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[Applause] we be a bucket of Leo two handfuls of Mesa an open box full of God between the sand ESN of volcanoes our name is mud we be close enough to heaven and clear enough of sky for the Creator to mouth-to-mouth us alive we make dirty the new immaculate make car washes obsolete we be urban farm hands for rural app-developers be the best brood beans in microbrew in the six mesa radius in a hundred maniana radius we be coffee shop crushers and conversations we be the creme de la creatives we powder with pollen and monsoon foundation for makeup on a rare occasion that we make up only when a winter white tablecloths the mess i wiii be aquifers of brown gold we be the same colored souls we be an open heart horizon transplants land grants and colonial survivors we be of the earth and out of this world at the same time we inherit this pride this keep it real estate of intellectual property we be q ue r qu e a we be sunset so beautiful they paint themselves on the edge of the earth we be where dreams come to live and retire we be artists making careers out of thin air we be made up words like Sunport because stars got to land somewhere because the center of the universe has got to be somewhere because even the Sun has a vacation home in New Mexico we be made up words not downwards like mountaintops we be although they inside and out we might look like armored vegetarians but on the inside we be the cool gotchas you'll ever meet we be entrepreneurs and doers somewhere between bright idea and done and done we be chilly by blood and balloons for lungs we be no I in team but two and Familia we be full moons and photosynthesis not a cloud to be found we be radiant worshiping the sky with hand signs at 505 letting our unidentified flying cousins know that we out here fighting for our lights we be Loco we be Loco we be Lobo singing to the night we are your favorite cities favorite city the heart of a Southwest leaning just a little to the left in New Mexico's chest Tyga Devon huh easy there right now Hakim Bellamy my man thank you thank you true mentor Sugar Shane oh love it thank you guys so much y'all rock on December 21st 2007 one of my best friends had his life violently taken from him on the corner of Fourth and central on August ninth 2015 Hakeem flux and I filmed the Albuquerque manifesto on 4th in central just three blocks from here a little less than a year ago we invited the community to throw 100 balloons of paint and throw them at a building on fourth and gold just four blocks from here the next weekend we filled two hundred or so more paint balloons and the community through them at a fabricated wall right across the street from here in Civic Plaza over the course of these two days and these three hundred filled paint balloons the community created 75 canvases for 75 local artists the collection is entitled ABQ balloon blast the ABQ balloon blast has shown in local vacant buildings local breweries galleries coffee shops banks it makes up the stage design here today and next month touring the California boutique aid to the bay at this moment the ten artists on stage are painting on stencil drug canvases that we made across the street in civic plaza earlier today the collection is entitled we paint with over a thousand local people engaged so far this is not just about art this is about participation and engagement this is about the authenticity of who we are this is about people i work with an amazing amount of beautiful people that i absolutely love everybody put your Lobos up come on put your Lobos up now raise them high now turn to the person next to you and go MA we call that a giraffe kiss bird noise Jody Herrera one of my favorites whoo Thomas Christopher Haigh what did gwaan found what the guan fun Robin sajan Eenie sinha janina love you you might want to be one of my most favorite artists ever serious Randy buggy my man what up ah thank you so much okay brother watermelon seven mr. Maxim is what up this guy right here is my family I've known him for 20 plus years Reyes Padilla apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur Natalie Maxwell thank you so much yeah I don't know natalie very well but she invited me into her studio I was sold ray Chavez big dog thank you sir Ray's been a part of this since the very beginning he helped with the balloon blast him in water and then there's Carlos Contreras my brave you are honestly a true mentor of mine about of thee thank you sir Nate Gutierrez you can't see Nate right now he's up in the rafters running the projectors concept flux where you at I don't know he's producing the media for this whole event joel davis eric mekin buyer Julia Mandeville my mom the entire gangsters squad and every single person that has been involved with this since the very beginning has made all this happen all in all people but I want to take a step back real quick Albuquerque's at the bottom of most good lists health care education employment and we're at the top of most bad lists shootings police brutality interpersonal violence nationally and internationally Breaking Bad is our biggest cheerleader the vacancy in distress of our buildings is at an all-time high and our downtown is crawling with street people with no support and nowhere to go so how collectively do we change this it's about mindset participation and engagement it's easy to point fingers but when we look in the mirror we need to ask ourselves how do we do this together not just for ourselves but for everyone that lives here vacancy hunger lack of health care and education these are not problems to be just left to bureaucrats and the missions of nonprofits to me this means nothing but opportunity there's only one direction to go up so why am I doing this I'm doing this so that I don't have to lose another friend here to violence suicide or overdose I'm doing this to create real sustainable economic change I find that when people have the ability to participate with each other unbiased Lee is when real change happens we have to believe in ourselves and we have to help each other and because we do that authentically here in Albuquerque believe you me the world will know so why does work like this change the game what better way to create a sense of pride in place than through creativity and culture which it seems we have an endless amount of it is our greatest natural resource I know artists that have been doing their thing for 20-plus years without even the thought of quitting it's not even an option yet who's investing who's helping develop successful businesses engaging our community authentically has allowed us to build participative events that we are extremely proud of we feel that by doing these types of projects that we are reaching the core of who we are through our roots and through our culture mindset on social impact where the city was started here as a local endeavor on forth in central just three blocks from here yet it is not just a local solution we are not alone everyone is involved this is local this is global we are this city you you

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