It’s Gotta Stop Somewhere | Jon Jorgenson | Spoken Word Poem

I’ve quit watching the news. I’d rather watch
something a bit more uplifting…like Old Yeller. Because between the race riots, and
the bombings, and the school shootings, I’m not sure how much more I can handle viewing.
And for every brokenhearted mother, trigger happy officer, and lonely teenage mugshot
that I see, I find myself saying the same thing over and over again: “It’s gotta stop
somewhere.” Crying while cutting, hate crimes and Dateline, it’s gotta stop somewhere. Drug
busts, terrorist bombs, drinking binges, junk bonds, it’s gotta stop somewhere. Homophobes,
hate in droves, depression, and an obsession with a fake ideal, with fitness ads and Facebook
boasts that are anything but real, it’s gotta stop somewhere. And the internet bully is
fully convinced that she doesn’t cause any pain through what she puts into cyberspace,
but the tap of fingers on keys can cause far more damage than a punch to the face. We gotta
tell her, “Your words leave a trace, and they’ve gotta stop somewhere.” Another school shooting
rooting itself in our reality, becoming the norm, and when we form an opinion before we form a relationship, it’s no wonder that anger and violence and hostility are what’s being
born. Classism, racism, sexism, won’t speak with ’em, sit with ’em, or eat with ’em if
they don’t look like me, talk like me, won’t even extend the courtesy to let them walk
by me without a dirty look, a flirty hook, trying to “get some” but then judging her
if she’s already been took, and me thinking I know something about black people just ‘ cause
I read about ’em in a book? It’s gotta stop somewhere, because it’s only happening over
a tweet until it’s happening on your street right at your feet and you become one of those
140 characters. Like a sickening cycle we’re doomed to repeat, retweet, but it’s gotta
stop somewhere. Why not here? Why not with your peers? Why not with them? Why not plant
seeds from which a righteous generation can stem? It’s gotta start somewhere. You see,
we can blame or shelter people all we want, but once they’re out in the field, the only
shield they’ll be wielding is the wisdom, courage, and love we either did or did not
pass on. It’s gotta stop somewhere. And this generation, they’re the best chance we got.

97 thoughts on “It’s Gotta Stop Somewhere | Jon Jorgenson | Spoken Word Poem

  1. I thought you said Friday, but hey, I just realised it's midnight. It all has to stop somewhere. Love it!

  2. I liked this, because people always think "it's over there".
    Only thing that confused me, what was the definition of "Homophobe" you were using? People who are cruel to people who are gay by dissing them and treating them like that baptist church does, or people who believe it's morally wrong as supported by scripture and stand for their beliefs without being cruel about it. I think there is a world of difference there. I'm not trying to start a debate I just think that would be nice to understand better.

  3. Wow man! This needs to be heard! People really need to see this and give this a serious thought! 👌

  4. You know Jon, I understand when you said up you don't watch the news anymore because I stopped watching the news too. Man, it hurts so bad to see what's going on in the world. Then I think to myself, "if this is what I see, then What does God see?" I would literally break down and just pray. I really wish people can see this video cause It's amazing… Thanks so much

  5. This is absolutely incredible. Thank you for your words and thoughts.

  6. Awesome video! By the way, what kind of lav mic were you using in the video?

  7. {"Its Gotta Stop Somewhere" / "In the Hope That They See Jesus Christ In Me"} Lives are hurting~ Speak Life…

  8. the words I've been thinking are "something's gotta give." then I pray for whatever heart breaking thing it is. Then after praying for a while like this, I realized that "something" has to be me. I can't stand by. Lord use me

  9. that was just soo perfect….and well said…….wow…i feel sooo moved…

  10. Jon, I think this is the best spoken word you've done so far! Great job!

  11. Really powerful!!! Love your spoken words so much. They always really hit the core of things.

  12. Yes, it starts now with all the little things, big things, and everywhere in between.

  13. This is amazing!!!! everyone should share this, people need to see this.

  14. Thanks. You got me crying. God bless you. I will pray for you and your family and friends. Keep doing what you're doing. Alberta from Latvia

  15. Jon, you added a few words to this because you spoke this same poem on one/two of your conferences. Nice Spoken word.

  16. I loved this and it inspired me to look more into these sorts of things/do my own spoken word thing. I was wondering if anyone knows of a verse which says "sit and eat with them" or "sit with them" I've been having a look through the bible for a while and haven't been able to find any but I'm sure I've heard it before in Church or something. The verse or something similar would be gratefully received.
    Thanks, Rach

  17. Sending so much love from South Africa… I've been watching your videos since 2014 and I find your words so riveting. Your videos give me strength and a sense of empowerment, thank you and keep enlightening people with your awesome gift of spoken word.

  18. Wow this is definitely one of my favorite Spoken Word poems that you wrote. This is awesome.

  19. thank you for this! my school is mt hebron and we recently had a racism insident that took place at our school a few weeks ago that made oin on the news and in the baltimore sun. it cause a lot of people to judge our school and we talked about it at church and ihad to listen to people say wow there school is awful i didnt know a school could be like that or people say man our school isnt bad like theirs or them say man, people at hebron r all racist. it hurt a lot but i wish peoiple would open there eyes and see ther r issues everywhere in todays world, and we cant fix them by arguing or pointing finger. instead we need to give love and show chage. " IT'S GOTTA STOP SOMEWHERE!" thank you, i needed this 🙂

  20. Damn Jon, back at it again with the Amazing Poems 🙌🏿🙌🏿

  21. This gives me so much hope.
    I just saw on the news that these men had found a missing child, and a minister who was also apart of the search but not present when they found her had God tell him that the missing girl was found! Even in the midst of all the trouble in this world, God is still working!
    Could somebody please pray for the family of this person, and pray for God to do a miracle and save her? Our God's amazing!

  22. I dont like the news nor do I watch it because it is too negative. It impacts the mind and only shows negative events.

  23. is this published anywhere? I would LOVE to perform this for UIL poetry for category "our changing world" but it needs to be published

  24. this is one of the best traits in making things seem believable, again with a tip of a reality check
    I just recently started watching your vids, and I love it, I just love how u bring it across ,and show how much u believe, continue with the good work,tots admiration from me

  25. This is an AWESOME poem! As an elevator enthusiast. Where is that old OTIS elevator? I would love to see it.

  26. How do you hate a living human being? How could you hurt another? We need to quit this deal of hating others. Why can't we all love everyone? Love them for being alive, and being a person, and taking another one of God's gifts, TODAY. If everyone in the world, regardless of Faith, would stop to pray, even if you have to pretend; for just one minute, there would be world peace. Just thank your Father for being able to wake up again.

  27. I am diagnosed with bipolar manic-depressive and when I watch the news it just adds to it I can't watch it I've haven't watched the news 3 years and it's really weird because people tell me you didn't know about that you didn't watch the news no I don't watch the news anymore always bad

  28. Oh My God Your words are absolutely on Point!!! We need to spread the Gospel to as many people As we Can!!!

  29. My heart is in tatters after watching this, but somehow I still feel hopefully defiant of the things you're encouraging us to rise up against.

  30. Blacks,whites and other races are the same we are all human beings we all suffer from fighting are own kind, We can all stop the wars the bad habits with each other and care for another, But Jealously that phase that make people hate them due to how much luck, good life and how more famous they're,But don't we all share the same luck? Don't we all go through the same stuff they do? YES, we all do and we all are same living beings Notting can stop us unless it us. There no act of jealousy we all have are own luck and the same are same luck is being chosen, Being care and love for and having god on are side. We can stop this we all can stop this world Peace can be real if we really try and not be enemys we all can changed if God believe in us nothing will stop us from believing in ourselves

  31. This spoken word actually inspired me a more, compared to all of his other spoken words!

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