It wont stop raining in my mind | Spoken Word Poetry

My dreams have been pitch-black for as long
as I can remember They tell me seasons change but my mind is
stuck in December And it rains every day, cold wind runs through
the drops almost freezing each one, and Im standing there waiting for the sun to come
And like I told you, Im stuck in December, I never get to January first
Never get a chance at a new beginning or get a chance at happiness
Im left in the cold as the rain keeps falling And my emotions tell me that being happy is
a real thing But faking a smile is the closest I can get
to it Depression is like a memory your mind is unable
to forget And for some reason when it comes to this,
my mind is photographic Out of nowhere I can feel like bursting into
tears As if it just pops up out the blue my heart
is overcome with fears Choking back screams because of “nothing”
Nothing has to happen for me to get dragged into that dark place
Im scared that one day I will let my depression define me
As if Im nothing more than a bundle of tears whose core is empty
You would think that love could make me smile Judging me by normal standards seems to society’s
style Because sadness is a state that ruins the
so called happy mood And when I get emotional I seek my refuge
in food As if each bite is a small remedy for the
pain in my heart They love to ask me if I knew when the depression
found its start But that doesn’t matter, its like walking
on a dark road in a forest that’s been ripped from its lights
Ive been given a soul that’s strong enough to survive but not strong enough to fight,
and Im holding the broken pieces of my mind together with all my might, Ive been doing
it for over 20 years and Im still not doing it right
Writing has lost its power, my words weakened by overuse
Even my logic is battered and bruised from overuse
I cant even keep telling myself its going to be ok anymore
The voices in my head, Ive trained them to stay silent, but they wont listen anymore,
putting and end to it all seems tempting Because in my mind, it just wont stop raining

28 thoughts on “It wont stop raining in my mind | Spoken Word Poetry

  1. ♥♥♥ a comment is given, I do like/love your work..

    Depression isn't filling my brain with rain, but dear ones close by are chased with thoughts deep and dark. Sometimes a change of living brings light, an umbrella to keep thoughts without raindrops. I my world sometimes I plee for rain, we need rain to able to grow.. but when thoughts grow further, if daily rain is filling up grounds needs, we need to learn to swim or else we drown.

  2. Vino, I want to tell you that you are so important. Your performances are beautiful, I watch your videos because they make me feel and their amazing. You help people by giving them someone to relate to. You are great!

  3. i shared u on twitter u can follow me if u like @carsane23 have a nice day your well your awesome dip your self in the sauces that let life be a worker for you and your the bosses

  4. Wonderful poem, it takes real courage to talk about your depression. Hope you somehow find an umbrella!

  5. Important subject and delivered in a way that is very relatable which is why your spoken word is so powerful.  Great job, Vino.

  6. This is incredible! Your speaking voice is so powerful, and the way you deliver this piece is absolutely astounding. I can relate to it a lot, and I'm sure there are a lot of people that can as well. Great job, man!!

  7. My daughter and I were touched by this poem. I am sorry to hear about what you have gone and are still going through and as one of my friends stated recently, it's good you have a way for soul-care through your writing. I pray for God to bring you wholeness in your mind, body, and spirit. May He give you the peace that passes all understanding

  8. Though sadness and I are old old friends, I've never met depression. A poem like this and a little imagination on my part go a long way toward helping understand people who suffer from this curse. // About the poetics. The influence of Rap on the work of these lively young spoken word poets is obvious. I always wonder if they're aware that their work also resembles that of the Restoration and Augustan poets in that it's rhymed and highly discursive.

  9. You speak of what many struggle with. Relatable stuff is powerful man keep it up. And to everyone out there struggling… you have the power to overcome anything. Blessings!

  10. Opening line hit me like a bullet.
    Then , my emotions tell me that happiness is a real thing, but faking a smile is the closest I can get. Snapping

  11. "My dreams have been pitch black for as long as I can remember". An arresting opening line. And in the context of depression, it's so hard to do "dreams" in the sense of aspirations, plans, hope. I've just come to your channel, and I like what I see and have subscribed. Keep up the good work.

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