sense either. This guy is too good for her, and I bet he will figure her out sooner or later, if they even keep contact, cause I already got her number down.

  28. This guy is an idiot.
    How is she an African American if she has a Caribbean background.
    Not all black people in the u.s. are African American.

  29. I think that steorotype jokes are okay but they would have to not be offensive

  30. All Africans don’t speak the same language 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

  31. aawwww the suspence at the end, I NEED AN UPDATE. WE NEED AN UPDATE.

  32. She probably gets called an airhead a lot due to the fact that she wasn't born here and there's a lot of nuance in America that takes some longer than others to understand even when you're BORN here. Book smarts has nothing to do with it. My aunt has a degree in Computer Science and she's one of the BIGGEST airheads I KNOW, on top of that I know more about computers than her and I only have a high school diploma. Degrees aren't an end all be all, I know TONS of idiots with degrees and brilliant people who are high school dropouts.

  33. I use it for medical purposes and to have a good time, shut up stoner

  34. Omg they are so cute. He better take her out on a good date!!! 😉 and take her up on that Japan! 😉 <3 Make it happen people! She's serious. However those income calculations are a little bit, wee bit, tad bit overestimated ya think? lol c'mon!! dreamworld..

  35. shout out to her for repping South Africa. and also Africa does not have one accent only.

  36. His chicken joke..,no, but I like them together!!! They seem like theyll fall inlove, get married then divorce!

  37. He was able to get most right and some were near correct.. hmm.. stereotyping game strong..

  38. I’m not a pothead yet everything he explains after that is the definition of a pothead

  39. I love that she's so accomplished, but when she said entrepreneur wrong, that hurt.

  40. Yo, that woman really had me there at the end. I thought she was actually gonna say no.

  41. Sick and tired of this "African accent" thing.
    In my country alone, there 60 ethnicities and 40 languages. That makes for dozens of different phonetic families and a plethora of inflections. And that's in one West African enclave only. PLEASE keep in mind that Africa is made up of 54 countries, and that this continent is more diverse than the rest of the world combined, both genetically and culturally.

  42. 6:50 why does she want 480k a year income lol? She wants a really luxury life? Luxury mansion, luxury cars

  43. There were parts where I was like…. 😳😩🙈🙄🤦‍♀️ oh noooo!!! Bt overall… u gta admit, they ARE cute 2gthr & they DID have quite a bit n common. So cute! 🤗

  44. this was more like speed dating and had nothing to do with stereotypes.

  45. You can STILL be an airhead with a degree. Having a degree says that you have discipline, it doesn’t mean you’re smart bc many people with degrees still lack common knowledge 🤷🏽‍♂️

  46. Oh my word there’s nothing like an ‘african’ accent ffs🙄each country and even different parts of the countries have different accents🙄🙄literally just like the UK has northern and southern accents and the US has southern and Cali accents. Rant over

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