Its beautiful walking with the Lord Shirley Vinegar Gods poet

good morning good morning good morning we're all good morning social media good morning Heavenly Father King of Kings Lord of lords lily of the valley bright and Morning Star the great I am I am then I am the one that don't sleep he do not slumber his eyes is everywhere and he behold the evil and good he loves you he's concerned about you he want you to trust in him he want you to depend on him he know your world he know what you're going to he know what you have to face every day hallelujah he see the beginning from here hallelujah bless the name my Lord and he see that and from the beginning he's so wonderful he's worthy hallelujah I testify that he is real today I testify that I was in seeing called up and tangled up in saying but one day God came in and he restored my mind he restored my heart he gave me strength to go forward in him to trust him through the times of fear the times of doubt I yet held onto my fav know the tears and a heartache in the pain I wouldn't let go Jesus I can't let go of him he's too good I don't want the consequences of sin hell hallelujah is the consequences of sin and it's real and people want to not that have been believed and and think that but search the Scriptures for yourself and you will see that there is a heaven in areas I know and we have to give an account for sin we can't just sand sand sand I think we're going with Jesus in he eNOS he give us free will we get to choice to meet we can make it by mind that we're gonna turn from sin and turn completely to God and allow him to help us we can't do it by ourselves we need the power of a loving God and that's why he says this Jesus to take our place so we would have home if Jesus wasn't a cane the veil wasn't it torn we wouldn't have Hope Island do you but he died and he rose so we can have hope and if we suffer with him we can reign with him it ain't fair for him to just suffer and then won't we time for us to suffer we don't want to go through for the Lord but look what he there for us we can make it because he's our helper you will give us the strength we need some time it's complicated because we make it complicated because we don't want to wait on the Lord we want a microwave salvation we want everything right now and it does not work like that we gotta wait sometimes waiting is scary is we don't know what's gonna happen but we gotta trust God I love the Lord and I'm so happy that I'm free today I want everybody else to be free like me God died so we could be free he don't want us caught up and saying people are committing suicide they're looking for something to fill the void but there is nothing that's gonna feel that void but Jesus he's the only one could feel that boy but we don't want to let go of our sin we don't lettin wanna let go of the stuff we're in but we have to let go these are evil days these are dark times and the word says that these things are gonna happen is so much happening he's preparing us for he's got me so trust the Lord he's so good and I'm craving you I pray for your families I'm praying for your situations some of you may be broken and hurting I'm prepared for your strength in your healing God is able he loves you hallelujah he love you just like he loves everybody else and ever want us don't want to tell us that God don't love us that we're not worthy none of us is worthy but grace and mercy is what brought us this far I pray for the mothers of Zion the mothers the elder leaves are one people forget about us when we start getting older but now we gotta treat our elders me with love we don't want to push them in a corner forget about on hallelujah we pray for the elderly the widows the mothers will single parents there's raising their children by yourself we pray for single men and women that they will not sag but they will find a mate hallelujah the Bible says a man defines a wife me and find favor with the Lord the woman don't have to look for the husband he will find her just walk in holiness decent artery show yourself hold me and God will do the rest he's a healer of sickness and disease when the doctors say you will not make it the doctor said I give up on you God never gives up on us he's a miracle-working guy that's the opportunity for him to show himself mighty in your party he is a healer of cancer sicknesses of any kind it does not matter what it is God is able to heal some people feel like they about the job but you got a call on the name of the Lord call on him hallelujah the atheists they don't know believe there's God just ask God if you're real to show yourself and he will do that hallelujah sometime our raises when we raised up we raise different ways some people have raised I believe in God some people don't think you have to do this to be save or do that to be say all it is is turning your life to God and letting them help you not serving the enemy anymore but serving the Lord it's worth it it's gonna pay off in the end we're not here to live our life forever we have to die one day and if we have to give a count we had to stand in judgment one day so we have to give an account of our life I just want to stand in the gap in prayer and you own today a no-no who's hearing this are listening this but never give up on God because he won't give up on you don't listen to anything negative trust the Lord for your life for your family for your children's for your husband's for your mothers for your father's for your friends even pray for your enemies you'll be blessed pray for those they use you and company gifts you pray for the Lord is gonna deal with them you just keep your mind on Jesus keep trusting in him he had great things for you but he want to know that hell may help you and he had to get us to that point where he want us to be so it's messy theory they will do trials and tribulations it's necessary that our heart heard and hey cuz we give it opportunity to trust God they help us cuz if we didn't go through night we don't we won't never call longer Lord so sometime things gotta get real tight a real difficult for some real lives and take away the pride Lord and let me realize that I love you this is a beautiful day because this is the day that the Lord is me no matter what's going on around the world live for Jesus it living for the Lord pays off at the well I'm a witness for my lord god bless you our will be coming to you real soon with more forms the Lord has blessed me to write beautiful poems I'd give him the glory and I'll be coming to put you in hope they bless you so I hope you have a wonderful thing though all the negativity out of your mind and think positive today I can't make it I am one guy said I am I'm beautiful I'm worth it God is with me he'll never leave me speak life and not Deb speak of life into your life today god bless you thank you for listening bye-bye

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  1. I believe in the power of prayer love and unity between God's people..this is one thing you should know and that is that no matter what trust God because He is in control.

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